And all the leaves on the trees are falling

There’s no better time (in my humble opinion) in this village than right now. Autumn. Easter time. The place is looking picture perfect, I mean, stop driving and pull over LOOK AT THIS PLACE beautiful. The girls get sick of hearing me talk about the light, THE LIGHT, but I can’t and actually won’t stop talking about the light. It’s magical this time of year. The colours turning, the leaves as they fall, the contrast of bright red against pure blue skies.

It’s my favourite and my best.

And yesterday afternoon the girls and I and Frank (the travelling circus) walked through the village, up to the park and then back home again on bike, scooter, pram and they listened to me again talk about the light. The colours. Autumn in all her glory.

And while we are all feeling a little in between and unsure of where we are (waiting for baby to come, recovering from jet lag etc) I’m reminded that no matter what our plans, on go the seasons, the leaves that popped forward a few months back are showing their beauty again as they fall ready for the winter and then of course, the spring that will come.

All will be, what will be. Trust ourselves. The seasons always a timely reminder of this.

Do you love Autumn as much too?
Can you see the light?


  1. Autumn is my favourite season too. I think I must be getting old because I talk along the same lines as you and my girls just roll their eyes !! The red of those trees is spectacular!

  2. Thank you for sharing the magnificence that is autumn where it really happens!

  3. Beautiful photos Beth

  4. For me, I so enjoy, what you share, the daily living, in your life is endless prosperity!!?
    It is. Life of favor, your children, your home, and you!! Your mirror is cool and positive!!!
    Thank you

  5. Beautiful photos , thanks for sharing ?

  6. Just gorgeous! I am going to bring my kids up to the Highlands to check out some Autumn splendor. Are there any walks or bushwalks that you recommend?

  7. I just spent the weekend in your hood, including visiting the Burrawang Easter fair. What a fabulous part of the world. It’s glorious and I wish somehow we could make the move there!

  8. Nobody does Autumn better than the Highlands!

  9. We visited Berrima on the weekend and like you, I was extolling the light and the leaves much to the bemusement and indifference of my husband and 17yo dtr (respectively). Heading up to Barren Grounds for a bushwalk this coming weekend without the 17 yo and will be raving again! This weather tho….. <3

  10. I live in Singapore where there are no seasons, the weather is exactly the same 365 days a year, and as such there is no measure of time. I really miss the changing of the seasons, such a lovely time.

  11. Gibbergunyah says

    Gosh Beth, I am the same, the poor boys get sick of me saying “look at the colours!!!” “Look at that tree!!”. We are in Blackheath for our annual pilgrimage to see even more autumn leaves (home not being enough, plainly). I am greedy, I tell you, when I comes to autumn. It is of course glorious here too. I will see how many open gardens I can get to.

  12. I spent the whole Easter weekend talking about ‘the light!” “Look at it!” I cried.

    Your little corner of the world is certainly special. You’re one lucky lady. xx

  13. Debs Sutton says

    Just gorgeous Beth,here in The UK Springtime is in full swing. Our garden is full of the promise of “new life” at this time, apple,plum and cherry blossom in abundance,peonies growing,and birds nesting!! Isn’t Mother Nature just miraculous no matter where we all are? Xx


    THANK YOU for sharing the light with us, all of it xxxxxxx


  15. how lovely are the autumn trees/leaves beth!
    liquid amber trees are a picture!
    we were in Austria in an autumn and the leaves were so thick! … I had to be a child and run through them!
    much love m:)X

  16. So pretty! Perth doesn’t tend to have the lovely Autumn leaves.

  17. Jacq Lives Here says

    Hah! My other half is sick to DEATH of me harping on about the trees here in The Can! Hands down the best time of year, and my favourite season… crisp mornings and nights, mild days, time for beanies and scarves and hot chocolates and red wine by the fire…. and ALL THE LEAVES CHANGING COLOUR OH MY WORD I CANNOT GET ENOUGH!

  18. I ❤ Autumn so hard. And these pictures are making me think very seriously about moving to the hills (we live in SA) or even further afield to your part of the world. I don’t think I could ever be unhappy with all that glorious colour and light. It speaks to my soul. Thanks for sharing xx

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