Win a {hot, superior quality} Dash & Albert rug worth $1400!

You guys may remember a few weeks ago when I showed you the VERY best baby gift that Maggie received…THE most glorious rug from Sarah at Winton House. Dead set, it’s one of the most beautiful things in this house now. Each and every time I walk over it’s superior quality woollen deliciousness, I smile. Frank has taken to having a good play on it too. Why wouldn’t you?


At the time I mentioned that there was a possibility of getting a rug for a giveaway from Sarah. I BEGGED her knowing you guys would lose your shit over such a high quality item. This is no ordinary rug, these Dash & Albert beauties are from the highest quality American textiles and would be seen in any Nancy Myer film. Just gorgeous!


The story of Winton House is a good one: Sarah moved to the United States in early 2000 to support her husband who was taking up a new role with his company in the great state of Texas. Sarah and her family lived in Texas and Colorado for almost ten years and it was during this time her passion for architecture and interior design was introduced to the beautiful, stylish and traditional world of American fabrics, textiles and homewares. One of her most exciting discoveries, was Dash & Albert and it wasn’t long before a range of these fabulous rugs were adorning the floors of her home.

After returning home to Australia with her family in the autumn of 2009, Sarah had a burning desire to represent quality products that she felt were uniquely American … and with that Winton House was born. Winton House’s home base is located in the historical and picturesque Southern Highlands…my home!

I was lucky enough to visit her warehouse and stroke the amazing rugs (what? Doesn’t every one do that to superior soft furnishings?!) and lucky for YOU Sarah has agreed to give one away to a very lucky BabyMac reader! I KNOW RIGHT?!

I present to you….*whispers*…Bed of Roses.

15006_PD2 15006_PD3

Slightly different to the one that Mags was given, this Dash & Albert Kaffe Fassett Design rug is truly magnificent!

Hand hooked with smaller “mini” loops in a finer-gauge 100% wool yarn, our wool micro-hooked area rugs are flatter and less plush than our regular hooked rugs. Perfect for high-traffic areas, these rugs require little maintenance and have a durable construction to assure longevity. Each rug is finished with a cotton canvas backing, attached with latex. Due to the handmade quality of these rugs, they may vary slightly in size and/or colour.

And there’s one for one of you! Size 152cm x 243cm worth a cool $1410!

I’m quite beside myself at the generosity of Sarah and so excited that someone will have this beauty in their own home. Here’s the details:

Giveaway is open from 10am AEST Friday 11th September 2015 until 9pm AEST Sunday 20th September 2015. To enter you must:

  1. Like Winton House on Facebook. You can do that here.
  2. Follow Winton House on Instagram. You can do that here.
  3. Leave a comment on this post telling us why you want to see a Bed of Roses rug in your home!

You can read the rest of the T&C’s here. Open to Australian residents only.

Not bad hey? Hope it makes up for the fact that all you will be seeing on this blog for the next 3 weeks is photos of stories of our travels through Italy!

Good luck! And thanks again to Sarah for this amazing opportunity! Now, time to lose your shit (like I promised Sarah you guys would!)

And be sure to check out the rest of the range online here. There are some seriously gorgeous rugs there!


  1. I love floral rugs. These are better than any I have seen. But, my husband is a practical neutrals loving kind of guy and so we don’t have a lot of patterns in our home. But if I WON such a beautiful rug, how could he possibly argue with installing such a beauty on our home.

  2. I would LOVE this rug for my daughters room. She arrived 8 weeks ago after a rather long and tricky road. She ended up arriving 4 weeks early (3 days after I finished work) so all my plans for her nursery went to pot. This would make a beautiful start around which I could decorate her room and it would motivate me to get the room finished for when she moves in there! I’ve already mentally started thinking what I could do 🙂

  3. Swoon, truly a gorgeous rug. I can picture this rug in my bedroom. Have been waiting for just over 7 years, I repeat 7 years for my bedroom to be renovated so hubby and I can move in to it!! Hubby is the renovator and needs lots of hints and encouragement to finish projects that he starts! Maybe a subtle hint in the form of this gorgeous bed of roses rug would be just what he needs to “pull his finger out” and finish the room!

  4. Oh my lordy! I neeeeed this rug.
    I have been looking for a rug that’s ‘me’ on and off for years now and when I saw wee Maggie’s and this one on the Winton House website my search was over. Alas I don’t have the coin just now.
    I think I’d be happy every time I looked at it and can imagine myself laying down on it and having a little nuzzle.
    With a new, slightly scary, slightly exciting chapter of my life as a single mama soon to start it’d be lovely to have one thing in my house that would be just for me with none of the past slight compromising of my style to keep the status quo.
    Fingers crossed!

  5. Fiona Mortimore says

    This rug is beauty personified! I’ve long been a Kaffe Fassett fan and actually met him a few years ago when he gave a fabric lecture in Brisbane. He is inspired! I would LOVE this rug, just because it is SO beautiful – and the pink/orange combo, well, my fave!

  6. Waaah! Beth, WHY?! (I HAVE to like / join Winton House on Instagram AS WELL?! But I don’t use Instagram! Not intending to, either, as I already use social media far too much, and have Pinterest for ‘ALL the pretties’!) The rest, not a problem!
    Unbelievably, this rug would match the existing colour scheme in my lounge PERFECTLY, too!

  7. Thanks Beth, it’s a beautiful rug and someone will be very happy with it, though they may prefer accommodation in your suitcase over the next few weeks! Cheers SP

  8. Bed of roses is such a Gorgeous rug.
    Certainly losing my shit over this beauty.
    Would love to have it on my loungeroom floor. I need it! Such a generous prize. Who wouldn’t want something so pretty adorning their floor?

  9. If I can’t have Jon Bon Jovi laying me down in an actual bed of roses, then I’d like this beautiful rug thank you very much.

  10. Bed Of Roses…cue Jon Bovi lyrics

    ‘Cause a bottle of vodka still lodged in my
    And a blonde gave me nightmares
    I think she’s still in my bed’ ohhhhh Jon

    No nightmares here at the thought of some charismatic blonde organising the giveaway of a stunning Dash & Albert rug.
    What isn’t a bed of roses is currently renting and trying to personalise our home without touching a tin of paint or new blinds etc. I am feminine but try not to overwhelm my other half which too much ‘pretty’…this delicious rug would allow personality and a feminine touch and I would spend hours staring at it singing Jon Bovi…how could my other half not love that.

  11. I would love to see a Bed of Roses rug in our house to bring a little femininity to the place. We recently moved into a new home and at the moment it is looking quite sterile. This would brighten the place up and also be a nice spot for our tiny human to play on, she is 4 months old.

  12. Kylieat#WifeLife says

    I would love to see the Bed of Roses Rug in my home because my Husband is really firm about girly things in our house. I love the colours, the shapes and the beautiful roses but just know I could never ever convince him, I would end up with a block colour or something masculine like stripes!
    I am slowly converting the spare room into my lady space and that beautiful rug would cover up the old, stained and ripped carpet that we can’t afford to replace. I would go into my lady room, shut the door (no boys allowed) and lay on that rug with my legs in the air whilst trying on my heels that are too high to leave the house in but that I still had to have. I would lay there reading my trashy magazines, drinking cups of tea all whilst ignoring the pleas for dinner and the never ending “have you seen my…”
    Please Beth & Sarah, help a gal out!
    P.S (Already a follower on all social media <3)

  13. Oh please!!!! We’ve just renovated and I desperately need a rug for the big empty floor! I actually just got one off gumtree and it’s all wrong. This would make it so much better ??

  14. Oh my Beth! How lovely it would look against the Antique Gentleman’s Chest of drawers my father in law lovingly restored.. It sit’s in our room with two beautiful hand painted antique aladin oil lamps he also restored. It would add another element of olde worlde charm. Yes I can see it now! Cheers

  15. Oh My God – what a beautiful rug = you will never have a dull day with that in your house. It will feel like “Life is a bed of roses” everyday.

    Gorgeous Rug and Thanks to Winton House Australia and you “Baby Mac” for organising this offer – what a Friday 🙂

  16. I was going to post a picture of exactly where I would show off this piece of art, but I can’t for the life of me work out how!! So…my ‘woe is me’ story is that I am surrounded by little boys and a bigger “boy” in this house and I’m drowning in male-ness. Even the dog is a boy. I need some pink in my life and would be ever so grateful to roll this beauty out across our timber boards. I am also the sucker that always offers to host lunches, dinners, baby showers, Christmas Days, etc (I DO admit that I love cooking!) so I can promise there will be a steady stream of admirers too!

  17. Emma Nikolin says

    I have two little girls and this rig would be divine in their room! Please pick us!

  18. At the end of the year I’m moving from Qld to country SA into a home that was built for my grandparents almost 60 years ago. Most people would want to renovate, but I’m working to restore it to its midcentury glory. There’s a dreamy pink bathroom (pink bath, basin), pink toilet? and an aqua blue shower-room. The terrazzo floors in the wet areas need a polish, the rest of the house needs carpets and tiles. I dreamt of getting floral carpet, which apparently isn’t widely available or affordable, but a rug of roses in my living room would be divine!!? And I’m a floor-dweller (I like to sit on the floor and lean on the sofa… At 45 yrs old I think I’m just happy I can still get up from down there) so having a cushy rug in front of my sofa would be great.

  19. OMG! I love this rug we have the most hideous 90’s slate tiles which is absolutely not practical for three cartwheeling, flipping about, general all day is a musical stage production of three girls. We’d absolutely love to have it in our home

  20. Oh my goodness! That is one truly divine “bed of roses”. It would make an extremely lovely addition to our house, however I feel there may be a few fights on who gets it! From me to Miss 8 and Miss 4, that is three different rooms straight off!

  21. Just because, who wouldn’t want one????
    It’s bloody beautiful!

  22. My lack of a green thumb means I prefer my flowers indoors, usually in vases. This rug would make the perfect addition to an indoor ‘flower bed’. A eautiful flower display that I don’t have to grow.

  23. Omg!! If that is not the prettiest rug in the whole freakin world! Beth, I worship your style & ability to ‘clash’ patterns! And I feel this prettiness would get me that much closer to being half as good as you ?

  24. Belinda Catt says

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    A house full of boys
    Oh the mess and the joys
    A rug for my room
    No more doom and gloom
    Winton House so pretty
    My thanks would be not itty bitty
    Choose me Babymac
    And get my room back on track.

  25. Charmaine Campbell says

    I’ve been looking for a rug for our neutral family room for years, but can’t make up my mind! I want to win this gorgeous rug so the decision is taken out of my hands! Plus no more cold feet!

  26. We moved in to a circa 1930’s house at the start of the year and we love it but with four kids under 9 we struggle to keep things looking ‘nice’…this gorgeous rug though…this, would make our family room amazing!! This rug is ‘darling’!

  27. My poor house is old and ugly with threadbare 70’s carpet in my bedroom just waiting for the impetus to rip it out and restore the floor.
    I know that if this rug was winging its way to me I’d pull out all the stops to moving that job up the never-ending renovation list and have it completed in time to roll that beauty out for my feet to land on flowers every morning when I wake up.
    Who wouldn’t want to leap out of bed and land in a bed of roses every morning?

  28. 6 weeks away from huge renovation, already can picture this rug in my new sitting area. High tea being served on the circular glass coffee table, so that the design is never hidden. This rug will be the talking point of my house, you will see it upon arrival and guests will be swooning over it.
    Hashtag law of attraction ?

  29. Julie Harris says

    Beth, my beautiful nine year old daughter would love this in her room. She has begging me to decorate her room in pink (paint the walls pink) for years now. I keep saying no. I say we can just accessorize in pink as I need to keep the house neutral in case we have to sell. My husband lost his job 2 years ago and could not find work (even though he is a trained corporate lawyer). We had to start up a new company we both work in, that barely pays the bills and we had to sell our house of nine years. I was devastated. I lost my mum to brain cancer when I was young child and I have spent my life trying to make our kids life as good as can be. I would love to give her a rug of her own to take with her through her life. To know wherever we end up she is safe and she is loved by me.

  30. As the only girl in my house ..2 boys plus dog plus my lovely hubby .. I would love a bit of pink to make a corner of the house my very own

  31. I would love to be able to stroke my very own rug!

  32. I would love, love, love, a new rug! We moved from the US 2 years ago (Boston) and only brought 8 suitcases of items with us consisting of toys and clothing and bedding. We would just love something like this to make our home a little more homey. It’s gorgeous!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  33. OMG! I love that floral carpet you used to be able to get. My nan haf it all through her house when I was a kid – this is the same but in rug form!! (Ok, it’s actually MUCH nicer!) Our uninsulated wooden floors desperately need rugs and we’ve been slowly saving and buying them each winter. We’ve done the lounge and the kids rooms, next up is our bedroom. This would be perfect! Such a generous giveaway, thank you!

  34. Fiona Guglielmi says

    This rug is truly beautiful, the color,the pattern and I too would like to win. I know that the rug would look lovely with our decor. Thanks to Winton House and to you Beth. Cheers

  35. Kate Kennett says

    Hi Beth and Sarah,

    Wow what a gorgeous rug! The sun is FINALLY shining down here in Geelong after the World’s longest Winter! My daughter has just turned 10 and is after a “big girl’s” room makeover. This rug would be an amazing place to start. My fingers, toes and eyes are all crossed.

    Happy and Safe Travels Beth xx

  36. Hello!
    My oh my that rug!!! It reminds me of spring and what walking through a field of flowers would feel like.
    I would absolutely adore to own a piece of art like this. In a house full of males- husband, two rough and tumble sons and three male fur kids, I desperately outnumbered in the feminine stakes at home! We are building a new house in which I will have my own sitting room and this rug would look stunning in there- it would just be the icing on the cake for my own girly space!

  37. We’ve just bought our first together. Something I could never imagined two years ago. We have thrown all our savings into our dream home which is a very modest 3br home on 2 acres of land. My darling boyfriend and I are amalgamating our two respective households together and unfortunately with him, comes a ghastly rug! I can’t bare to tell him I loathe it. But if I had this beauty, he’d be so excited at my winning streak it would take pride of place in our open plan home. Yay.

  38. I would love to see the Bed of Roses rug in my home. It will either go into my daughters room or into our living room for the enjoyment of everyone. I have suffered from quite severe post natal depression after the birth of our daughter. This Dash and Albert rug reminds me of the reasons I became a mother in the first place, the beautiful things in life, the joy of the small things (or not so small given the size of this rug lol) and my beautiful little girl who is the love of my life.

  39. Oh my goodness Bed of Roses is divine! It would be a wonderful starting point in turning our house into the home we want it to be. A glorious burst of warmth and colour to cheer us through the busy routine of work and school days. Thank you Sarah and Beth for giving us the opportunity to win this gorgeous rug. Have a wonderful holiday Beth, I can’t wait to see your photos xx

  40. It is the most stunning rug ever. Everyone knows I have a thing for floral. But no way I could have that gorgeous rug in my house, it would never stand up to two small boys and a cat. I would be too upset over it being damaged.

  41. That rug is heaven on earth. We have only recently laid wooden floors throughout our entire house, so I’m on the look out for beautiful rugs. As a mum to 4 boys, you can imagine that feminine things are few around here. My home would be like a ray of sunshine with this rug, a beauty just for me

  42. Alina Fischer says

    Hello Beth, best wishes for your impending holiday! I know it will be just fantastic and I look forward to travelling with you as I’m sure all your loyal readers are. You include us all very well indeed. It is always a delight to sit down when the kids are at school and have some quiet time reading your insightful posts.

    Losing my dear mother almost seven years ago, has been the biggest struggle and upheaval of my life. I have had babies she never got to meet and cuddle, had everything I know literally turned upside down and have finally arrived out the other side to place where I am starting to feel deep joy and fulfilment again. I’m rubbing the rust off myself and beginning to feel shiny, like my ‘old self’. Looking at the Bed of Roses rug in my home would be a perfect symbol of the enlightened place to which I have finally arrived and that from a prickly, thorny shrub the most divine, sweet smelling bloom does emerge.

    Mother of 3 little blossoms too! x

  43. Kaffe Fassett! That did it for me. I have been a fan of his for decades. In 2013, while I was in London, I saw an amazing exhibition of his in Bermondsey. Oh the patterns, the colour. I would love this for my bedroom.

  44. I would love love love this for our new home! Plus it would make an AWESOME 30th birthday present to myself. I would call her Rosie and she would be my closest ally in a house full of willies. ? xxx

  45. Megan Walker says

    A good quality rug is worth every cent. It can look and feel amazing while lifting the look of your house and your spirits at the same time. And well, a beautiful, great quality floor rug for free? You’d have to be bonkers not to enter this comp. Come to me, my pretty…

  46. Ahhh! So beautiful! I just bought a new house and housing prices as they are i am left with no furnishing budget, just the second hand stuff we have had for the past 15 years. … this rug would just make my new home that much sweeter! And a perfect match for my tas oak floors!

  47. OMG what a HOT rug!!!! I’d love to win it as my one is all manky and worn and torn and filth. THIS one however – swooning at the hotness of it! x

  48. i would like to win the bed of Roses rug as I have just ripped up the carpet in our bedroom and it will match perfectly with my shabby chic theme (plus it will cover up the chipboard on my side of the room for now )

  49. I love this rug. Reminds me so much of my Aunts’ houses. With their beautiful ‘good’ room for ladies afternoon teas and the curtains pulled so that the sun didn’t fade their furnishings. We were only allowed in to say hello and then had to go outside to play. Such timeless beauty but evoking very fond memories.

  50. Mel champion says

    I know the perfect spot for the Bed of Roses rug in my little Moo’s room. She would adore playing with her barbie dolls and teddy bears, Reading her books to her little friends and having little tea parties on a Bed of Roses!!!

  51. This excites me enormously – I already have the design planned for my dream American home – the architecture, the character, the homeliness has always appealed to me. America is dear to my heart, always has been. I self funded my student exchange there when I was 17, have traveled coast to coast and so much in between for 9 months in our 19ft campervan and stayed in many a friends beautiful character homes and lived there over about 4 years. America has always been my home away from home, and that is why the burning desire to build my American Home here in Australia is so close to my heart and it will begin next year when we find the perfect block. What truly makes a home a home though, and brings it so life, is the furnishings unique to the owner ,the warmth of the people living in it & memories shared over the years. That rug will not only delight us, but the masses who visit. What an incredibly generous gift! K x

  52. That is it! I have been dreaming of a beautiful rug to put on my daughter’s bedroom floor after I recently re decorated it. I have been looking for some inspiration to finish off the room. Bed of Roses rug is perfect in every way! Love love love it!

  53. Gabby Howlett says

    I would love to win this rug, it’s beautiful, quality and pretty!
    My house could do with pretty, I have my husband and son, so it’s all things man and sport here, not so much pretty!
    It’s a beautiful rug that will be well loved here.

  54. Life has not been a bed of roses for me of late – struggling through treatment for ovarian cancer – I am now on the road to recovery and intend to spend time foofing my home and that rug would look fantastic in our cute little cottage with lots of salvaged and recycled painted furniture.

  55. Melissa Steep says

    I am not only losing my shit at how freaking gorgeous EVERY SINGLE ONE of Sarah’s rugs are, but also at the fact that Sarah is willing to give one away! That is just plain awesome regardless of who wins.

    So, I have officially just opened an IG account and checked out Sarah’s posts (I know, I’m a bit behind the times), and am dreaming of where this beautiful rug should live in our house. I’m torn between my bubba girls room or in the dining… Or maybe the lounge… Or my room…. Or maybe I’ll have to move it from day to day and enjoy it all around the house! I’ll just keep dreaming over here…

  56. I would enjoy this rug because the last time I bought new undies for myself was 2012. I love lovely things but don’t often spend our money on me 🙂

  57. Wanda Comrie says

    oh man. the quality and superb craftmanship just makes me swoon. i would very like to stroke my very own.

  58. Cheryl Hayes says

    Seriously, I am a huge Kaffe Fassett fan! I have just finished 2 quilts using his beautiful, vibrant fabrics. One is 100″ x 90″…it has large hexagons of Kaffe fabrics with black and white print triangles in between that form huge stars … I have named it “Starring Kaffe”.
    The other is also a hexagon quilt…it is all hand made using the English Paper Piecing method. The hexagons are 1 1/2 ” and it took me 13 months to make. I have used Kaffe fabrics as well as fabric of other fabulous designers. I call this 50″ x 75″ quilt “Eclectagon”!
    Oh my …I would love the “Bed of Roses” rug sooo much…it would look perfect on my bedroom floor!
    Thanks for the chance to win this beauty!
    I look forward to drooling over your holiday snaps…have a great time!

  59. OMG I love that rug. We have moved into our second place in 6 months (so this is our third place we have lived in in 2015!) The joys of renting in Sydney! Our current mat is really nicely faded on one side from the sun and it picks up every speck of dirt. 5 minutes after I’ve Dysoned the shit out of the mat it needs doing again. We have dark furniture and our place is screaming out for that bed of roses to brighten it up. The only danger being if I won I would probably sit there and stare at it lovingly all day. Serious love for that baby happening here!

  60. I would dearly love to win this stunningly gorgeous rug as a gift for my beautiful niece & I am sure her mummy, my fab sister, would love it too

  61. Ten little fingers and ten tiny toes,
    would be delighted to play on this rug of pink rose.
    A beautiful gift to treasure always,
    next to her Great Grandmother’s dresser it would spend it’s days.
    Harbouring sweet memories and watching her grow.
    For my darling, Emilia, because I love her so.
    Thank you Winton House and BabyMac,
    Thank you to the stars and back.

  62. margie slagter says

    these rugs are beautiful

    our house is fugly

    please take pity and help remedy this issue

    please x

  63. Natalie Pacaud says

    I’m not very witty and don’t have a ditty…..sorry!
    Why do I want this rug, well the only thing I can think of is why wouldn’t I want this rug!! It’s just gorgeous and would look fabulous in my home and I would look after and adore it forever..

  64. My mum lives 535km away and has hundreds of roses. I work full time and she can’t drive far. I’d love a Bed of Roses under my feet to keep her close between our big hugs and shared teapots.

  65. Currently, I have two different rugs to cover our apartment living room floor as I have two (twin) four (and three quarter) year olds that like to JUMP and DANCE and BOUNCE and I feel for the neighbours below us – so would love a cohesive and STUNNING piece for our floor!!

  66. So I just moved to “the country” with a new bub (now four months old!), a just 3 year old, a 5 year old and a 7 year old (and my hubby of course!) into a 130 year old house with BARE floorboards!! It has been one hell of a cold winter as I seem particularly gifted at putting out fires rather than building them. I miss my house we left where everything worked, I miss my friends, the kids miss their friends, I miss my mum! Please choose us to win the rug and help me make this new place a bit more like home.

  67. I was in love with the rug Maggie received and this bed of roses is just as luscious! I’ve just booked a holiday (my first proper holiday alone with my 4 yr old daughter) on the mid-NSW Coast and now I’ve got a reason to stop in the Southern Highlands on my way back to Victoria (didn’t really need an excuse but what the hell!). My daughter loves tactile things as much as I do and I can already imagine running my fingers and toes through the roses. She’ll go nuts! I think we’d have trouble deciding who gets the rug though!

  68. Id love to win this rug because it’s freakin beautiful! It will go straight to the formal lounge – a woman’s “pool room”. xx

  69. I might possibly be Kaffe Fassett’s biggest fan. I would LOVE this beautiful rug. Thanks Beth and Sarah!

  70. I would love to see Winton House’s Bed of Roses rug in my home simply because it is the most beautiful rug I have ever seen, Amen!

  71. I am firm believer in surrounding yourself with things you love. Unfortunately Ryan Grosling is hard to hold down and a restraining order makes me needy. My home is filled with painting and beautiful things that are special to me. The gorgeous floor rug would make me heart sing as I walked in the door. A glass a wine and stroking time (too much) c xx

  72. Hi Beth – please pick me! My little one and I have moved into a small rental while my husband travels away during the week to study (following his dream job of becoming a doctor). This beautiful rug would be a wonderful dash of colour and happiness in our new abode; and a lovely spot for my toddler to play ???

  73. I just want to add that some of these comments are freakin hilarious! That is all…..

  74. Kaffe Fassett has the most fantastical eye for colour and I adore his inspiration
    This would be just be thing to brighten even the dullest day and brighten the saddest heart

  75. What stunning rugs. I would love Bed of Roses to grace my cottage wooden floor. Just in the process of buying my first home after my separation 10 years ago and so excited to adorn it with gorgeous items. Being the only female in a male dominated family the Bed of Roses rug will be my statement piece in the living area and those males of mine will know times are a changing!

  76. love, love, love this rug. And I really need a new rug as I managed to permanently stain our lovely (read- plain, boring) rug with coffee I managed to chuck across the room!! Not happy Jan – but I could be with rug!!

  77. Rachel Mudge says

    I’ve recently made a move from the city to the country much like you Beth, my husband and I wanted that “better” lifestyle for our family. This rug would be a perfect addition to setting up our country home which we want to fill with beautiful items along with our beautiful memories!

  78. My nearly 13 year old daughter has worked out she’s growing up and is in the process of redesigning her bedroom. Her favourite colour is, and always has been, pink. A rug as beautiful as this gorgeous roses rug would finish the floor off perfectly – and I’m sure it would discourage her from throwing her school bag / homework / shoes all over the place! No matter what, I’ll enjoy following Winston House on Facebook and Instagram. Xx

  79. My goodness this has made me finally delurk! Moving in a week to a beautiful old house on 2 acres in a village of 200, in no small part inspired by your ‘escape to the country’ currently shitting my pants and hoping to god we haven’t made a huge mistake! That little beauty could ease the pain if we have ?

  80. Wow beautiful Beth how lovely:)
    Reminds me of my grandmother Rosemary from whom my daughter gets her middle name.

    I’d like this rug for my son & I to lie on & chat- we love to lounge about talking important five year old business:)

  81. OMG – living in a house full of boys, this gorgeous Bed of Roses rug would give me the girly lift (and possible oestrogen hit) that our home needs! Although I’m sure my boys would then use their hot wheels in the ‘garden’ on the floor! It is truly stunning!

  82. Absolutely stunning! What a beautiful addition to my home that beautiful rug would make 🙂

  83. Natasha Solomun says

    We are living in a one bedroom flat with our 8 month baby girl. It’s tight, it’s tiny but it’s filled with a LOT of love so for us it’s like a palace. (It also means That because our expenses are small I don’t have to feel pressure to go back to work too soon). I’ve never seen a rug so beautiful and original. Would love to see it brightening up our DD’s nursery corner!

  84. We live in Darwin – but I was born and raised in the Adelaide Hills. Even after 11 years, my feet miss carpet and the soft feel of it when you fall asleep, face first into the floor because you are laying down with the baby having tummy time. While I have grown to accept floorboards and tiles, I love soft furnishings under my head (hence why I sleep on a bed with a mattress and a pillow rather than a bed of nails) and I’m sure my face would happily relinquish the suction cup action as I jolt awake next to the baby on his thick, plush playmat. It’s a gorgeous rug and I would love it for my own selfish reasons ?

  85. nikki dakinh says

    Simply stunning!!

  86. Kristy Anderson says

    Thank you Beth and Sarah for the opportunity to win such a beautiful, beautiful rug. If we were blessed to own a “Bed of Roses” rug, it would take pride of place in our little humble little home. A treasure for my young girls and I to sit and play and make memories on. Our home would bloom. Thank you xx

  87. I have the perfect place for this beautiful rug in my new home that I am shifting into in 8 weeks time. It is absolutely stunning and to be able to look at it each day would be a treat!

  88. Love it! With 3 boys in my house and hubby I am craving anything pink and florally to offset all the testosterone! Would love to introduce a bit of floral to my home to freak the boys out! 🙂 Although just quietly I think my 5 year old would try to borrow it for his room… it would fit right in with his collection of barbies and my little ponys!

  89. My carpet is DISGUSTING. It refuses to look half way decent even after a steam clean. It is rubbish and I desperately need to replace it. Alas, just when I think we can finally afford it, my husband crashes the car last week. Thankfully he is ok, but the car is not. Written off and now we need a new (second hand) car.

    Anything to try and brighten my mood and my disgusting carpet would be AWESOME!!!

  90. I would adoringly love to own this rug, as a child we had carpet with roses on it , I would hop from one rose bloom to the other and I still wonder if that same carpet is still in the family home we once lived in. Im sure my two little girls would love to do the same and adoringly plant themselves down on this wondrous work of art.

  91. Venny Sarmiento says

    Our bedroom is in need of LOVE! It’s stuck in the early ’90’s with rust coloured ‘feature walls’ and ugly ‘misted’ light fittings not to mention the bedroom furniture from my first wedding (I kid you not). Next year is our tenth anniversary. I would love this divine rug to be the feature piece in our ‘new’ bedroom. What a gorgeous palette of colours we would have to work with!

  92. My dear old Nan has recently taken a turn for the worst. She now no longer recognises us more often than she remembers who we are, and how adored she is. When I think about her, I’ll always think of apricots, hydrangeas and roses, for she had an apricot tree in the backyard by the (very neatly stacked) wood pile, that grew and bore fruit like I’ve never known. She had a hydrangea bush by her front porch which was so big that I fondly recall it as a favorite hiding place. And she always, always, had a vase of roses inside…which she would joke was to compensate for her inability to grow anything. I love my dear old Nan, and this rug would be a gentle reminder of her presence, every day, when sometimes she isn’t so present.

  93. In a house full of boys this gorgeous feminine rug would make the outlook positively rosy.

  94. Prettiest, girliest rugs ever. I would love one for my new place x

  95. Oh these rugs are exquisite! Thank you for the chance to win. My family and I are in a rental rut with no end in sight. It makes creating beauty in my surrounds limiting (think stuck on bricks for a bare brick feature and arches). My only decor saviour is soft furnishings. We have old stained carpet and could certainly do with a spruce by laying down a Bed of Roses. I love this pattern for real. Roses are my favourite floral motif! Thanks again. Xx

  96. Well. What a little piece of magnificence. I’m awestruck at this rug’s beauty. It, along with all your pieces, Sarah. How beautiful this will make any home look. My husband and I live in a unit, (we’re empty-nesters!!) and as such, smaller pieces may be given more of a spotlight. This truly beautiful rug would enhance our new space and lifestyle so much. I’d love to own it. 🙂

  97. Emma Dearing says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this rug. It really is absolutely gorgeous… Like nothing I’ve seen before. The roses remind me of my Nanna who is always in her garden and has the most amazing roses. ‘Double Delight’ is both our favourite. If I was lucky enough to win, I think the rug would most likely go into my daughter Billie’s room. She’s just starting to crawl now (New Years Eve baby!!) and she will have wooden floorboards when we soon move into our next house. I love making her room special.

  98. Oh Beth! How opportune! I just did a ‘budget’ study makeover. But after pulling everything out, the carpet is horrendous. In the end, I have opted for a $20 mat from a dependable retail store that shall remain unnamed. Which is lovely. But it ain’t no Bed of Roses. There’s no notes on the tag about pile or loop. No hand hooking. No wool yarn.
    I pinky promise to provide Bed of Roses with a home of appreciation. A home of bare toes tiptoeing across it. A whispered tour when guests visit. Please choose us as your new family BoR!

  99. My daughter Lainie just turned 4 one week ago! (9/6) Her rug and every area rug in our home had to be thrown away 6 months ago when our beloved 10 yr old German shepherd Maximillian, split open a tumor on his front leg and bled all over everything. We lost Maxi that week. We miss him dearly. I would love for Lainie to have a beautiful rug in her room that actually would match perfectly. She just got a big girl bed and this would be such a gorgeous and greatly needed touch to complete her room!

  100. Ooo. I’m a rose fanatic and that rug is divine. Our over-grown puppy stole a tub of butter and then threw up on the only soft flooring in the house – the rug in my daughters’ room. I’ve dragged that rug into the garden for pressure hosing – but it’s never going to be the same. (I bought it with my first pay check 17 years ago so I’m in mourning.) My daughters’ would adore a rose rug to keep their toes a little warmer when they hop out of bed.

  101. O M G! My almost 4 little miss would simply beam and burst with happiness over this rug! It’s everything she adores, roses and pink (as she says multiple times every day, “pink is my favourite colour”).

  102. Leeanne Boyson says

    I am devastated – i don’t have an Instagram account 🙁 But I/we ADORE this rug – it is elegantly beautiful and makes you smile and be warm inside just glancing at it. We rent our home with our two children, one of which is DYING for a beautiful girly rug in her room – and the beauty of the bed of roses is it will come with us and be loved in each and every abode we call our home. It will keep Miss Mollys toes warm in winter and her cool in summer when she lays upside down and back to front whilst reading her adventure books. Who wouldn’t love it !!! xoxoxo

  103. I know I should say that I would put this in my daughters room, but I wouldn’t, I’d keep it for mine ??? (bad mother). I should win this rug because I really like it and it would make me happy from the minute I opened my eyes and saw it there, on my bedroom floor, in all its bright and happy glory ?

  104. Im not sure what words to even use!!! Simply breathtaking!! Just what my little sewing/craft room needs to inspire me!!!

  105. OMG I would literally die for this rug! Arrrrmazing… Would love to win this to add abit Of a feminine touch to my all boy household! I would totally instagram the shit out of it.

  106. Because I’m at the redecorating phase of post-break up and one of these rugs would “really tie my room together” xx

  107. Oh those rugs are just divine! I would love to add the field of roses to my decorating arsenal when we finish the major renovation of our 115 year old homestead (with added 1980’s bonus alterations, courtesy of my inlaws). Living in the middle of nowhere in Western NSW, a person needs a little beauty in their life. And imagine, if I had won one, I could totally justify buying another to complement it…and another and another and so on throughout the house.

  108. Quite honestly this is beautiful. Aaaand being so bright and happy would annoy the bejuses out of my partner so I need it. Hello floral main bedroom! 😉

  109. Why would I love to see this divine bed of roses in my home? Well Beth, I live in Perth. It’s like living in the desert. Just dry sand and scrub everywhere. This rug on my living room floor would be like a little slice of heaven!!

  110. Sadly my divine little rose garden really was past her best and the bushes have now been removed and gone to rosie heaven, how gorgeous it would be to have this beautiful rug indoors with us always. No pruning and spraying for black spot and green fly required!
    Q: what did one rose say to the other?
    A: I hope they pick me!

  111. thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful rug Beth!
    I would love to win it to give to my beautiful sister for her new home. A little bit of floral and pink would look gorgeous in her sun room. I would then be able to admire it frequently and give it a little stroke as we drink tea or champas (depending on time of day) and have our lovely Never ending it often interrupted chats (we have 6 kids together) .
    Hope I’m the lucky one
    Emily xx

  112. Kelly Walters says

    Bed of Roses for my house please! Those colours are magical & so pleasing to my eyes palette! I think not a gloomy thought could creep into a room that houses this rug? My wooden floors are already craving the petals to settle over their hard planks. Mmmm (sorry did that just sound a bit 50 Shades of Rose?) i would look at this beauty & conjure feelings of bliss each & every day if I was lucky enough to win this!

  113. I’d love to have the Bed of Roses making a love statement in my bedroom. I can be a little prickly at times but I am worth waiting to open up. (Think hubby would agree) Beautiful rugs and homewares.

  114. This would be like having fresh flowers in your home all year long. It’s devine and I’d give it a good home if I were lucky enough to win. Thanks Winton House!

  115. Jenny wright says

    This gorgeous rug would be great to cover up our old tired carpet and inject some excitement into our lounge room . Very very cute

  116. mrskmpeacock says

    I already liked okay loved Winton house on Facebook but their Instagram . Niceeeeeee !!!!!!! We just bought a house after many years and I just can’t wait to fill it with beautiful things …. No more renting , no more arsehole land lords …. It’s all MINE …. The rug ahhhh perfect for my office …. Thanks Beth. If I win Lurpaks on me ( half price of course ) .

  117. Hi Beth, this is such a beautiful rug. When you posted Maggie’s one a few weeks ago I went straight to the website to sticky beak and and pretty much decided I needed one too.
    We have plans in place to make a sea change (penrith to shoal haven) which isn’t too drastic but I’ve never lived more than 20 mins away from my mum or sister & I’m hoping I’ll be okay with it. Just gotta get a big enough house so they can have sleep overs. Anyways, that beautiful rug will bring a smile to my face on days I can’t just hop in the car and “pop ’round” to my sister

  118. Oh yes please! Just spent last 5 years restoring our 120 year old home and we are looking for the perfect rug for our lounge room!

  119. Who wouldn’t want to be laid down on a bed of roses? YES PLEASE!
    I might even sing the song if I win!

  120. Beth and Winton House, thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter this fabulous competition. This is clearly a glorious rug and I would love it give it a great home!!

  121. Mandy Kennedy says

    I love this rug! We moved into our 100 year old California Bungalow 10 years ago now- and our bedroom is old, cold (complete with cracks in the floorboards that you can see through to the outside!!) and bare. What it needs is this rug! In fact any if the rooms in our house would love this rug as they are all cold, bare floorboards! Thankyou Beth and Winton House for the opportunity 🙂

  122. Janesse Kirkhope says

    My little one Lucy, turns one next week and we are all down and out on antibiotics with chest infections and ear infections. So she has no presents organised, but this beautiful rug will be such a lovely momento of her first birthday rather than the snot party we have going at the moment. A Bed of Roses will also add a softness and fluffiness for Lucy and me in our testosterone filled abode.

  123. That is divine!!!!!! We are moving from Port Hedland to Perth in two weeks and will be in a rental that is a blank canvas. The furniture we have here is ‘stop gap’ furniture – furniture we have made do with while living up here as the red dirt gets into and ruins everything. I would love Bed of Roses to be my inspiration palate that I can use to slowly get my ‘grown up’ furniture and have a living space I am proud of. Have an amazing time in Italy x

  124. Thinking of ALL the reasons this rug would be perfect for me (house renovated by husband before he met me, very cold and chrome and white, not much cashola left after a learning of need for IVF, the magical birth of our beautiful baby boy – no need for roses there! And planning a wedding next year – what a fab wedding present!!!) I realised that if I won it, I would give it to my glorious Mum who, at the age of 60 started a new life without my dad, but had to put it on hold when she was diagnosed with cancer, beat cancer, sold her beautiful home of 25 years, found a new house and in amongst all this never stopped working, or caring for me and my partner, her family and her friends, she attended my brother’s wedding, welcomed two divine grandchildren, looks after my baby now I’m back at work, and STILL never makes time for herself! This rug would be the perfect way to make her new house a home. It’s so deliciously girly and glamorous, something that Mum can finally be now that she’s found her feet back on the ground (pun intended and will reflect how a new beginning is always possible and although unknown, often very beautiful. X

  125. This rug is absolutely beautiful. I think it would be perfect for my daughter, who is a 4th generation Rose! She is in her first year of school and is learning to read. To nurture her love of books, I have created a peaceful reading space for her to escape into the world of picture stories. I think the ‘Bed of Roses’ rug is not only perfect as it compliments her name, but will be the PERFECT finishing touch to her little reading nook! Maybe, it can be passed onto the next generation of our Rose Ladies xx

  126. I would LOVE this rug to pop down on MY side of the bedroom in juxtaposition to HIS Star Wars rug. Can you even???

  127. Karen Edwards says

    This would have to be the most stunning rug I’ve ever seen my 2 and a half year old daughter is due to be moved into a big girls bed out of her cot sigh and the rug would be the perfect start to a room makeover.

  128. I am lusting over one of these rugs …… STILL

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