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Oh School holidays, you make it very hard to get anything much done don’t you? We’re enjoying you, you’ve been pretty quiet, but it’s virtually impossible to get anything done in the way of work. This morning the sun might be shining but it’s blowing an arctic gale with the piles of sheets and towels twisting around itself on the clothes line. It’s been a busy few days with lots of visitors…thought I’d share a little of what we have been to.

Last week Harper got her hair cut short. Did I tell you guys that?


She just decided out of the blue that she wanted to get it cut, so we did. Last Tuesday. Best thing that has ever happened. No tears or fights with brushing, hair washing a dream come true, she can do her hair herself and most of all she made the decision herself. Great result all round.

I had some old school friends visit on the weekend, it had been way too long since we had all seen each other (especially without our kids around) and with just 3 weeks until the 4th baby is born from one of them and a few months since the death of her Mum, it was the perfect tonic.


I left the girls with Rob and headed into Moss Vale for lunch at Highlands Merchant with the girls and Mum. I think we kept the whole place entertained with our loud talking (too much swearing from me) and laughing.


We then headed for a wander around some of the shops: Made by Others, Suzie Anderson Home and a new kid on the block: The Green House a gorgeous nursery created by Maureen from the Potting Shed in Dirty Janes.


Whilst it was another freezing, windy day, we were all amazed at the gorgeous pots and topiaries that fill every corner of this gorgeous rambling nursery in the old Station Masters Cottage at Moss Vale Station. This place is really worth a look if you are in the area.

img_7802 img_7803 img_7815

The kids were still out at a billy cart derby at the Munro’s farm so we had our home to ourselves for a few hours as we sat my the fire and sipped some champagne and listened to some of our old favourite albums (Counting Crows anyone?) before we were snapped back to reality with 3 cold and hungry kids who arrived home. After they all went to bed we ate dinner on our laps in front of the fire and hardly stopped for air as we talked and talked until way past all our bedtimes.

Sunday we had a changeover of guests as the school mates left and made way for my Brother and his family on their way back from camping in Victoria. Harps and I made a cracking banana cake with passionfruit buttercream icing with sprinkled coconut on top.


And we had a lovely afternoon with my brother’s family (as well as Mum and my sister who came along for dinner as well). By the time the visitors left yesterday I was little exhausted and overwhelmed by my washing pile, but slowly spent the day restoring order to our place.


The big two went to Mum’s for a sleepover so I got to hang out with this one, just the two of us. After a very social weekend it was very quiet indeed.


So today I will attempt to get some deadlines met, keep on cutting up fruit and platters of food for the big two who have returned and try and stay inside out of that freezing cold awful wind. We’ve got a few quiet days at home before heading up to my Dad’s place at the beach for a couple of nights. Weather forecast looks quite summery…bring it on!

How was your long weekend?
What did you get up to?


  1. Love Harps hair! I had my hair cut short (think weird pixie style) when I was young but it wasn’t my decision and I was NOT amused. Love that face from Maggie. Kids back to school here and while I’m a little sad it’s also quite peaceful!

  2. Harper is so grown up!

  3. that all looks good beth!
    nice to have a bit of kick back time too!
    harper’s hair is gorgeous! … and miss maggie is adorable!
    all rain and wind here! … awful!
    love m:)X

  4. inthegoodbooksblog says

    That banana cake looks delish; any chance you could share the recipe please?

  5. The day I told Mum I wanted my waist-length hair cut short (as a nine year old), she marched me straight to the hairdressers before I could change my mind.

    Harps looks lovely 🙂

  6. Can I ask where you purchased that gorgeous lemon kettle? It is so lovely !!
    Cheers x

  7. Harpers hair looks beautiful, really suits her.
    School went back here today, but after a busy weekend, I took things a little easy, I’ll hop to it tomorrow and regain some order around here

  8. What a fabulous weekend Beth…. god I love hearing about your entertaining weekends… and that cold weather….oh I am so jealous… sitting by the fire sipping bubbles with friends… does it even get any better than that???? Thanks for sharing. PS: Harpers hair looks great.

  9. Love Harper’s new hair cut. I did the same with my Esther’s hair, but not quite as short, but such a good decision because there is no more crying over brushing out knots!

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