A day at the country {Picnic} races

I have a salubrious career with country picnic races. Not. Thanks to going attending a Catholic all girls High School most of my best friends were country girls. Spread throughout NSW from down south to the north west I attended plenty of picnic races, country parties and later, B & S balls. In true Beth style, I always gave them a good nudge. Before my time I was grabbing the attention of a camera crew that would be there filming for the local news, or one time, for Today Tonight. I’m sorry Grandma Dot {God rest your soul} that you had to explain to the ladies at your Bowling Club that your 16 year old grand daughter was holding a can of Bundy Rum & Coke in what appeared to be a drunken manner.

Today Rob and I attended our local Picnic Races, the Bong Bong races at Bowral. Attendance these days are a little tamer. I drove. I went with my husband. We placed A bet. I had ONE drink. Rob bought a SUN HAT. A STRAW SUN HAT. My friends, the times have a changed.

What hasn’t changed was the fabulous people watching. The fabulous spirit of these events – locals having a break from farming and day to day life to have some fun. Have a bet. And as one of the blokes I spoke to said “getting on the grog”. I suppose a little like some of you said the Cup was like last week. It’s “an event”. And any local event, I’m happy to support.

I was THRILLED to see that the Pie shop from Robbo was there. It’s famous don’t you know? The sign says so and everything.

I was happy to hang with this spunk.

I placed a bet. Won $30. I like going up to a bookie and saying things like $10 to win on number 4. Reminds me of my Pa Frank {God rest his soul}.

It was quite alarming to me that the dresses the young ladies were wearing (yes I did just refer to people under the age of 22 as “young ladies”) were EXTREMELY short. I kept wanting to take shots as examples, but that’s just mean. Like those shots they take of people for the news when talking about the increase of obesity. Except their heads are taken out. I ALWAYS worry about those people. Imagine if it was you?! In any case, ladies were not looking like ladies with waaaaaay too much skin exposed.

We watched a few races, got in the car and drove back to our misty, cold little village and had a drink by the fire. We got to skip School pick up, came home, have dinner, do homework and put the girls to bed.

It was a really good Wednesday.


  1. Oh the days of the good old B&S, for me it was a long time ago! Ah those rum and cokes, funny how everybody drank rum at a B & S. My experiences come from attending an Ag College Ahhh the memories

  2. LOVE Robbo pie shop

  3. I attended a BnS once upon a time. I was drenched. Yes DRENCHED with bundy. Hose and all. Good times….

  4. I love the country race meet! Went to ours last week. Locals. Farmers. Dresses ( short ones). Hats. Fashions on the field. Great day. I took my Miss 9 to her first ever. She raised her eyebrows at “girls who wore heels so high they couldn’t even walk mum! And their dresses were way too short – you could almost see their knickers”. But we had a great day. Leaned on the rails just like you. Caught up with friends. I had two drinks and a sit down lunch ( very posh) but wonderful fun. We’ll go again. But next time Miss 9 wants to wear a fascinator…… We’ll see

  5. Yes I know exactly what you are saying. It’s not so much the length of the dresses, but the condition that the legs are in that is the issue.

    Just sayin’

  6. Beth, I went to our local races recently and was amazed by how short the skirts were. And god knows I am the first person to get my legs out and will still rock a short skirt given half a chance. (Mutton dressed as lamb being a perfectly valid dress code methinks.) However these weren’t just short dresses, not even long tops – more like “oops I forgot to put my pants on”. I helped judge “Fashions On The Field” and we decided lady-like glamour was required to get a final spot….. and by definition this involved having your ass and at least some of your thighs covered.

    I think I am getting old.


  7. That sounds like a most excellent Wednesday!

    I agree about the lack of clothing being worn by kids these days.
    Recently Daddy R and I were having a sneaky Saturday afternoon lunch at a pub in the city. It was the same day as some big music festival and so all the young ones were out and about. I was shocked and appalled! None of the young ladies were wearing what I would definite as clothing!
    Thank goodness I don’t have girls!
    I just have to worry about Toddler C bringing home a girl who isn’t sufficiently covered!

  8. Country folk really know how to have fun don’t they? Glad you enjoyed yourselves so much. Re the short skirts…yes some of them overdo it and you wonder if they ever look at themselves in a mirror or is it some just don’t care anyway?? Thanks for sharing your day out.

  9. Country boarder boyfriend and country boarder “cousins” (you know the ones that are chosen rather than blood) meant that I had a good run at country parties, the odd b and s and picnic races – fun! Love the races, glad you had a good day out with your spunk!! I know what you mean about short skirts – last time I was out in the city I was kind-of amazed at the amount of flesh, it made me sad for the dedicated followers of fashion that just don’t suit the clothes. Yep, getting old!

  10. It does sound all kinds of fabulous for a wednesday. I wonder what Thursday holds.

  11. That Clydesdale….majestic!

    Your picture taking Bethy – beautiful.

    Happy Wednesday!

    Gabs x

  12. Oh yes, I was a boarder – and this behaviour you speak of is all very familiar Gorgeous pics.

  13. Oh Beth, you are a long way from the glory days of the ‘Come by Chance’ Races at Bongy. As for B+S balls and the shambolic country parties (Mrs Woog, I’m looking at you), will they ever reappear on the horizon? With any luck not… Not now that I have two daughters.

    Mel, which Ag College???

  14. Half the fun of days at the races I think is being able to people watch!

  15. Beautiful photos, love the big clydesdale, he’s a beauty. You make me laugh, I’ve always wondered about those poor obese people they take shots of, their bottoms flopping from side to side… or when they take shots of a couple kissing and use it in a relationship story… goodness gracious, some of those lovers are laying all over each other in the park, so indiscreet! That all being said, I would have LOVED some short skirt examples. Next time.

  16. Sarah Brown says

    I have many a memory from B&S balls and have been going to Bong Bong since it re started about 20 odd years ago, I met my husband ( now ex ) there almost gave birth out there 😉 and met my new partner at dear old Bongy ! I really do love it ! Beth imagine my delight at seeing one of your photos is of the ex’s marquee too small a world ! I hope you had a blast !

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