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Can you hear that? Listen.

Sweet, sweet and very needed rain. I can hear the plants sighing with relief and guzzling down the cool drops. The frogs are happy, snails too.

It’s dark and a little muggy, but that’s February right. And it’s cooler than it has been. Deeply pleasing.

I’ve got some of the indoor plants out for a shower and drink too, they deadset love it. Make sure you pop yours out too. I also chuck out my succulent wreath underneath the drain pipe for a big drink. The one I made with Mrs Munro all those years ago is still going strong.

I am, however, not happy with the weather situ in the next few days. It’s going to be hot again. Nay, HOTTER. Almost 40. It’s not ok for my garden or for my sanity. I also seem to have picked up some kind of heat rash scenario between a fat roll on my ribs and my boobs, you know that particularly dark area? Doesn’t get a lot of fresh air and sunrise and it’s most unattractive. So for the sake of my fat roll rash, can we please head towards Autumn now many thanks.

Now, Old Liz yesterday celebrated her Sapphire Jubliee. What a milestone! The only Royal to have ever achieved this. Did you see the photo released by the Royal Family?

Resplendent in sapphires that her Father, the late King George gave her on her wedding day. Honestly I love her. As you know I have recently completely gorged on The Crown on Netflix. And I’m not alone. Check out this hilarious message I got yesterday from a reader:

“I was wondering if you could offer some advice about an affliction I seem to be suffering from? You see, after I saw your post, I started watching The Crown on Netflix last week (I am now up to S1 Episode 7). After watching, I seem to act differently. Be aware, I can’t seem to shake this darn British accent for at least a few hours after each viewing, but there is more. This morning, after I woke early to fold the washing and sneak in a half hour of The Crown, I went to wake my eight year old daughter and she asked why I used a recording of the bagpipes to wake her. I told her I knew this was how The Queen woke and from now on, we would be doing so too. She asked me why I was speaking funny and asked if I felt ok. Now dear Beth, my question is this – should I cease all viewing of this series in case the speaking and other afflictions take hold, or will this condition abate once my life returns to normal at the end of the season? I believe I have three and a half episodes to go. You advice will be greatly appreciated in this time of need.”

Gosh it made me laugh. I was late to the party, but boy am I glad I went there.

I loved every minute of it. Every minute! As did Rob.

And now I am a little obsessed trying to go back and research about this or that, it’s doing wonders for my history!

Lillibet just before her 21st birthday…

And how about Elizabeth and Margaret (fagging on God love her) and the Good Captain Townsend standing! Poor GCT…I wonder whatever became of him.

In any case, I reckon if you haven’t watched it do so. I beg of you. See? I start to talk like the Royals. It’s very good.

There’s a new season coming out in November.

Also, anyone who was as worried about old Liz as I was over Christmas and the New Year period as she missed Mass at Sandringham etc, here she is just 2 days ago. She’s OK. Phew.

I also watched The Girl on the Train on the weekend. I meant to read the book (got about 2 chapters in then promptly stopped). It was a good watch..not sure how readers of the book felt with the adaptation though. Have you watched it?

Also! Going to see The Boss tonight in the big smoke with Rob and one of my oldest mates and her husband. Can’t wait! It’s been a while between shows and it feels cheeky escaping mid week. I will be tested with the no drinking though, it calls for a celebratory champers doesn’t it? This will be my first hurdle. Wish me luck.

I also need luck with some awful internet at home. I’m in a hot spot situ off the phone which is NOT IDEAL. All of a sudden it has turned to shite. Oh Telstra, why? WHY?!

How’s your Tuesday travelling?
Anyone else dealing with unsightly fat roll rashes?
Dusting up on your Monarch history?
Seen The Boss?
Frustrated by shit internet? ME TOO.


  1. I hate the heat & humidity. I have sweat collecting in crevices I didn’t know existed. I also had a rather nasty fungus cause all the skin in my left armpit to flake off, that was a real joy ! luckily the dermatologist sorted it out quickly. I enjoy pleasantly warm but not blast furnace hot

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVED The Crown watched all in a marathon. So excited I didn’t know there was a new season coming. Anything Royal I love it. Have you seen VICTORIA? I got it for Christmas and loved it too.
    Beth I am so glad its raining there, in Dubbo it is terribly hot! 41 or 43 for most of this week. My poor bubbas are coming home from school hot and bothered!

  3. The heat is really driving us all crazy. The kids can’t sleep, which means I don’t sleep. I don’t know how them lying on me makes the situation any better for them to fall asleep, but it seems EVERYONE thinks that’s the best option. It’s thunder storming right now and I have two sleeping cherubs {and one cherub at preschool} and the PEACE is amazing. I feel I should be more active in terms of getting shit done…but I am here, reading some of my favourite bloggers for 5 minutes of down time.

  4. I get the sweat rash thing as well. Have had all sorts of fancy medication to sort it out until my new dermatologist told me to just rub good ol’ Selson Blue on it, as often as I like. It works a treat and I’m only spending $2 instead of $100! Who knew?

    I’m watching The Crown as well. Love it and my desire to pause it and google English history is quite bizarre.

    Are you going to get into the Santa Clarita Diet? It’s new on Netflix with Drew Barrymore.

  5. Oh I have avoided The Crown for fear of neglecting my family, but you do push a persuasive barrow.
    As for the heat, summer in Tassie has been the best this year, although most people are complaining about the lack of heat, I love it. Heat rash is just cruel.
    Enjoy your night with the Boss, it’s sure to be a good one.

  6. Fat rolls have been the bane of my life for oh nearly my whole life and yup rollS not just one. Though thankfully, Perth’s summer so far hasn’t been to it’s usual hellish standards, unlike you guys over on the east coast!

    I’m up to episode 4 of the Crown but I paused watching it while I BINGE on Santa Clarita Diet – only have 3 episodes of that left to watch *insert sad face here* and while it might not be to everyone’s taste (it IS rather gory but gosh it’s funny) I freaking LOVE it!

    Enjoy Bruce, never been to see him but I hear he is excellent live, a true showman.

    As for the internet, finally, after 10 long years, we have decent wireless broadband (it’s the only type of broadband we can actually get) and after moving from Vodafail (where we were being charged $120 a month for 50GB!!) to Optus (we now pay $80 a month for 200GB, with an extra 50GB available for $10) we finally signed up to Netflix without fear of being charged extortionate download excess fees (Vodafail used to charge $10 for an 1GB, ridiculous). It’s a worry how many Australian’s in 2017 still have utterly pathetic internet!

  7. My Tuesday is travelling well. Did three long overdue hours in the garden and it’s looking much better for it (I, however, am not looking better for it!)

    I really enjoyed my time down in Melbourne recently, with the cool breeze blowing. I have to say even though Brisbane is warm, nothing ever compares to Dubai and I’m still soaking up the kids being able to play outside!

    I adored The Crown! Claire Foy is just divine as Liz. We moved onto House of Cards straight after The Crown and while I was very to late to that party, I’m enjoying it especially with the world’s events at the moment.

    Enjoy the Boss! I used to have a school principal whose first name was Bruce and as he was boss of the school we called him Springsteen (not to his face, of course).

  8. Debs Sutton says

    We leave Perth on Thursday to return to the UK and I must admit I’m very excited! Everyone has told us that the weather here is below par at the moment but we travelled North to Exmouth and boy that was BOILING, so the coolness of UK is calling!
    We saw The Boss here….am a zing!
    We’ve become Netflix addicts, House of Cards,Narcos,Travellers,The Crown and first 2 series of Homeland.

  9. Loving The Crown, after reading all your comments I jumped on the bandwagon and am tearing through it, we are in UK so it is ok for me to speak very properly, even though the kids look at me like I’m mad! Enjoy the Boss, saw him in the UK last year, was amazing, he still rocks after all these years. xx

  10. Obsessed. OBSESSED!

    I binge watched The Crown, but paused so many times to check facts/find out more details. And I have also acquired quite the British accent when discussing such matters.

    I have always been an anglophile though. I’m fairly certain my grandmother believed herself to be Liz… or at least a distant relative. She gave me the photography books of both Charles and Di’s and Fergie and Andrew’s weddings which I read religiously through my childhood.

    This obsession could possibly explain why I married an Englishman… and why I believe I no longer belong in the heat of Australia, but instead believe my disposition is now suited to far cooler climates….

    …. Might watch the entire series of the Crown again…

  11. I spent so much of The Crown googling royal history – and I thought I knew a bit. I was a 6 year old living in London for a few months in 1981 when Charles and Diana got engaged. I spent my first ever money (a gift from my great-aunt) on a book about them. The Crown was fantastic and I’m looking forward to the next season!

  12. Weather is completely foul here. We were all chatting about it at work today – not just the usual “How hot is it?”, but the more serious conversation about how long this has been dragging on here in QLD and the impact it has on moods, relationships, productivity, patience levels with children etc etc. You can see how people can go quite mad in the tropics. It really messes with your head. Apparently there is a massive spike in self harm and violence statistics in the Northern Territory during the build up to the rains.

    On to more pleasant topics, yes, loved The Crown. Watched it all in quick fashion as soon as it was released and could now watch it again. The casting was fabulous and I was fascinated by the interactions with Churchill and all of the stuff that happened in the post war period. Also enjoyed Victoria. Have learned a lot about British history in recent months.

  13. I too got SUPER into researching the royal family while watching the crown (they are seriously FASCINATING!) and it turns out that dear GCT ended up marrying someone who looked EXACTLY like margaret when he went back to Belgium after it all went pear shaped, that’s why Margaret ended up marrying Antony Armstrong-Jones – basically a “well he did it so sod him I’ll go do it too”. Bring on season two!! Also second the bringing on of autumnal temperatures and getting rid of this heat/humidity it is KILLING me!

  14. 6 seasons of The Crown is planned!

  15. Hi Beth,

    I heard a physio years ago recommend using a hair dryer to dry any creases or folds of skin that were causing discomfort or healing skin. It was at an antenatal class but Im sure the same rules apply anywhere!!

  16. lovely garden shots beth!
    it is stupidly hot here today!
    don’t deal well with 40!!!
    love m:)X

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