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Daisy has been doing ballet for the past few terms and really seems to enjoy it. Actually, she really seems to enjoy the frocking up, hanging with her mates and the bit at the end when they could free dance for 5 minutes. Me? Well, not so much. The running around, driving 20 kms there and 20kms’s back again, dressing two kids, rushing this way and that, getting afternoon tea, making sure they don’t eat too much before dinner, putting out fights between overtired kids at the end of the week…you get the drift.

This term we convinced one of my mate’s and School Mum’s who studied ballet for years that she should run the classes. There were enough little girls who were keen – about 5 which seemed like a good number. We could use the School of Arts Hall across the road from the School because I am on the committee, no one had to drive anywhere and it would be fun!

And it is. The girls adore it. The old hall in the village is once again filled with the sounds of giggling children and those floorboards have wee pink slippers on them once again.

And next door? Well, things are looking up in there too. This afternoon I baked a banana bread loaf for all the kids, the ballet teacher whipped up some (delicious) home made pate and I bought along two bottles of wine and some crackers. Cause that’s how I roll.

Yes, ballet is looking a whole lot better this term!


  1. ooh yeah, home made pate

    rock it xo

  2. Sounds like my kinda ballet classes!

  3. Love your work – sounds like win/win all ’round!

  4. I want to come to your ballet!

  5. Well done! We also have a ballerina in the family – Miss 9 who has been going weekly since she was 3. Me? Not a ballerina of any kind. Why ballet ? We had just moved to a small country town. didn’t get a place at kinder for Miss 3, class was in the church hall at the end of the street and cost $7 for 45 mins. Win all round. Fortunately the church hall is right next door to school so the trip is only a few minutes. Love your thinking outside the square. Great stuff.

  6. There’s nothing like a bit of improvising. Cheers!

  7. Um yes! I even want to join this ballet class!!x

  8. Anonymous says

    perfect solution
    everyone is catered for and happy

  9. Oh! Oyster Bay is my absolute favourite!! My mother lives just down the road from where they grow those delish little grapes in Marlborough. God’s country, right there.

    Loving your attitude here, Beth! Nice work xx

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  11. that sounds like the best freakin ballet class EVER.

  12. You rock lady! You have taken the stuffiness out of ballet lessons and turned it on it’s head. Ballet: Beth Style… and I likey a lot. How much lovelier does this sound than what you were doing previously. Any excuse to bring along nibblies and wine I say xoxo

  13. I never thought I’d say this but…. I wanna be a ballet mum!
    Pate and plonk, my kinda ballet lesson.

  14. FUCKEN LOVE your work Babymac – LOVE!!!

  15. This wine and I are well acquainted. You are a welcome house guest any time you like my dear. đŸ™‚

  16. way too go…………just love this

  17. Mmmmm … Oyster Bay !! Oh and good thinking on the new teacher and new venue!

  18. oh hello absolutely stunning photo of ballerina running through light. Oh hello photographer Beth. x

  19. Beth that photo! Divine!

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