A visit to Red Cow Farm

Ever since we moved here over 8 years ago, I have wanted to visit Red Cow Farm in Sutton Forest and over the weekend I FINALLY got around to it. I know, it’s not OK. And I have NO idea why it took us so long to go here! I will be back for sure. This garden is truly a delight, 2.5 hectares outside the village of Sutton Forest where not much has changed since the 1800’s.

This garden and property was bought in 1992 by Ali and Wayne who have created the most magnificent gardens you will ever visit in the world. Each room takes your breath away with scale and colour and textures. Mum wanted to take us all there yesterday as my brother’s family were staying down with her for the weekend so off we trotted on a misty morning where the weather had FINALLY cooled down after a week of very hot weather.

It was like visiting heaven, truly. I think you can see why.

If you ever get the chance to visit this garden, please do. It’s open September till May.

Have you every visited this piece of paradise?
Don’t you think it looks JUST like heaven? Really truly? Me too!
And is there anything better than a southerly change? No. No there is not.

Red Cow Farm
Address: 7480 Illawarra Highway, Sutton Forest, Southern Highlands, NSW
Sutton Forest is 5 kilometres south of Moss Vale on the Illawarra Highway. 
Phone: 02 4868 1842
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: 10am to 4pm daily, 12 September 2017 till late May 2018.. Closed Christmas Day.
Entry fee: Adults $10, seniors $8 and children $4
Amenities: Car/bus parking in Red Cow Lane adjacent to the garden. No rest rooms or café – facilities nearby. Please enquire.


  1. Oh it all looks like a Monet Painting! Gorgeous. Mr Woog will love it x

  2. Wendy Kingston says

    Visited around ten years ago……clearly, I need to return 😊

  3. Megan Sweeney says

    I think that you should have a segment on ‘Sydney Weekender’ or the like. A show like that need’s a personality like your’s that is in love with the area that you inhabit (immediate and surrounds), with a ‘take the piss’ attitude but also so passionate about where you live. Cause’ then people like me, who follow your shenanigans on IG, can visit the region & plan a trip to all the awesome places that you’ve discovered while living there. Local knowledge is invaluable. I lived in Canberra for 4 years in the early 00’s but (regrettably) didn’t explore the region nearly as much as we should have (to young and stupid!). I would really love to see all that stuff now and seeing your IG posts reminds me of that (which I’m grateful & hopeful for).
    I hope this plants a seed!!

    Yours in waiting

  4. I adore Red Cow too! I think it is at its best in late October, early November, so I definitely recommend a return visit around that time. When you’re next in the UK you MUST do Highgrove Gardens. I mean! It goes without saying that you’d love it. It is a garden beyond words, especially in springtime. And actually, you can almost peer into Charlie’s sitting room at some points on the tour. We live “down the road” and I can’t wait to go back.

    • It’s my dream one day to visit some of the UK gardens with my Mum – it WILL happen! Until then we are very lucky to have this on our doorstop x

  5. It looks amazing – I must confess I didn’t know gardens like this even existed in Australia! How long should visitors allow to see everything?

    Kate – I saw a program on Highgrove on YouTube and now it’s on my ‘must see’ list too. I’ve been stalking the book on Amazon as Charles’ approach to organic gardening and sustainability is inspiring.

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