We have been telling Harper that when she goes to Preschool next year, that she needs to be in her knick knack paddy whacks (our word for undies) and out of nappies, like a big girl. I was lazy with Harper’s toilet training. It’s cold here. The washing and washing and washing that goes with it is not conducive to a Highlands winter and as I said I’ve been lazy. Sleep deprived and lazy. It was always on the to-do list with the deadline of Feb 2013 looming. We had a few false starts and we had time. I’d get round to it eventually.

2 weeks ago Harper had her Preschool orientation and on the morning of it, just plain refused to wear nappy and insisted on her paddy whacks. So she did. And since then?

Well, she’s been toilet trained.

Don’t you love kids?

There’s been a chart, DEAR GOD you know I love me a flipping sticker chart, but there’s been no accidents. Of course pull up’s at night, but she’s just got it. Like that. Last week with my Mum and Sis looking after her the same.

She just did it.

My baby, no longer a baby, but a big girl. And now? Well, I suppose it means that I won’t have to change another of my child’s nappies again. Ever.

I wish I was able to be so confident in letting go too.


  1. Well done! I’ve been waiting for the warm weather to toilet train Toby. I was thinking of sticking some undies in his Christmas present. Too stingy??

  2. I think leaving it a little later helps with them being able to control the wees and you know whats…..

  3. Erm…perhaps you could send her over to have a firm chat to my Pearl. Having a TWIN SISTER who is toilet trained isn’t enough to get her motivated. Kid is stubborn. x

  4. Hoorah! Tate has just done the same thing, two weeks ago. He started pre-school in pull-ups on the Monday and was dry and in knickers all day by the Thursday. Gotta love peer pressure.
    But I still have a breastfed newborn bum to change…

  5. That’s great news and now she is confident about it all there should be no more (or very few) problems. Yes, kids are wonderful.

  6. Fantastic! I wish I’d gone the wait and see approach. Everyone was on about starting when my girl was 18 months so I did. Oh god the endless dramas and at 3.5 still wets pants semi regularly and always always soaking wet pullup at night. I should have waited and I will with my second. My MIL told me hers were trained day and night by 18 months. Argh.

  7. my just turned 3 year old is finally getting it too… still most of the time in nappies or pullups but is now asking to go to toilet and actually going.

    poos on the other hand, not so confident about. has pooed in her pants/undies a few times, not interested in going on the toot.

  8. Yay Harper! They just decide when they want to do it don’t they. One of my twins trained himself in approximately 10 minutes nearly a year ago. His brother decided he wasn’t into it AT ALL until about two months ago. It’s not laziness Beth. Be kind to yourself πŸ™‚ You would have probably spent the past six months tearing your hair out until the same day two weeks ago. She let you know when she was ready πŸ™‚ You did good x

  9. Another milestone for the memory banks. Yay Harper for being such a big girl. Tough moving as each new stage passes. My eldest finishes school next year and although a happy time I will be sad that she is finishing her schooling life. Well done

  10. I think when they are ready they are ready!

  11. My daughter Sunny did the exact same thing! I bargained with her – form months, I pleaded with her – for months, I argued with her – for months and then I just flat out said – “You will not be able to go to Preschool with a nappy! It’s just not allowed. So if you want to go then undies are the way…” She took the ‘mappy’ (as she called) it off right then and there and the rest is history!

    Well done Miss Harper!

    Sophie xo

  12. Paddy whacks is so much nicer than undies – and dare I say it? Panties?


    The boys preferred term, jocks. Or as Ali pronounces it, jwocks.

    Good girl Harps.

    Love, Gabs x

  13. kids will do this when they are ready. i’ve had my mum at me for all my kids “but you were toilet trained when you were 18months”. no, mum, YOU were toilet trained, following a toddler around putting a potty under them all day is just crazy to me, when in the end, they do just do it! we recently held an Undies Party for our 3yo man, who stopped using nappies at night. I put up streamers and we wore undies on our head to eat dinner. celebrate! onya harper. :)sarah

  14. I want to press a button and freeze time so the baby-ness never ends….

    I can see why women have more chidden to get their paws on another baby.

    It goes all too fast.

  15. My little boy is almost two and we’re going to start trying with him now. He’s had a couple of goes outside which is great and he loves undies as his older brother and sister have them. We had to put some on over the nappy yesterday – after they went on his head, of course! I’m glad it’s summer coming up and think it’s the ideal time, otherwise I would wait til he was a bit older. Fingers crossed! And I can’t wait to say goodbye to nappies – for once and for all!

  16. yay for you and Harper! You did the right thing. It’s not lazy when you don’t try to push your agenda through come hell or high water, but intuitive. intuitive parenting, and waiting for the right time, is good – not lazy!

  17. Well done Harper. We think it is our awesomeness as mum’s but really our children have it figured out and will just go at their own pace without any of the stress we feel about situations.

  18. I’m hearing you with the washing and this ridiculous weather! One day I get 10 loads done.. the next it’s cold and wet!
    We’ve had two days nappy free here and that’s exciting!!! We even went to Gymnastics this morning without and accident!
    Good job Harper!! πŸ™‚ x

  19. Wow – what a milestone – for both of you.

  20. Go one more Beth. For god and for your country!

  21. I said no more nappies until I was a grandmother. I said this 18 years ago. But here I am elbow deep in nappies again. Crazy I know to have a 19 year gap between my babies.
    Congratulations on how well Harper is going with her paddy wacks.

  22. Yay Harper!! We have been about 2 weeks accident free here and it’s been great. A month or so of no.2s in the jocks can be a little trying but like Harper he decided on his own when he was ready to actually do it in the toilet – took himself off one day and told us afterwards that he’d done it! Were we happy or what?!! Crazy that you get so overjoyed by this stuff but in all honesty it is exciting when they accomplish this stuff in their own time πŸ™‚ Now to tackle that preschool start next year. LL is starting in Jan and he can’t wait. Poor kid hasn’t actually realised that Mummy and baby sister won’t be staying all morning with him πŸ™ Poor Mummy hasn’t yet realised how much she’s going to miss him being around the house πŸ™ x 1000

  23. GO HARPS!

    I was about to start Max now that his 2nd birthday is over, but now I’m thinking laziness is the key, & a child so ready for it, that they just do it all them flipping self πŸ™‚

    Love it.

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