Clean sheet day

An ode to this special day. Because I know I’m not alone with my passion for it. And because it’s that day, for all of us in this house…today!

Can you smell em? Well CAN YOU? Can you feel the sun crunch? 


  1. I love your enthusiasm for a clean house and clean sheets. I feel the same!

    After a vomiting child all night Sunday, I did all the sheets yesterday. Ah – perfection! {not the vomiting but the clean, fresh, sun soaked bedding!}

    I was on such a roll that today I have washed 4 cushions and 2 pillow-pets {yes, you read that correctly! pillow pets} Just for a good time 🙂


  2. “sun crunch” – yes, yes and yes! And, Beth, as a senior person let me assure you, you never get sick of “sun crunch sheets”.

  3. “sun crunch” – love that. And, Beth, as a senior let me assure you, you never get tired of “sun crunch sheets”.

  4. Nothing quite like it! Enjoy x

  5. you don’t want to know how long it’s been since i changed the sheets. they’re about ready to walk off the bed. i’m typing with one hand so no capitals because i have a glass of wine in my other hand. big day……don’t ask. ok, ask tehe.
    do you still have the flannelette sheets on question mark.
    t xx

  6. I have just completed ours also. Nothing better than fresh clean sheets dried in the sun.

  7. I love clean sheets! By then I was influenced by my Dad who washes his sheets every second day and then irons them before putting them on the bad. Yes OCD runs deep in our family.

  8. i adore “clean sheet” night! My husband is still baffled as to why i get so excited! but seriously if I ever won lotto i would pay someone to make my bed with clean sheets every day!

  9. Men really don’t get the clean sheet thing! I do!!! Thanks Beth for celebrating it!!!

  10. Ha! Ha! i had to laugh when I saw your heading – clean sheet day, because for my hubby and I it means something COMPLETELY different if you get my drift. Wink, wink!
    Our sheets get changed quite regularly.

  11. Tuesday is clean sheet day here too. Thank Fuck for that! The rest of the day has been complete shit. Xx

  12. I love clean sheets!
    That sunshine smell when you put your head on the pillow!

    I think the Hill’s Hoist is the best Australian invention.
    Dry and crisp in about twenty minutes!

  13. Sun Crunch – that’s bloody tops! ‘Sun Crunch Joy’ also applies to towels and undies, I reckon

  14. Clean sheets! oh yes baby! And you know what makes it even better?? Clean sheets and freshly shaven legs! Heaven!!!

  15. Best matched with clean PJ’s & washed hair!

  16. my kids sheets are about to walk off the bed too… should get on that….

    I must know… where did you get those sheets from? love!!!!

  17. Crispy, cool and smooth, I have to say I do love the transition to summer sheets, as the weather warms up… and equally love the move to flanno’s when the weather cools down. Clean sheet day rocks! Lovely pics lady xo

  18. In the Fuchsiadome everything goes straight into the dryer.

  19. BUT….. do you shave you legs to coincide with fresh sheet day?
    The feeling is LUSH!!

  20. “clean sheet day” has become a euphemism for sex in my sister’s house – I made the mistake of telling my husband and now he raises his eyebrows whenever I change the sheets! I used to love this day! 😉

  21. It’s just all good.

  22. Love clean sheet day and I’m with Brenda…that would be my lotto dream..clean sun crunch sheets every day of the them.Annie M

  23. Happy sigh…I love clean sheets, fresh from the sunshine and beautiful air.

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