Full Reporting: 2018 Robertson Show

Friends, gather round and take in the wonder of the 2018 local show, The Robertson Show. This year was the 135th show, and the 7th for us since we moved here. I LOVE the show so much – I love that the kids get so excited about it. I love the old school nature of the whole thing, taking part in it makes you feel part of a tradition, of history that counts for something. It’s an honour to be able play a small part in its history and I hope it’s around for many more years to come.

This year we had a pretty big year with entries for the family: Rob entered a tomato sauce and jalapeño pickles, whilst I skipped any cooking this year (being away on Wednesday night meant that I missed the 9am deadline and cooking time on Wednesday afternoon) so I turned my attention to the “Decorative floral” section entering 4 classes there. The girls were prolific: lego, crochet, pot plants, handwriting, photography, drawing…you name it, they had it covered.

Here’s my 4 entries (from left to right): “From a country garden”, “Harmony in two colours”, “Dining table no taller than 9 inches” and “Autumn Glory”.

And of course Maggie was excited to be able to see her favourite: Dairy cow judging, and to hang out with Archie too. Sure, they whinged pretty much 90% of the time, but in between there were tractors, cows to look at, pumpkins to inspect, faces to be painted and balloons to play with.

Let’s have a look around…

First stop is always the cow judging for Maggie. It’s a good ease into the day with lots of look at. God I love the judges commentary on “all over dairyness” gets me every time.

From there it’s usually a bee-line to the pavilion to see how we all fared with our entries. So many wins this year…so proud!

Rob backed up his 2017 Tomato sauce win with another win!

I was THRILLED with a blue ribbon in all 4 categories that I entered. How about Shirley taking the flory for my Dining table centrepiece win? Obvs I told them and hopefully this can be sorted out!!

Lots of great things for the girls too. Bless them.

And mates…

I love wandering around and taking in the delights from the area: cakes, vegetables, dahlias, artwork, photography, produce, needlework. So good.

Plenty to do outside too, Maggie got her first ever face painting. Bless her world.

How’s when she saw her face for the first time in the mirror? DEAD.


Tomorrow we will back for the events and rides and of course the Demo Derby and fireworks. It will be hot and then cold, expensive and the little kids will no doubt whinge a lot. Hopefully there will be a chance to have a rum and coke at the bar if we can escape the kids for 5 minutes. But it’s these memories of simple, honest good fun that I know the girls will have their whole lives. I am so happy that they get to experience it, that we all do. It’s a joy and a privilege.

Long live the mighty Country Show!


  1. Mrs Woog says

    I love a country show! Congrats to the MacDonalds for a superior haul. Harpers handwriting is amazing xx

  2. I agree. That is beautiful handwriting Harper

  3. Congrats to you all. I love Robbo show. One of my faves!

  4. Fantastic effort! Take that Shirley down 🙂

  5. Maggie looking so much like Daisy! 👯

  6. Jose mcbride says

    The country show is a right of passage. Can’t wait to get to the annual swan hill show with my girls. It’s always worth the 4 hour drive. Hours spent in the hall taking in all of the kids drawings, biggest maiden hair fern, woodchopping, giant vegetables, cake decorating, best relish, boiled egg decorating, floral tea cups, best bird in show. Carnie folk. I could bang on for hours. Life long memories for keeps x

  7. Congratulations on all the wins and places. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing 😘

  8. Well done team!
    We love our little show. It’s more “team penning” than dairy cows but still just as quaint. Although our pumpkins don’t get as big as that one! How amazing!
    The kids have entered 7 and 9 categories each……. the stress of handing them in to the correct place on time! One is not sure if their brown eggs are brown enough and we are waiting on the chook with the white eggs to lay one more. My husband has entered this year too. Here’s hoping for a few wins!

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