Saturday, in the park

Rob is away in Sydney teaching for most of this weekend so I thought I better do things that would not usually appeal to him. Top of that list on this glorious autumn day? A trip to a beautiful local garden of course! We visited here in September last year, when spring was in all her beauty. Today it was something else, winding, dark cold and slippery corners to linger in. Cool paths covered in reds and oranges and greens. Yellows as bright as the sun against that blue sky. Soft light dappled on the grass, on the water reflections. This is my idea of a good time, not for everybody I’m sure, but it’s good for the soul I tell you. Very good fairy spotting too for little girls who happen to be with you.

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This old garden is part of Milton Park which is a beautiful old hotel you can stay at down here in the Highlands. The old mansion which was built around 1900 had this wonderful garden established at the same time. Rambling in parts, formal in others, but English throughout, it’s filled with beautiful old trees and pines and it’s well worth a look if you are ever down this way.

Milton Park Country House Hotel & Spa
Horderns Rd Bowral


  1. gorgeousness

  2. Sarah Lou says

    that park is amazing!!! i want to go and take my camera and spend the whole day exploring!! Not to mention jumping in all those delicious crunchy leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    That is stunning,even in Autumn I love the moss and the leaves so pretty!

  4. Michele @ The Hills are Alive says

    what a gorgeous park. you dont get lovely true autumn with the golden and red leaves in the part of qld I am in so this is just beautiful to see, reminds me of trips to canberra and being amazed by the beauty of autumn

  5. what a gorgeous place to spend an day, having fun with a park is our favorite thing to do!

  6. daddownunder says

    Did you hit up the spa?

  7. I worked at Milton Park for many years and that is where I truly fell in love with Autumn! I would look out of the restaurant windows to the beautiful leaves falling off the oldest weeping beach in Australia and marvel at the fact this was once a weekend residence of a family! Head into the office next time your there and ask for a map and info – it will tell you all the names of the gardens and tell you a few little secrets about how Mary Horden planned these garden hundreds of years ago!!!! I live in Sydney now but often take friends there for a wander when we are down that way! Just stunning.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      What a great place to work…I’ll be sure to get that map next time I’m there! Thanks 🙂

  8. Fab photos!

  9. Kim Brooks says

    Tis like stepping back in time – breathtaking!

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