A blue ribbon day

Yesterday when I dropped off the entries to the local show I came home and said to Rob “I feel like everything in my life has been leading to this moment”. A little dramatic, sure, but I could feel SOMETHING IMPORTANT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. Remember my dream from earlier this week? I felt confident about everyones entries – Daisy’s creative writing that she entered in an age devision above her own. Harper’s drawing that (I thought) could have been a little better…Rob and my own head to head challenge in the clear pickle division, my date loaf, my lemon sour cake and Daisy’s pikelets…a scatter gun approach that I was sure would lead to at least one ribbon.

This morning I headed up the Hume to Sydney to do our weekly segment on the Daily Edition. While there is a lot of driving for just 5 minutes I quite like the time to myself. Listening to the radio or music, catching up on phone calls and then of course playing dress ups with make up and pretty people and of course catching up with my dear friend Mrs Woog. As far as days go, these are pretty good ones.

I had lunch with Mrs Woog and was then wandering through the shops when I realised I had 3 missed calls from Rob. He was back home with Harps and had headed to the show to check results…after a few disjointed phone calls due to bad reception I received THIS TEXT MESSAGE.


What you’ll find that is is a BLUE RIBBON FOR DATE LOAF. Awarded to yours truly. I mean have you EVER?!!!! I squealed, SQUEALED OUT LOUD and ran to Kayte with a wee tear in my eye. Dead set, I’ve never been prouder. a BLUE RIBBON! For someone who spent their childhood doing OK at School and certainly never winning a ribbon for my sports skills and only ever winning the drama prize at school (no surprises there) I was beside myself. Even more so when I found out that second place had gone to Joy who had won a whole lot of categories (including sponge and date scones) who missed out on date loaf this year.

Then some more messages came through. A VERITABLE MACDONALD SWEEP.

Harper with first prize for her drawing. I suspect the judges had been sampling the home brew before judging this (Try HARDER HARPER).


My husband who took out second place in the clear pickle division (mine were no where to be seen) and second to Maureen who was the overall preserve champion.


A RED RIBBON FOR ME for the flattest, shittiest looking lemon sour cake that tastes the business but looks quite poorly. And also a highly commended for Daisy’s creative writing.


I got to the studio and was met with the vision that is Kris Smith. I squealed and told him about my win and because he is the nicest guy in the world, he feigned interest and genuine excitement and hugged me. JUST HUGGED ME. Because he is nice like that. AM SO TAKING DATE LOAF NEXT WEEK.


Then did the show and had SO MUCH FUN:

Then got in the car and drove promptly to the pub to meet my fellow friends and ribbon winners for a victory drink. I mean as far as days go, this was a very good one indeed. I called every one I knew to squeal in delight and keep randomly hugging Rob and the girls…we won!

You know I used to only cook packet cakes? And today I can call myself an AWARD WINNING BAKER. Expect to see it in my blog header and signature any day now.

Today was a very good day indeed.


  1. Yay yay yay for the MacDonald Clan! Aren’t you ever so glad you made the tree change?! It was just MEANT TO BE! Have a ripper of a weekend Beth xx

  2. What a day! What a deserved win for you Beth! Congrats to Rob, Harps and Daisy also! I can vouch for that date loaf tasting unbelievable! Had 3 1/2 slices yesterday! CWA look out here comes Beth…….xxxxx

  3. Margaret Elvis says

    CONGRATULATIONS to the McDonald clan for all the ribbons you so richly deserved. What a wonderful beginning to your weekend. So much to talk about and to be proud of.
    P.S. I once won first prize for a sponge cake I made when I was about 14 but I’m not sure my baking improved much over the years. LOL
    I am so proud of all of you and can feel your happiness and delight way over here. xx

  4. GourmetGirlfriend says

    Well DONE Beverley.
    Hot Diggety Dang it.
    so so great!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thank you so much Ruthie. I know it’s silly but this has really just made me SO happy and proud!!

  5. Oh squeal away!!! You can squeal as much as you like because you have a Blue AND a Red Ribbon! Well done to the whole family xx

  6. Hey Beth, Congratulations, Bakers are the best and I would hug you too! Congratulations to Rob and the girls. What a trifecta!
    It was my birthday yesterday and my better half spent all morning baking egg plant lasagna for dinner (with own pastry, white sauce and tomato sauce), a beautiful pavlova and home made custard. All home made and made for me for my birthday.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thanks Yamila and a big happy birthday to you! Sounds like the perfect present for yourself…so comforting to have the time to make food slowly and with love x

  7. MotherDownUnder says

    Ha ha…congrats!
    That does indeed sound like a great day!
    And I am so wishing I had some date loaf here for breakfast!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I have some visitors down for the night tonight so I best get baking some of that date loaf!!!

  8. Annie Maurer says

    Congratulations Beth! Looks like you and your clever little family are true country folk! Xo

  9. Ella Spurling says

    Well done Beth! If your winning date loaf was the recipe from your blog (that makes two loaves) then it is absolutely worthy of a blue ribbon. It is the BEST EVER!

  10. Krista Warren says

    Yay hooray for blue ribbons! How fun – many congrats, squeals and cheers xo

  11. MadamBipolar says

    Well done! Makes me smile.

  12. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am so pleased for you ,yes you can call yourself a blue ribbon baker now,well done xx

  13. Congratulations – it’s always so exciting to win something!

  14. Emily @ The Beetle Shack says

    well done Baby Mac, I know you had it in you. Don’t think I’ve ever won first place in anything!

    In other news, holy hotballs- look at Woogs. what a flipping glamour bomb.

  15. Sarah Derrig says


  16. I’m so proud of you! And I thought about you immediately when I had my baking disaster yesterday… Beverly would NOT approve.

  17. Maxabella says

    I expect nothing less than a blue or red ribbon, Bev. x

  18. I’m a bit slow here but CONGRATS! I love a good date loaf… I think you should continue your TV career on MASTER CHEF and knock their socks off. Trying to watch that video you posted but it won’t load, ah!

  19. Why are you so nasty to your own daughter especially in a public forum?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Do you really think I was being serious?!

      • I’m with Rochelle on this one. It’s impossible not to read your “try harder” comments any other way. I hope you told her how proud you were of her efforts rather than telling her that next time she’ll have to try harder.

  20. The judges at the Robertson Show Society need changing and re-certifying by the CWA. The Lemon Sour Cake class was appalling. The winner had large holes in the cake and the second place getter was a complete failure in all criteria of cake judging. Not good at all.

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