Sunday arvo

I had to drop something over at {A year in my garden} this arvo which gave myself and the girls the perfect excuse to meet their 4 new ducks. Gorgeous, fluffy, yellow ducks. I mean really…baby goats AND ducks in one week? Sheesh.

Poppy watched on. I wandered through the garden, smelt some roses, the girls fed some fish. I even got a warm jar of crab apple jelly to take home with me.

IMG_5302 IMG_5306 IMG_5309 IMG_5310 IMG_5312 IMG_5313 IMG_5314 IMG_5315 IMG_5317 IMG_5318

What have you been doing this arvo?
Sunday night blues?
Back to work tomorrow…or off on holidays?


  1. Went for a swim, did the groceries and made frittata for dinner… cruisy arvo. Your’s sounded beautiful Beth 🙂

  2. We have new baby goats and ducks at the moment too. It is great school holiday entertainment for the kids and their “city” friends. Your photos are just lovely.

  3. 5 turkey poults (now 10 weeks old), 14 chicks varying ages, 6 chooks, goldfish and a border collie named Panda. Lotta shit! Having said that, they provide a lot of entertainment! The turkeys especially, they are hilarious. Good friends of ours stayed for the weekend and they always bring their Jack Russell cross, Possum. The turkeys showed too much interest and scared the crap out of the old girl! We had to keep her inside. I’ve always loved chickens, however, turkeys are like chickens with a sense of humour.
    Anyway, Husband back to work tomorrow. He has spent 2 weeks spraying weeds (as you do when you live on 100 acres) and working on my projects. Feeling very fulfilled and satisfied despite being bone-weary tired. He’s a great guy. I am very lucky.

  4. Jumped in our pool, cleaned it out, floated around. Hubby cooked BBQ dinner. Work tomorrow but who’s caring after a couple of wines?

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am so jealous that you live near a year in my garden lady she has the most beautiful pics on IG and fb and I saw her post on her crab apple jelly.Lucky gir l Beth your pics are beautiful xx

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I am indeed lucky Lisa – her place is AMAZING! What a wonderful cook she is too…and SO lovely x

  6. Baby ducks are even cuter than baby chickens. My heart! x

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