Around the grounds: Spring in full fling!

If you were to look up the definition of Spring in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure it would read as follows: Beth Macdonald’s house, Tuesday 25th October 2016.

Spring has taken it’s time to fully come into her own this year, everything is about 3-4 weeks later than it normally is, but boy is she here now. Come and have a walk with me around the garden and soak it up. There’s literally every colour under the rainbow.

Out at the front door I’ve just swept and watered all the pots as soon as Maggie was down. I must get those herbs back inside but for now, they can be happy with the daises and snapdragons.


This little plant is actually called a Burrawang. It was a housewarming gift 6 years ago and it’s the happiest its ever been. Ceramic toadstools wedged in by one of the girls.


The sweet pea is cascading down the pot with a new colour arriving every day. That sweet, sweet smell!

img_9524 img_9525

Clematis in FULL bloom all down the house with the mess of it just starting out. Petals, stamens and a fluffy thing that happens once all that is gone. Boy is it pretty.


The roses are no where near blooming but the first flush of new, green growth is healthy and strong and I think we are going to have a bumper crop this year. I have 6 roses in this bed which I hope brings me vases and vases of blooms.


Look who showed up to the Spring party yesterday! Old Iris!

img_9529 img_9530

I should get a few flowers out of this little lot, such a great colour combo isn’t it?


I may have been a little late to prune the lavender’s but they are very happy. Bees are LOVING them.

More clematis and around the corner to the wisteria!


I wish the blog had smellovision because under here it’s sweet smelling, blowing in the breeze beautiful.

img_9533 img_9536 img_9543

Some coloured pots on the side verandah always thirsty for a drink.


The lobelia is a vision of blue and green as it cascades down. It will look like this for months and then just eventually die one day overnight….always happens to me!


New growth of the hydrangeas. This one is a hot pink and it’s in a pot on the verandah.


The crabapple in full bloom which is FILLED with the buzzing of bees. This tree produces fruit.


And then the ornamental standard crabapple which is a pretty as a picture ready to burst into bloom in the next few days.

img_9551 img_9553 img_9554 img_9556

Every colour of the rainbow, smelling as sweet as they look. How lucky I am to be able to enjoy this beautiful garden and of course all the seasons in their true glory!

Hope you enjoyed the walk with me x

How’s your garden looking?
Spring been and gone?
Enjoying some sunshine? Me too!


  1. Your garden (and my parents’) makes me wish I had a place where I could pick my own fresh flowers every week! I am not a green thumb in any way shape or form, but I dabble here and there haha.

    I really have been enjoying a bit more sunshine over here but now we need the warmth to come with it! Nothing too toasty, but just comfortable would be nice!

  2. Your garden is just gorgeous! What a beautiful place to live. Thank you for sharing. I so enjoyed the walk around your slice of paradise. Xx

  3. I just felt such peace looking at your spring garden. Thank you for sharing ???

  4. Debs Sutton says

    Full thrust of Autumn here now but the trees are amazing colours and a few vestiges of colour around but not many. Spring bulbs a’plenty have been planted, but this year Ray & I are having the best of seasons as we are coming to Australia for 3mths in Nov……so, win win situation I think?!!!
    Your garden is beautiful

  5. just gorgeous beth! … as pretty as a monet painting!
    your wisteria is superb!
    you could have weddings there!
    much love m:)X

  6. Gorgeous! May I ask what the plant in the final photo is that has the sweet little pink flowers and yellow centres? I need something like that in my garden…says she after receiving her latest massive order from garden express…and has succumbed to the catologue they so “thoughtfully” enclosed. I’m a plant impulse buyer – is there a support group for that??

  7. Just beautiful and quite inspiring. I must get some roses and hydrangeas for my garden.

  8. Oh you’re making me homesick for the Australian spring. Such a lovely time of the year as the ground warms up and the crackle of grasshoppers and cicadas start. That ornamental crab apple blossom is always a stunner isn’t it?!?! Has to be my favourite blossom tree of all time.

  9. Wait, hot pink hydrangea??

  10. Being away from Australia temporarily while my husband works in the US, it’s such a treat going around your garden, Beth. I can literally smell the air, the flowers. Spring is my favourite back home. It’s amazingly abundant here too, but there’s nothing quite like the smells of Oz. Thanks for taking me home for a few minutes.

  11. I love seeing what is happening in your garden – it has prompted me to get a wriggle on with our vertical garden on our back fence!

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