Today it’s back to the start of my annual trip around the sun. How can it be that a whole year has passed again? I always reflect on this day about what’s been, where we’ve been, where I’m at and today I thought I’d share that year in the blooms that I have enjoyed. This year, and most, since we have been down here.

August brings Daffs and Daphne and Hellbores.

11 14 16

September, tulips and lots of pretty spring blooms.

15 17 18 20 19

October more spring pretties to smell…


And November the first flush of roses.

22 27 28 29

Not to mention those beloved peony roses!


And the strength and beauty of the Waratah in all its glory.


December is all about the first blooms of hydrangeas.

33 36 34 32

January a dahlia or two.

4 35 23

And the agapanthus standing strong.


February those summer roses deep in bloom.

24 7 1

March sees the colours start to change.

25 2

With an Easter setting bringing some cheer.


April it’s the shift in seasons as everything starts to slow down.


And May a chrysanthemum for the Mums.

8 9

June is frosts and slim pickings.


July perhaps an Earlicheer.


Until we’re back here again to Daphne and winter roses and buds ready to burst.

My, I do like to take a photo of the odd bloom in a vase. Something so simple and yet always makes me smile. I’m heading into my 40th year of life, somehow. I mean I clearly remember my Mum’s 40th (might be because I was 15!). I have no grand plans, lists or things to cross off, challenges to meet. Maybe I should have? Although I think I’m too tired for that. I’ll be happy if I’m healthy, if the people I love are happy and healthy and if my moods are stable and my urges to eat complex carbohydrates a little less. If my husband still wants to shag me and my children roll their eyes at me a little less. I hope I can keep walking and moving, keep serving friends at my table, people in my home, keep writing away, keep my family safe and content, my passport used and most of all keep the small moments of joy of everyday life locked away each day.

This is my life, these are my seasons and I am feeling very happy and lucky to be here. Time to hop on again and head around the sun, thanks for joining me x


  1. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Happy Birthday Beth ,have a wonderful day ?????

  2. Happy Birthday Beth! X

  3. Happy Birthday to you! I hope your day is absolutely amazing, as you bring a little bit of sunshine to mine every day with your snaps & posts; they’re wonderful, you’re wonderful. May your day be filled with loads of love, happiness & cake. ???

  4. Jill Unsworth says

    What a perfect way to start my day, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful blooms and your wishes for the future. How lucky we are to have such beauty around us each day. Such simple wishes but they are the most important aren’t they? I wish that for you too.
    Happy Birthday Beth x

  5. have a very special day beth!
    thank you for sharing your honest thoughts with us on a daily basis!
    loving the blooms too!
    much love m:)X

  6. Treena Nelson says

    Happy birthday, Beth. Have a beautiful day! Xx ????

  7. Those flowers are just gorgeous, I always enjoy your photos. Have a lovely day

  8. Happy birthday Beth!
    What a beautiful way to celebrate the year!

  9. Love your posts, Happy Birthday for today and hope you have a lovely day, xx

  10. Happy birthday my gorgeous friend x

  11. Beautiful post! Happy Birthday!

    Love ALL the flowers. Amazing to see all the seasons represented in blooms.


  12. Wishing you a fabulous year filled with lots of love & laughter.
    Love Fran & her 3 gorgeous girls (aka the Blonde Kadashians!!!) xxxx

  13. This post is so visual. Love the flowers. Have a great day you lovely thing….

  14. Kylee @ Boomerang Jane says

    Happy birthday you!! Sharing your day with the lovely John Mapleson…my Dad. I rang dad bright and early on his holiday with Mum in Thailand. I thought there was a 2 hour time difference…turns out it’s 3, and he got a happy birthday call and early this morning, ha.

  15. Katie Elliott says

    So many pics of gorgeous flowers has lifted my mood! Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful birthday ?????

  16. Happy Birthday and thank you for always brightening my day with your wonderful photos and blog. xx

  17. Happy birthday Beth. You brighten many a day like a beautiful bunch of the perfect blooms. Have a wonderful day xx

  18. Happy Birthday Beth! Thank you for sharing your flowers with us, and your year! Hope you’ve had a splendid day full of all the good things a birthday brings! Hugs from here xx

  19. Lynda M Otvos says

    Happy Happy Day to one of my favorite bloggers !~!

  20. Happy Birthday to you Beth! WooHoo!!
    You’re the same age as me, cheers! It’s a great age to be (thinks positive) so much life knowledge, still young enough to get out and do things, lots of friends and family still with us, lots to reflect on and laugh about. Oh and we’re able to afford a decent drop. Ugh, the crap I drank when I was 20, I shudder. It will be a fabulous year with your Fabulous Family around you. Live it up and make some more wonderful stories! All the very best (I salute you with my english G&T, that is not even a little bit shit)
    Liz XO

  21. A belated ‘Happy Birthday’ – what a lovely reflected post in photography. Your home is always full of such beautiful blooms. It is something that I would like to work towards, once we have the ability to grow a flower or two in a garden.

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