The perfect lounge chair

I’m still working on my wallpaper obsession. Looking for the perfect one and getting it sorted with the help of a clever friend who happens to be an interior designer. Realistically this isn’t going to get done before we go away but it will happen. I do like to have something to think about in the back of my head about the house. A new corner that needs to be worked on or re-arranged. A bedroom that needs some attention. Some bits that can be moved from here to there…it’s good to have a project in the back of your head.

Right now my obsessionย little project is moving some chairs around in the lounge area of our big room. We have (what I thought that a leather arm chair) as well as a big l-shaped couch and a replica Eames armchair and ottoman. The (p)leather chair has started to peel. SO annoying! It won’t do as bits of peeled pleather are everywhere and it gets worse the more that people sit in it. Here’s a visual:


Now this chair will have to be moved from here because: IT JUST WON’T DO. I’m thinking of moving the Eames chair over here (although I’m not sure the ottoman will work here) which leaves me quite a bit of space over near the other window (which currently houses a bench under the window with a little chair and all the library books etc). Another visual for your comprehension:


Now I have an idea. Nay – a VISION – of a chaise lounge situation and or some kind of oversized arm chair that just begs for me to collapse into each night. I want something big enough to stretch legs out on (so if it’s an arm chair then an ottoman will be needed). It needs to be kid friendly because: kids. And this is a favourite spot for them to sit. It needs to have superior cushioning options. There is quite a bit of space for the chair to be moved into the corner and move out – so there’s space! DON’T PANIC. There is room to move.

Like any good idea I get in my head, I took to Pinterest to look for inspiration. SO much white! That won’t do.

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Does anyone know where one of these magical chairs exist? I have been looking on the interwebs, as I am wont to do, and can’t seem to see anything much. This one from Westelm has been the closest thing I have found.

But you guys will know! I just know you will!
So go on, tell me, where is it?
Do you have one of these lounges/chairs/chaise situ’s in your home? Do you love it or LOVE it?


  1. Archie Lane says

    Now I am going to watch this post with much anticipation as I also have one of those corners in my home that is in desperate need of a chair! How funny you post that West Elm chair, I was just perusing my usual favorite haunts on the web yesterday and looked at just THAT chair! is your blog post trying to tell me something………….

    • Maybe it is! I’d love someone to get the chair or go and look and see if it translated in real life. Let me know if you do!

  2. A lot of these things are only available through interior decorators, who are the only ones allowed into certain showrooms. (Although the sofa-into-bed looks like Ikea.) Interior decorator only usually means they are quite pricey.

  3. Three years ago Freedom had a similar chair, called the Shakespeare. I fell in love with it whilst pregnant but it wouldn’t fit in our tiny house. I’ve hunted high and low for it now and can’t find it. Which is a royal pain as I have the perfect spot for it in our current house ๐Ÿ™

  4. plush sofas do a round armchair of the oversized variety which looks pretty spesh and can easily fit two people! it’s called snuggle and you can check it out on their website. round armchairs will surely provoke some conversation of the peg on clothes airer variety but nonetheless, i thought it best to present all options.

  5. Oh Beth oh beth oh beth. I am so glad you wrote this post. I have been looking for said chair, reading nook situation for 3 years. I have looked on Ebay and the like and come up with nada. So please share your results.
    Any trolls out there want to tell Beth that is a first world problem problem etc etc – hush now. Go read a different blog. This is what we love around here.

  6. Love a big, squashy armchair! I’ve just bought an Ektorp armchair from IKEA with removable (& therefore washable!) covers. Very comfortable & the perfect spot for curling up with a book & a cup of tea. They also have a matching ottoman. I chose the white because it’s for my “lady room” where kids are banned but it does come in other colour/pattern options and is super affordable.

  7. Kim Davies says

    I don’t know where you would find magical oversized a armchairs like that but my dream chairs and couch are from Jimmy Possum…spectacular fabrics and colours, loads of birds, flowers and texture, texture, texture and best of all, made in Bendigo. I can but dream…and start saving…

  8. will watch the outcome of this with interest as I am on the same quest. just can’t find quite the right thing in the right style and colour that is also comfy and kid friendly.

  9. I love pinterest for inspiration. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do.

  10. We’ve just bought a ‘snuggle chair’ from Plush, its a round armchair that will sit perfectly in our corner, it should be here next week, can’t wait!!

    • Wow this looks good – does it swivel? I’m not sure I could cope with a swivel!

      • Yes it does but my husband said he can stop it from swiveling. Because if my 3 kids figure out it spins they will not get off it!!

        • Exactly! That’s the problem we have with the Eames chair – they swing and bang around on it and it’s trashed. Comes with the territory though I know!

  11. Samantha says

    I’ve seen one like the first pic at Ikea!!

  12. Samantha says

    Had a quick look online. Found this link. Think it was the one.

  13. That red pair of couches look fantastic!

    • I know! They are completely not the right thing for me but I just loved them – how comfortable would they be? Amazing!

  14. Rach aka stinkb0mb says

    We have this one….

    Beautifully large, plush and oh so comfy! Great to sink into and get stuck into a good book.

    It’s classed as a single seater but it’s only slightly smaller than my two seater, which has two cushions, where as the single seater just has one big cushion.

  15. Rach aka stinkb0mb says

    Arrgh comment got eaten!

    We have this

    Beautifully big, plush and oh so comfy.

    It’s classed as a single seater but is only slightly smaller than my two seater and where the two seater has two cushions, this one only has one, making it a lot more comfortable to sit on ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. This one is quite large and lovely (I’ve been tempted by it so many times, and if we sell our couches, it may end up in #2’s nursery).
    I love this too, but it doesn’t have arms!
    The other option is to get just the corner section of a modular sofa. They often also have a matching ottoman, which could work for you!

    • You’re right – I was thinking about that as a solution too. Just need to make sure that the sides of the corners have fabric all the way down. Thanks Rosie!

  17. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I do so love Pinterest that’s where I got the ideas for my new ensuite which as we speak is getting tiled.I find there is so many good things on there and I do hope you find that beautiful chair you have been looking for Beth X

  18. Just found loads of them on the John Lewis website and they call them “Snugglers” – how appropriate. So much cheaper too. Did I read you’re off to Scotland soon? Maybe you should buy one over there and bung it in a container to bring back – will probably still come in cheaper!

  19. Margaret Elvis says

    What a choice!! Me, ‘cos I’m old, think a really comfy chair needs a high back to rest the poor old head on. Maybe, while you are still young, that won’t matter so much. Come to think of it, it must be lovely to still be young enough to plan such things. Hope it all turns out the way you can see it in your head.

  20. So this is not exactly what you asked for but it called out to me and said ‘maybe Beth’s place. You should just pass it on. what harm can it do’ … so I present….
    Add some cushions and a chic, snuggle throw (Little Dandelion) .. hello book and wine.

    Other than that, all i have is Jimmy Possum and Plush.. both of which I found years ago while searching for the very thing you are now.

  21. Oz Design furniture do some, plus you can pick own fabric if you want x

  22. Hey Beth
    I found these ages ago and just loved them, however they are only sold in america!

    There are also the gorgeous designer chairs:
    fritz Hansen… A little expensive but!


  23. mermaid says

    Newsletter from Signature Prints today with new wallpapers. Thought of you ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Promise I’m not a spam bot! But I was chatting to my furniture making husband.. And it’s possible! If you wanted to talk to an actual real design-y person shoot him an email [email protected] and I’m sure he could whip one up for you!

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