Things I like {The 23rd November 2015 edition}

With an aching tooth and my mind (and tongue) obsessed with it and everything that will have to be done with it I thought I better focus on some good this afternoon. Here’s some things to like…

: Clove oil. Who would have thought? Seems so medieval


: Roses inside and out, gorgeous things that they are

IMG_4006 IMG_3984 IMG_4002

: Speaking of out, the garden is going gang busters. Especially all those trees we planted last year

IMG_4001 IMG_3995

: Harper is right, trees are awesome


: Star jasmine is getting ready to bloom…another week and we will be there.

IMG_3993 IMG_3999

: Little whimsy around the house always brings a smile to my face.


: I rediscovered a flip book that was given to Daisy when she was a baby…the girls love it.

IMG_3978 IMG_3979

: Hydrangeas are going mad outside too in all this hot weather (I did get a few burnt leaves). I love the plain leaves inside for a burst of greenery

IMG_4004 IMG_4007 IMG_3982

: Also loving the kangaroo paws that I picked from Mrs Munro’s farm last week on the kitchen bench


: Brand spanking new Frankie 4 shoes (gifted) to me will always bring a smile to my face. These are called Belinda and I cannot wait to get them on my trotters.


: Piles of fresh washing to be put away…especially not sheets (no, I do not iron them, life is too short)


: White geraniums are my fave


: As is the succulent wreath that I made last year that is still going strong


: Speaking of things made…I was sent a Goodie Box from Blank Goods filled with the most gorgeous selection of things to make. Maybe with the kids, maybe just by myself.  Great Christmas present (you can get a subscription)

IMG_4014 IMG_4016

What are you liking this Monday afternoon?


  1. This was so lovely to see all the thing your liking. I have been following you for awhile now and I have be really taken with your post as of late. This one was no different. I am also liking clean washing.

  2. all lovely thankyou beth!
    I knew that about cloves but forgot to say!
    hope it is feeling a bit better now! … not nice!
    just found some blue and white plates I forgot I had! winning!
    I love your garden and I love white geraniums! … I have to repot mine!
    one job! me thinks!
    lol m:)X

  3. I like the look of that goodie box!

    Also – leaves can burn? Who the fuck knew!

  4. With the recent world events, it is refreshing to come to your blog and be reminded that life goes on, we must go on and make the most of it while we can, and we are so lucky to live where we live and have access to all we do: great communities is one of them, safe places to live.
    Thanks, you remind me to focus on family and the life around me.
    And yes, clove oil is also good for mould removal too…( Check out Shannon lush (you probably already know that..)

  5. Oil of cloves, great stuff. A few drops into water and wiped over window frames etc stops mould growing. A problem in our old house during winter. I love the smell too, reminds me of christmas!

  6. Loving those Belindas!!!

  7. Love this post! 🙂
    Love geraniums! (pink is my fave)
    Love the goodie box!
    Love the shoes! (off to shop now)

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