How to make {cheap} cut roses last

I am such a fan of the quick sale bucket at my local fruit shop. Almost every time there is a treasure in there, just on the turn, or about to, that is reduced my half price or more. Usually these are filled just before the weekend when they get a new delivery in and there is nothing wrong with the flowers at all – they are just the ripest of the bunches if you know what I mean?

I’ve gotten Peony roses for a fiver, tulips for the same and more often than not some huge long stem roses for $4. I picked up these red roses from the market on Friday and while they looked good for half a day, they started to droop and bend down at the ends of the stems looking miserable.


But! Never fear! If you have yourself a low, round or square vase that sits shallow, then you have a solution! Cutting the stems super short and wedging them all together will make the flowers stop drooping (as they are all holding each other up in the smaller vase) and you will get at least a week out of them. And just quietly, they look a bit fabulous and like a wedding centrepiece.

Roses 2

You could get your entire wedding centerpieces from the cheapy bucket at the fruit shop!
What flowers did you have at your wedding?


  1. Genius. We had white lilies that my florist sister-in-law had placed in long pieces of bamboo.

  2. nicole kane says

    My favourite is when my local Coles mark down lillies because they have no open flowers… $2 for a massive bunch with at least a dozen unopened buds, don’t mind if I do!

  3. Kylie Gemmell says

    My SIL had a very small wedding so there were only two long tables for guest. She had plain glass vases of various shapes & sizes scattered along each table. Each vase had either white, yellow or orange flowers in it. She also placed tea light candles amongst the vases. It was simple perfection!! During the speeches she said that there was one vase for each lady, so please take one as her gift to us. I treasure that little simple vase like it was crystal.

  4. We had white daisies in terracotta pots … the result of a very strict budget … but they looked great.

  5. it would seem the sale bucket is all my budget allows for! ha I will remember this one. I use the vinegar trick too to give them a little longer life. we had long thin leaves – no idea what kind – with fake chilli stems.. yes, fake. and bowls of brightest green granny smith apples – by the end of the night everyone was drunk, dancing and eating apples! good times.

  6. I had a random bunch of native flowers thrown together at the last minute for me. Colours didn’t matter. It was on a tiny 12 acre island in Vanuatu and it was the least of my concerns. Actually, I didn’t have any concerns!

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Lovely and you should always cut the stem anyway ,I did a floral art course back in the 90s Um what flowers did I have at my wedding orchids I think,it was a LOOOONG time ago!

  8. Ooh thanks – great tip. I think I need a new vase or two – mine are all too big and wide at the top, so the flowers spread out too much.

  9. Ebony Roberts says

    My husband and I went to the Rocklea Flower markets in Brissy on the Wed morning before our wedding, picked out some bunches of colour, took them back to my parents place in the country and spent the afternoon putting together bouquets for our DIY wedding and reception. We shared a few drinks in the process and had a great time – plus they looked awesome! I can highly recommend this if you want a rustic and individual look for a fraction of the price.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Sounds a bit like ours – we were married at Rob’s Dad’s farm and we did all our own flowers… in fact we did it for all my siblings weddings – it’s become a bit of a tradition. It’s such a lovely thing to do!

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