Where to buy {cool} Australian bed linen from

You know my thoughts on a well made bed. And if you’ve been reading my blog, or followed me on Instagram you’ll know my thoughts on good bed linen. I am a fan. Nay, I am an embracer of good bedlinen. The more patterned and more colourful the better! I often get asked about where I get my sheets and stuff from, so I thought I best share some of my expertise and passion on the subject so you too can embrace all the goodness that comes from good quality linen that looks good and feels even better.



double heart category

You would have seen Rachel Castle’s fabulous designs in homewares and prints etc but did you know she makes bedlinen too? Castle loves colour and whimsy, spots, flouros and love hearts and I love Castle. You can check them out here.

Aura by Tracie Ellis


The chevron rug that is in our lounge room is also by Aura home, as are plenty of the table napkins that we use, but Aura also make some fabulous looking bed linen. Great patterns and even better colours this stuff will brighten up any bedroom. You can check them out here.

Fictional Objects


My little sis tagged me in a photo on Instagram last week thinking I might like their stuff and the next thing I knew I was adding to cart like it was nobodies business. I am expecting my parcel to arrive this week and I can’t wait to get them onto our bed. You can check them out here.

Kip & Co


Kip & Co is the creation of 3 fab Melbourne ladies with a passion for good design and art. Their creations are SO fabulous and also cover off kids bedlinen too. Each design is quirky, colourful, fun and fabulous. LOVE this stuff. You can check them out here.

Oh Mabel


These gorgeous sheets remind me of patterns that I had growing up as a young girl…especially these flowered ones remind me of stuff from the seventies. I adore the patterns and styles that they have available. While it looks like their shop on their site is closed, I think you can grab them from Down that little lane here. You can check them out here.

I love linen


While this place focuses on good quality plain linens (think hotel quality thread counts at reasonable prices) they also have some hot throws which I adore. These look fabulous at the end of a bed or on a couch as a throw for a pop of colour. You can check them out here.



This old stalwart keeps coming up with the goods and I am particularly lusting over linen sheets – have you ever slept on linen? I imagine it would be heavenly. You can check them out here.

I also love to get quilt covers and sheets from Bed, Bath & Table and even though it’s not Australian – from Anthropologie.

So point ME in the direction of some of YOUR favourite’s. Tell me everything…go!


  1. Adairs has been delivering good stuff for me lately. And Pillowtalk. Can you tell I live in the country now?

    I have Castle & Things pillowcases and I love them. And Beneath The Sun too. http://beneaththesun.bigcartel.com

  2. Shannon Fricke’s collection! XX

  3. This is very dorky but I can’t go past old floral Sheridan sheets that I find in op shops. Soft sheets are good sheets, I think. Mixing & matching vintage florals is my bag but I get it’s not for everyone. I love the look of Oh Mabel… Actually, they all look pretty nice.

  4. You have just made my day. MADE IT. On the weekend I wandered in to Sheridan as I’d somehow managed to rip my fitted sheet and needed a new one. While there I saw this quilt cover in birch: http://www.sheridan.com.au/bedroom/quilt-covers-online/millennia-quilt-cover.html

    Then I saw the price.

    $550!! Yikes. So I asked what came in the quilt cover set, thinking it must come with a doona and pillows for that price.

    Just the quilt cover. No pillow cases, they were an extra $95. Just the quilt cover. For $550. I was sad, as I didn’t even care it was 1200 thread count, I just liked the colour and the design.

    Then you read my mind about not knowing where else to get bed linen. And you wrote this post. And I found this: http://www.ilovelinen.com.au/king-cream-pebble-stripe-1000-thread-count-quilt-cover-set/

    Thank you xxxxx

  5. Now this is a post after my own heart. xT

  6. Fashionista says

    My very favourite linen is a set of white linen damask sheets I found in an op-shop, they are so unbelievably divine to sleep in. And they are so pretty they do double duty as fancy tablecloths. It is in family folklore as one of my best op-shop finds, for $50 I got 4 queen sheets, 8 pillowcases and a valance (which I don’t use but I couldn’t bear to split the set).

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      White damask is the BUSINESS! We got a set for our wedding and I literally wore them out…they were absolutely divine to sleep in. Thanks for the reminder, I need to find me some more!

  7. The gorgeous Shannon Fricke range is now stocked in Adairs – pretty and a bit different but still calm and gorgeous. For AMAZING 1005 linen bedding I completely love http://www.cultiver.com – seriously gorgeous and great value compared to the big brands……

  8. Love this! Ben and I need new a doona cover. Love.

  9. We will be able to return to a king-size bed in our new home … I’m just as excited about the linen-buying possibilities. Bookmarking this now!

  10. Good bed linen is my religion.

    Almost embarrassed to admit this, but … ezibuy do AWESOME bed linen.

    I just got this sheet set;


    And it’s vintage-y, crochet-y, expensive but inexpensive PERFECTION!

    Thanks for the tribute to all things good bed linen, & thanks for the DTLL love, we’re HANGING for Oh Mabel’s new range πŸ™‚


  11. Beth thank you for mentioning my store! Actually I’m moving ahead with a range of pure linen sheets & quilts, new cushions and reversible sided quilt covers in lots of bright colours and designs too – expanding from the plain colours as I have found some amazing suppliers who do a lot of it by hand. Everything new and colourful arrives in a few weeks I’ll be sure to let you know. Thank you so much again πŸ™‚

  12. Oh Mabel is on a break … which makes me very sad as I really want that chevron doona!

  13. Sheridan just opened nest door to me Beth! NEXT DOOR! I’m in deep sheet…
    Have you checked out Lullaby Linen? Australian made and gorgeous designs.

  14. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Cool I will have a look at these Thankyou Beth ,I love linen and throws and cushions too!

  15. Desperately trying to find nice fitted sheets for children’s cots! Would love any advice fellow readers πŸ™‚

  16. Sarah Owen-Green says

    Aura napkins are currently on their way to Mumma (me)! Christmas tablescaping, here I come.

  17. I love kantha quilts but refuse to pay the $250+ for one. So I searched Mr Google and found one for less than $100 including postage from India. It’s an etsy site


    Took about 2 weeks to arrive but they kept me informed via email. Great price, great service.

  18. MotherDownUnder says

    I have linen sheets and they are amazing! I will never go back to cotton!
    I swear I just sleep better in linen. Elton John had it right all along!
    I got mine from Restoration Hardware which is American…not sure if they ship to Oz…I think I had my personal importer AKA my mom send them to me.

  19. Bed Bath and Table is always great for doona covers as they stock Morgan and Finch which I looooove. They have the best designs and patterns. This post is making me think that I need to start being a seasonal bed linen changer so I can get more cushions, more sheet sets, more covers and hell and crikey, another throw. Hide the credit card! Great selection Beth. I have bookmarked/ pinned them all.

  20. Archie Lane says

    Oh my I am in trouble! Shannon Fricke’s range is AMAZING!! The blush and teal velvet pillowcases……(sigh) I can see a little present to self popping under the tree!

  21. Archie Lane says

    If everyone is REALLY quick Adairs have Shannon Fricke range on SPECIAL!!! making me that little bit happy yayyyyyyyy!!! love a special that involves lovely linen πŸ™‚

  22. Melanie Ann Tarr says

    Yes!!! Been dying for you to post on this subject!

  23. Lisa Penberthy says

    Many favs have already been mentioned but I also love Lazybones for bedding and clothing just quietly πŸ˜‰

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thanks for the tip Lisa – I didn’t know that they made bedding! Have loved their pj’s for many a year!

  24. Oh my word, that’s some good looking bed linen.
    I need someone like you to come over to my place and help me get creative with my bed linen – I’ve got no idea!

  25. Sarah : Oh Mabel says

    Beth, your taste in bed linen is outstanding as always πŸ˜‰
    Thank you for including lil Oh Mabel in your round up despite our break at the moment. Never fear everyone, Mabel is waking from her slumber and will be about to fill you in on her dreams very soon!

    Thanks Beth!
    Sarah xo

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  29. I used to work for Myer Manchester dept, then Bed bath and Table. I love Heritage linen from Myer, I have a big white puffy doona that is still going, and looks brand new after a good soak of nappy san. Now I usually only do white linen, but I love anthropologie to death. Seriously beautiful and original work. It’s super pricey, so I’m hunting on eBay for a new set. I love the hand painted watercolour look. Sheridan is overpriced, a bit nanna but I love their ribbed towels. I dislike chevron, it’s been done to death now.

    A secret with Bed bath and table is in fact they make and supply all the linen for Target. It’s the same quality, ie 1000tc sheets/bedwraps and so much cheaper. I have the 1000tc cotton sheets on my spare bed, and they are lovely thick and soft. Not designer I know, but they do the trick. Canningvale 1000tc sheets I think are the best if you want hotel/hospital quality thick old fashioned sheets that you will keep forever. (>$400) a pop though.

    Love Jem. Self confessed linen snob, tucker in of the top sheet, hospital corners and opshop super bargains (ie 2x blue and white Wallace cotton blankets for $5 each. Omg I cried. Haha) thank you for your post x

  30. hello Beth & Co, I love this post and must share a find from a recommendation (can’t refer who) the ultimate in Linen is from this website: http://www.roughlinen.com the story behind Tricia Rose’s discovering linen and where she is today. She has the full linen range, tableware, aprons, etc and a fabulous pinafore which I have one and adore! Please check out her items they are well worth it and my next purchase will definitely be her linen sheets!! Xx

  31. http://bramwelldesigns.com.au/
    Beautiful, fun, affordable : )

  32. Hi all! I am a self confessed linen and towel addict. I would much prefer to spend $100s on them than clothes, handbags or shoes. My absolute favourite sheet sets are to 700threAd count sets from Blessed Earth. These organic sheets are soft, smooth, quite heavy and so luxurious and they often have great sales on their website which makes buying organic actually affordable. I sleep so well in them.

  33. Babymac, I feel the time has come for you to get into David Jones and Frette it the Hell Up. I think you’d like it. It’s heirloom quality. Failing that, I’ve been ver happy with Yves Delorme. Much cheaper than Frette.

    Get back to me.

  34. I recently discovered On The Sly too for pillowcases and cushions… http://www.onthesly.com.au. Thanks for this post! Brilliant!

  35. Thank you for this post! I’ve been trawling google trying to find some interesting sheets for my spare room and you’ve given some brilliant examples – thanks!

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