Full reporting: 2020 Robertson Show

When the weather on the weekend goes from this…

To this…

You know it must be show time!

We had our local show on the weekend (just in time before the social distancing came into play) and we managed to get there on Friday to help the school out with the kids there on a excursion.

This year my entries were down as we were flat out with the shop and I just couldn’t get my act together – I entered one floral arrangement (Autumn Glory) and date loaf to try and make up for #dategate that happened last year. The kids entered some art work and Harper also decorated cupcakes as well as Rob his tomato sauce.

We arrived Friday morning on the most perfect Autumn morning, cows were in the ring being judged, kids competing in the spud Olympics in the ring amongst the horse events, the pavilion offering hot tea and scones from the CWA…there’s nothing like show day on the Friday!

We checked out our entries in the pavilion I was DELIGHTED to see that victory was once again mine in the Date Loaf category after a harrowing second place in a one horse race – I even shed a little tear for my Father in law who loved that story so much and was ALWAYS my first phone call on the way home from the show on a Friday to tell him how I went. Maggie got a Highly commended for her pig and Harper was thrilled with a couple of blue ribbons and a huge ribbon for one of her artworks.

Controversy this year for Rob’s tomato sauce (that was a PB in flavour it must be said) with the words…PLEASE STRAIN written on his ticket. Hurtful isn’t it? Those judges really let you know where you fell down…not even a place this year. I’m hoping this puts a fire in his belly for next year.

Unfortunately the weather on Saturday was FOUL and freezing so most of the events and fireworks were cancelled. I’m so sad that so many other shows have had to be cancelled due to covid-19 – after such a shit season with droughts and fires these shows are a chance for people to come together and remember and celebrate some goodness. Its heartbreaking for people that work towards these events for their livelihoods too – we all have to remember to support them extra well next year.

We were home by the fire on Saturday, thrilled with how well we all got on and the ribbons added to the fridge for another year.

Have you had your local show or has it been cancelled too?
If you are after my (award winning) date loaf recipe it’s here.

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  1. Well done on your results. I saw Harper’s cupcakes with a blue ribbon on them! We went to the show on Saturday because being in Sydney with work and school we couldn’t get there on Friday. It was FREEZING and miserable and the kids were disappointed they couldn’t go on any rides, but we spent a lot of time in the pavilion and ate and drank everything hot we could get our hands on! So sad about all the show closures, the Easter show especially. I’m glad Robbo was scheduled just at the right time. I really feel for the all the carnies who would be losing all business.

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