Local spotlight: Highlands Merchant Cafe

There’s been a whole lot buzz about a new cafe that has opened locally down here in Moss Vale called Highlands Merchant and after my visit there this morning, I know why. I don’t know what makes a cafe work and why others don’t. My Mum had a very successful cafe for a number of years in Sydney and I spent most of my teens working very hard indeed in there (but it was the 90’s when foccacia and cappuccinos and sun dried tomatoes were de rigueur). I think obviously the food and coffee has to be good, but then there’s a certain something else: the atmosphere. That’s the staff, the music, the interiors, the uniform the je ne said quoi that makes the place somewhere you want to be. My Mum’s place used to have all those things, and this place has them too. Plus we get excited here in a small town when something new and city like opens up – especially in Moss Vale!

IMG_7437 IMG_7439

I’ve been patiently stalking on Instagram watching the fit out happen, the logo be designed etc so I knew that it was going to be good and I wasn’t disappointed. I headed in with 2 mates for a bite to eat for breakfast and a good sticky beak.

IMG_7442 IMG_7440 IMG_7443

The place is small, so there’s not many tables. Be prepared to wait for a table (like we did for 15 mins or so) but there’s plenty to look around while you are waiting with quality books, homewares and of course locally sourced deli products. You can always grab a coffee and take away and sit in the park next door.

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The menu is small, but good, and changes weekly (to focus on small batch preparation so waste is minimal), making the most of local organic produce from the Highlands.  I had a nourishing breakfast bowl (which made my eyes roll a little) but it was very tasty. My mates something smaller and the coffee was good. And there is also a catering menu that looks amazing and I hope to use them sometime soon.

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With people lining up there’s no time to sit and linger so we didn’t stay all that long but it’s definitely worth a visit if you are visiting the Highlands. They don’t take bookings, so be prepared to wait! It’s a beautiful space and Lisa the owner is passionate about sharing the best that the Highlands has to offer in a beautiful space. She does that and I hope it’s a huge success. I know it will be by the buzz that’s surrounding it in its first few weeks of opening.

You can check out their website here.
You can check out their Instagram here.
Or follow on Facebook here.

Highlands Merchant Cafe and Deli & Homewares
405 Argyle Street Moss Vale
Open Wed-Fri 8am-4pm
Sat & Sun 9am-3pm


And next door? Well there is another new place that has opened up that you guys are going to LOVE. Details to follow…


  1. Jenny Noble says

    Looks like a trip to Moss Vale will be happening very soon! Thanks, looks great!

  2. Nic Wesley says

    Moss Vegas is going off!!

  3. So proud to call Lisa and Alex dear friends of ours and I can’t wait to see Lisa’s brilliant creation in the flesh when I come down soon. Was so excited to see you had visited!

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Looks good Beth!

  5. michelle says

    That breakfast sounded tasty, and like the sort of thing you don’t have to suffer any guilty pangs over at all. Could be followed up by a vanilla slice no problem 😉

  6. Lisa is my sister and to say I’m a wee bit proud of her is an understatement. Thanks for the lovely review. ?

  7. You need to check out The Vale Cafe at the top end of town it is also excellent. Great food with sustainability in mind.

  8. Coming home in October for a quick visit, I will definately check it out

  9. all good beth! … looks worth a visit!
    they have a great aesthetic too, which is a boon to any business!
    love the French feel!
    love m:)X

  10. Christine says

    You may be sorry that you shared this little gem, Beth!
    Thanks for your selflessness!

  11. Excited to check out all that the highlands has to offer now that we are closer {and I bet we will be making day trips with my Mum to visit her sister}.

  12. dirtgirl says

    Called into Highlands Merchant today for lunch whilst having a day down the Southern Highlands. What a beautiful cafe, food was amazing ( Mushroom Bruschetta) and very generous serves and staff were brilliant. A welcome addition to Moss Vale. Highly recommended!


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