Industrial coffee table

Yesterday morning Rob ventured off in a strange way. We had visitors coming over for lunch and about 40 mins before they were due to arrive he said he had to go and get ‘something’ that he needed this week. Weirdo. I didn’t think anything of it, rather that he would just hurry up, and when he arrived back he told me he had my Birthday present picked up early (my Birthday isn’t for a few weeks yet) because he wanted to make sure no one else would get it. He’d been to my favourite local vintage store Dirty Janes to one of my favourite stalls in there where we have got heaps of stuff for home from (aqua chairs, sideboarddresser etc) when he spotted it online (they upload shots onto their FB page when new stuff comes in). I must admit I had seen it too, but knew I would be on thin ice if I came home with ANOTHER piece of something for home.


Check out my hot new playroom table! It’s an old industrial trolley. All bunged up and wonky. AND AQUA. But, it just may be one of my favourite things ever. As the girls get older, that playroom end of our living space is evolving. Less floor space needed, more table space for drawing, puzzles, playing. This is the perfect thing for that space right now – and I certainly don’t have to worry about precious with it.

Man, I just love it.

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Same with those lemons in that bowl in the sunshine. Simple things right? I have been on some weird nesting thing in our home the past few weeks (no, I’m not Hilary Duffed) moving things around, fluffing, cleaning, washing, pottering and this new piece is ticking all the boxes. Thank you Rob and girls, you’ve made this old duck a happy nester x

What’s the last thing you bought for your home?


  1. PinkPatentMaryJanes says

    OH MY GOD THAT IS DIVINE! I love Dirty Janes. I love your husband. I love you. Happy early birthday gorgeous x

  2. That’s gorgeous. My favourite thing is an old blue airline trolley-dolly thing… you know… you push it down the aisle asking ‘Coffee? Tea?’ I found it at the markets once. I use it to keep all our stationary and pens etc in. It’s very unique. Except if you are an airplane.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Sounds fab! My table would not be unique in a factory. Lucky we don’t live in planes or factories x

  3. gorgeous x

  4. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Stunning. My most recent collection is of soda siphons. We have some glass ones with metal fittings and one red metal one. Am up to 4 and I am keen for 7…..

  5. How Rad! What a treat! (and what a husband!)

  6. SameliasMum says

    Love it.

  7. crazyspeedylove says

    I love it! Might have to jump onto Dirty Janes and see their stuff!

  8. Well he’s a keeper.

  9. Emma Steendam says

    I went on a bit of a rampage when I was in Melbourne a week ago…I get all excited by the SHOPS in town (we live an hour to the nearest ‘shops’), let alone MELBOURNE. Far out, it was like a binge, but I tried to stay restrained and not get that low depressing feeling afterwards that is often the case when I go “Oh dear god what have I DONE?!” I made a list of things to get in the big smoke and tried to stick to it – basket for firewood, coat rack for hallway, new cushions for bed, desk lamp from Ikea, industrial shelving for our walk-in pantry, bigger muffin pan. I think I did ok, but am banned from further shopping for awhile yet. Fair enough.

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Wow how great that Rob bought something you had your eye on,Good one it is lovely Beth!

  11. Wholly crap I’d pee my pants if my husband bought that home for me! Love love love it! Just read the Dirty Jane story and love that too. Might have to organise a road trip when I get a day off 😉

  12. I LUST, I LOVE, I may or may not have to become a burglar…

  13. Gen @ Tinyfolk says

    Oh I love that. Just look at it sitting there all smug on it’s pretty rug – such personality!

  14. Holy Shit – I think I just fell in love …. Hard! You lucky duck you. That Rob is a definite keeper! xx

  15. Epic! And what timing with you mentioning Dirty Jane. Ed and I are looking for a new dining table and chairs – the one we have here at home just has this “old” feeling about it. And not in a good way. X

    P.s I also love the rug, the lemons – actually just your whole house will do me nicely 😉 xx

  16. Sarah Owen-Green says

    Oh, it is perfect. I saw it the other day and put it on my “tax money” wish list… So glad it went to a fab home!

  17. Something Gorgeous says

    Looks perfect, what a great present and dare I say bought early enough before your Birthday that another present may just be required on the day?? T

  18. Melanie Ann Tarr says

    Gorgeous stuff Beth…. All of it!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thanks Melanie…I really love it. And it was hard to take a bad photo on this GLORIOUS day today!

  19. It would be a crime against humanity if you do not open some sort of interior design business. Dead. Set. Think of all those grand southern highlands homes that could do with a make over.

    do it!

  20. Well played Rob!

  21. ahoy.jenni says

    Look, its not my style, simply because I kick my toes all the time, and I can see myself kicking those wheels…but, I can see the appeal….
    Latest thing I bought was a bag, b Sirius, really cute and ‘stylish’, got lots of ooo’s and aah’s at the ballet rehearsal hall on the weekend…

  22. Maryandlil says

    How cool is it?! Oh and I’m a dirty Janes fan too!

  23. Adorable! Last thing for the house…new bedroom furniture. Boy, did we need it.


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