And then there were two

Remember how I was looking for some hot new chairs for the living room? I had SO many great suggestions from everybody and I scoured many a shop looking for them. I got close to ordering some really expensive ones, then I chickened out and every now and them I would do a bit of an online peruse, as you do, just window shopping, for a pair of hot new chairs.

Today I found myself at an old favourite haunt of mine in Bowral, Dirty Janes Antique Market, as I was looking for some 1970’s tableware (don’t ask) when I stumbled across an old favourite stall and there! THERE THEY WERE! Like a shining beam from the heavens above…two HOT DANISH MID CENTURY CHAIRS. The price was way too good to miss (less for both than one of the chairs I was going to get from Freedom), and seeing as I had a girlfriend with me, well those bad boys were in the back of the Hyundai wagon quicker than you could say “Quick! Get those hot chairs in the back of the Hyundai!”

And so home they came. Smelling like fabulous old wood does. And there they sit…perfect because they are lower than a wingback…and hot because they are, well, hot. And while the fabric may not be perfect, that can easily be fixed with a quick change whenever I fancy, and you know my thoughts on aqua, I’m a fan. And look at the workmanship? These are proper bits of furniture. Built to last.

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What’s the last thing you bought for your place?


  1. NICE! Love them. One day – you, me and bubbles in hand.

  2. purrrrrrfect!!

  3. YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!! Holy moly you lucky mole!! =) x

    • And they were from Ali’s shop! As in the old Robbo Vintage. I thought of you when I saw them!

      • No way! I’ve got to get my butt down there stat!
        You know they were waiting for you, right? Shiney little beacons of happiness to brighten up your week.

  4. I have a beautiful blue couch from there. That place is amazingly addictive. It doesn’t help that the people are so lovely!!

  5. OMG – get out! I have just been in your archives searching for the place you went one time, cos I’m after a bit of furniture myself. I couldn’t remember the name of it. Then I did a google search and found it and then lo and behold you just go and write a whole blog on EXACTLY that! Love, love, love those chairs and will head down next weekend to visit my sis and sus out old Dirty Janes. x

  6. MotherDownUnder says

    And now it is time to shop for the perfect cushions to decorate your new beauties!

  7. lou haz says

    that painting of the red tractor? um AMAZE!
    where did you get it from Beth? xx

  8. mary_j_j says

    We have something similar that was made for our old neighbours Mum way back in the 50s too. Very nice. Ours are gold velvet!

  9. um I kind of love the fabric….

  10. Mermaid says


  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    They are stunning I bet your so glad you waited for these beautiful chairs it was the universe telling you to go there and yes you can get new covers made whenever you want.I haven’t bought anything for the house for a while,the last thing was a lamp that I was lusting after!

  12. A 1930’s bridge chair….as you do. I’m a sucker for a nice table and odd chairs.

    I think I just looked at chairs like those in Freedom along with a 1960’s style sideboard. You have impeccable taste Bev!

  13. That fabric is pretty amazing- even if you have to change it I’d stay with something similar.

  14. Oh, it’s like they were made for your home, Bev. Seriously perfection right there!

  15. Can I come and live with you? I love your style!

  16. They are all kinds of fabulous!

  17. love em. X

  18. Leighrex says

    OMFG man – NUH……….NUH…………get the HELL outta town. Hottest chairs in history right there babe. You GO mofo! xo

  19. My parents live in Burradoo…I live in Doha. Dirty Janes is one of my first stops everytime I come home to visit. My Mum has found some absolute wonders there. Great homewares shopping in Bowral!

  20. My grandparents had those exact chairs but in a mustard colour. Love them!

  21. Dirty Jane’s is the BEST!! Awesome shopping Beth. Always when you least expect it. Jx

  22. Oh yes, a very Brady den look!!!

  23. Kym Piez says

    OMG. LOVE!

  24. Noosa Beach House says

    I haven’t stopped in here for a while but had to say great chairs!

    Don’t you love those moments when you spot something so perfect and then hold your breath while perusing the price tag and then the elation when it’s in budget!

    I have a bargain spotting girlfriend who will murmur under her breath to me, ” ….quick, start the car” which is our code for “omg, this is too perfect in every way, let’s get this paid for and in the car and outta here before anyone else does” lol

  25. shoppegirls says

    Good pick Beth, they look fabulous. Enjoy your new chairs.

  26. Gen @ Tinyfolk says

    Goodness – they are exactly the chairs from my childhood living room, only a darker shade of blue fabric, 2 chairs and a 3 seater. They lasted right through to my uni share house until they slowly died from misuse – the couch finally breaking from some interlopers partying too hard.
    If only I had known then what I know now!
    (I’d do exactly the same thing)
    Yours are from much more respectable digs I suspect!

  27. interiorsaddict says

    They’re perfect!

  28. Yahtzee!

    Good things come to those who wait 🙂


  29. Sarah Milbourn says

    Way cool! Love the aqua! They fit with your house perfectly. Good things come to those who wait xx

  30. Your new chairs and your sideboard are just like the ones at my parents place and they have had theirs since new, so you know your new chairs will last the distance. I love the colour!

  31. Ah ha! I have those same chairs but with the arm cushions removed so they are a little lacking. Also in an ugly brown fabric. They are earmarked for reupholstery. Will book mark this photo to show the upholsterer how the arms should look. I knew they had goo bones under all that mission brown

  32. Adventuresindinner says

    Oh! Jealous, jealous. We’re still on the hunt for the same ones. Sideboard (check), dressers (check), couch (check)…

  33. Michele @ The Hills are Alive says

    they look like they have always been there in your home (in a good way). Great find!

  34. Kim Moussa says

    Amazing find. They look perfect there together. I am boring and bought the kids Malm drawers. Note to self, might have been a good idea to mount them to the wall as they managed to pull the whole thing forward!!! Pop over to my blog for a Woolworths giveaway!!!!!

  35. Gibbergunyah says

    I should have gone to Dirty Jane’s last week….

  36. We have the same Parker sideboard, I love aqua furniture and I adore the chairs!

  37. Fi @ My Mummy Daze says

    Looks great Beth! What am awesome find! Fi x

  38. Arrjaydub says

    I need these.


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