Succulent wreath workshop

Yesterday Mum and I had the pleasure of attending an amazing workshop to make wreaths out of succulents hosted by my friend Jools from A Year in my Garden and run by my VERY clever and beautiful friend Mrs Munro. I received a beautiful wreath as a Christmas present last year (you can see it here) and after some cajoling and convincing Brooke and Jools got together to host the first one in the beautiful spring sunshine down here in the Southern Highlands.

The workshop ran from 10am to 3pm we had plenty of time to make our wreaths from vine, prepare the stockings, wander the garden, have an amazing long lunch and then finish off our wreaths as a summer storm rolled through the afternoon. There were then brownies and coffee before heading home with our works of art with us to keep.

It was SUCH a lovely day (how could it not be in those surrounds with all those lovely women) and I am so proud of my friend who is just so clever and whose talents are just starting to be shared with the world. Of course I took just the odd photo…and I was SO proud of my finished creation that I just had to share it with you all!

IMG_4027 IMG_4032 IMG_4036 IMG_4037 IMG_4041 IMG_4042 IMG_4043 IMG_4045 IMG_4046 IMG_4048 IMG_4049 IMG_4052 IMG_4055 IMG_4058 IMG_4059 IMG_4063 IMG_4064 IMG_4070 IMG_4071 IMG_4076 IMG_4078 IMG_4080 IMG_4084 IMG_4086 IMG_4088 IMG_4091 IMG_4094 IMG_4095 IMG_4096

This is my finished wreath!

IMG_4097 IMG_4099 IMG_4101 IMG_4104 IMG_4105 IMG_4106 IMG_4110 IMG_4111

Make sure you follow both Brooke and Jools on Facebook so you can keep an eye out for any further workshops that may happen later in the year.

You can follow A year in my Garden on Facebook here.
You can follow Mr and Mrs Munro on Facebook here.

Have you been to any workshops before?
A lover of succulents like me?
I LOVE my wreath!


  1. Ahhhh it’s gorgeous! Well done! You’ve got me kinda wanting to make one now.

  2. I need to go to one, so jealous right now and pretty sure I will be making one over the next week.. I can’t help it..

  3. These are so beautiful! I wish I was a neighbour of such creative people!

  4. I was so sad not to go. I have conversed with Mrs M about buying one before and I was so excited about the workshop. I am hoping the next one will be on a free day. Looked like amazing fun.

  5. Ohhhh Beth, how gorgeous – EVERYTHING! I just love those wreaths, can you please make me one and pop it in the mail, thanks. Now, what about that table setting – looks like Jools will give you a run for your money in the tablescaping arena!!! That table was stunning and I love the menu, I just love everything about that day – especially the glass of wine. Oh and I also spotted my friend Annie in one of the photos, isn’t she just the most divine human ever!!!! I haven’t seen her for YEARS, possibly since my first child was born! What a fabulous day Beth, thanks so much for sharing. Now off to stalk Jools and Mrs Munro.

    • How small a world is that! Anne is LOVELY! So excited to make the connection with you early on in the day – she is very proud of your blogging!

  6. Ahhh that looks like SUCH a beautiful day – your village-y life is filled with beautiful people and events.

    How’s the unemployment level there???

  7. I love your wreath too. Looks amazing! The pappardelle makes my mouth water.

  8. Gorgeous wreath, setting & food. Looks like a perfect day. I now want one of those wreaths. Very cool Beth!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous, I may have to try my hand at reverse engineering one!

  10. what a lovely workshop … they look gorgeous beth! and so does that country cooking … have to love it! cheers m:)X

  11. I am so jealous of where you live and what you do on your weekends. All looks like heaven. And your handy work looks wonderful. You have the perfect front door to house it too.

  12. I love these so much and you made a beautiful wreath there Beth. I would have liked to join the workshop but had things already booked. Hopefully there will be another one!

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beautiful wreath and gorgeous pics,you have some very clever people down your way Beth xx

  14. Susan Austin says

    It was such a fabulous day, wasn’t it?

    I’m so glad you took lots of photos because I took hardly any. There’s one photo of me looking at my hands. Not sure what was going through my mind, probably ‘I need to wash these grubby hands so I can eat that lovely lunch!’

    Susan x

  15. It all looks amazing…I love your finished wreath!
    I went to a moss ball workshop a while back and it was great fun…and somehow my moss balls are still alive!
    I am hoping to try my hand at some crafty garden Christmas presents while I am on maternity leave.

    PS I think of your sister a lot…I hope her pregnancy is going well…and best of luck to her!

  16. Thank you so much Beth! We had the best time and loved having you here. xxx

  17. LOVE the lemons on the place settings! May have to steal that idea.

  18. I went to a soft cheese making workshop 2 years ago…. best … workshop…. EVER!!! Brie, mascarpone, ricotta, quark, greek yoghurt, labne…… oooooh yeah!


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