Local Spotlight: Suzie Anderson Home

Last week when I was visiting the new local cafe (Highlands Merchant) on the scene here in the Highlands I was VERY excited to head just next door for another new shop that has opened up: Suzie Anderson Home. Mum had told me about this place, about how amazing it was, and of course I had visited her other shop at Dirty Janes in Bowral, but honestly, this place blew me away!


Suzie has had a number of shops throughout the Highlands (in the stables at historic Hopewood Estate as well as at Dirty Janes) but this flagship store is really something else. You know it’s going to be good from the minute you walk in the door….


Everywhere you look there are “rooms” and “scenes” set up that are straight out of a Nancy Meyers film. Tables set, couches fluffed, cushions chopped, all in gorgeous costal/country greys and whites, creams and greens. Not to mention plaids, linens, wools, carpets. The closest I have come to this kind of shopping experience was my time in Anthropologie in NYC or ABC Carpet & Home.

IMG_7528 IMG_7527 IMG_7524 IMG_7476 IMG_7477

Every corner you turn, each new room you walk into is FILLED to the brim with gorgeousness.

IMG_7478 IMG_7479 IMG_7497 IMG_7482 IMG_7486 IMG_7491 IMG_7496 IMG_7493

And if you were decorating, there are all kind of ideas and styles to choose from.


Rugs from that gorgeous Sarah from Dash & Albert.

IMG_7509 IMG_7511 IMG_7498

I wondered  if they’d mind if I just moved in?

IMG_7499 IMG_7503 IMG_7502

The only thing missing was Diane Keaton.

IMG_7505 IMG_7529

And there’ also clothes! And jewellery! And accessories!

IMG_7520 IMG_7517 IMG_7506 IMG_7514

I mean really, have you EVER? If you were looking for a reason to come down to the Highlands for a visit than THIS is it. Get here. Do not pass go. You will definitely spend $200.

Suzie Anderson Home
409-411 Argyle Street,
Moss Vale NSW 2577

Open 10am to 5pm Wednesday to Saturday and
10am – 3pm Sunday

You can check out their website here
You can follow them on Facebook here
And on Instagram here
And on Pinterest here


  1. Be still my beating heart!
    That is dream house perfection.

  2. I visited for the first time in Saturday and had to go back again Sunday. Everything you say is true. It is just devine. Was delighted to be able to touch the Dash and Albert samples! Worth a visit!

    • Amberley says

      My Son’s name is Dash – geez I hope that represents his personal style when he grows up!! fingers crossed!!

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Ooh beautiful ??

  4. dirtgirl says

    Yes I looked in the windows today and other half asked me why I wasn’t going in. I replied that I knew I would spend way too much if I dared to set foot inside. He was amazed at my restraint! It looks wonderful and even from outside I spied heaps I could have bought at the drop of a hat. A beautiful shop!

  5. Oh my! My credit card will be exhausted after a visit in there.

  6. wow beth! in a word, GORGEOUS!
    beautifully aesthetic!
    all good for a country town! brings the day trippers too and money into the town!
    have fun!;)) … could be dangerous!
    lol m:)X

  7. Was there on the weekend too and drooled. My husband said I had lost all perspective though when I started saying ‘oooh and only $700’. Time to go and eat at one of the cafes you had recommended. You kind of came with us on our long weekend trip to the southern highlands. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Debora Sutton says

    All of it….NOW…Please!!! xx

  9. My man showing away for work quite soon and I had decided I would take myself to the Highlands for a day. Looks like Moss Vale is now on the list too.

  10. Thankyou Beth for the wonderful coverage on our new store. I so appreciate your visit and your gorgeous photos. I look forward to meeting you very soon. Have a beautiful weekend! Suzie

  11. Rats, Rats, Rats. I was in the Highlands on Monday and didnt know it was there. On second thoughts it might be better to come some time without my lovely husband. His shopping tolerance is low!!

  12. Oh it’s beautiful! Love the plants too.

  13. Gorgeous calm atmosphere to view lovely pieces you can easily make work in your home- a joy to the senses! Suzie a very clever lady x

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