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A few years ago, if I had to bring a cake or something somewhere I would go to a bakery and pick one up, or at a stretch, I would make a packet cake. What? It’s baking if it comes out of your oven! When we moved down here I joked that I would be changing my name to Bev, because I would be making jam, and stuff.

This morning I was awake at 4.45am, laying there thinking a million things, most importantly, if I had some more self raising flour in the pantry for the scones. I tossed and turned and eventually got up at 5.10, just to get those scones in the oven, ready to be dropped at the show ground for an 8am judging. I’ll drop off jam too, and some artwork that the girls did.

They are not show winning scones by any stretch, they’re uneven in colour and shape, perhaps not traditional in their method, but they’ll do for me, right now. If you had told me 3 years ago that this is what I’d be doing, I would never have imagined. Not in a million years. I wouldn’t have even really known about country shows, besides the Royal Easter show. In fact, there’s not much about my life now that I would have imagined. Living here, doing the work I’m doing. Life is something else isn’t it?

It’s very comforting being a part of all this. The sense of tradition, it’s nice just to be a part of it, standing next to others – the real deal. I love that my girls didn’t bat an eyelid when they came in rubbing the sleep from their eyes seeing me knee deep in flour on the bench. It’s a simple joy – it’s nice to be reminded of them sometimes isn’t it?


  1. Beautiful post. Those scones like amazing! Good luck 🙂

  2. I think the word your searching for there is contentment .

    Definition: a state of happiness & satisfaction.

    Well deserved. Now get out there and kick butt with that jam of yours!!

    Gabs x

  3. Isn’t it funny how our mind set changes over a short amount of time. Best of luck x

  4. Love how you’ve thrown yourself into your new community. I think we forget how important community is sometimes. Now I feel like scones and jam .. nom nom.

  5. simple joys are the bestest ones.

  6. I was thinking the same thing as I walked past the old farms this morning..its old here..its simple..its togetherness but not..its wonderful and I am truly very happy because I’m part of something and I love it…and my kids are part of it..your scones are a winner no matter what simply because you have become part of that tradition and picture..

  7. It certainly is. Good luck today! May it be a blue ribbon for you! Xx

  8. awwww packet cakes get a bad rap. Baking is baking. I hardly use packet cakes anymore mainly because I have all the necessary ingredients on hand these days.

    I do use packet cakes for gluten free baking though because I can’t be bothered having all the different gluten free substitutes in my pantry. I also use them for kids birthday cakes if the decorating stage is going to be super fiddly.

    Good luck in the show. Your blog inspires me that my family could also cope with a move out of Sydney.

  9. What a lovely smell for your girls to wake up to, the smell of scones baking. Good luck xT

  10. All of a sudden I feel hungry…pass the jam and cream please :0)

  11. Me bake? Phfted! But then I became a stay at home Mum, and found the time and the joy in baking. Those scones look exactly like they should…delicious!

  12. It’s more than just about the scones right?

  13. 1. Good luck re the scones.

    2. I think it’s healthy for kids to see their parents cooking and baking.

    3. I often get up before 5am to bake stuff before I haul self to the Coalface.

    4. Baking and cooking and gardening and domestic minutiae of that ilkbare incredibly comforting and soothing during challenging times. I often wonder why more people haven’t realised this.

    5. I have a feeling that a Professional from the CWA will win, and I like to think her name will be Dulcie or something equally fabulous, but one day, in the future, that trophy or ribbon Shall Be Yours.

  14. That lemonade scone recipie of yours is amazing…


  15. Those look delicious!

    I hardly know myself these days…making my own bread and yogurt and even laundry soap!
    Who would have thought?
    And the craziest part is that I am loving it!

    Fingers crossed you come home with the gold!

  16. Well done you!!! No matter size or shape those scones look just so delicious. You deserve a prize for doing all the things you promised yourself you would do so once again….well done you. xx

  17. wonderful! love a good scone. top tip – don’t twist the cutter or they go wonky, tap them out into your hand if needed, but no twisting!

    oh, and I’ve never thought to use a packet mix, seems a lot of money to me (and I never saw them growing up in the UK..), but can see why they are useful. don’t get me started on ‘shake’ pancake mixes though!!

    have a fabulous show 🙂

  18. I never thought that I would find a day when I would bake, can and make everything possible. I totally never thought I would have a 3 year old who would ask for ‘the good kind’ of prosciutto and demand olives for her appetizers.

  19. Ohhh.. I too one day dream of being a scone show enterant. It’s on my must do list for 2014 (the one for 2013 is full to bursting!). Hope you had fun seeing them out on display!


  1. […] And of course Dahlia’s are now out in all their glory. I don’t grow any, but I can buy bunches of them like it’s nobodies business. They also remind me that it’s almost show time….watch this space for my areas of focus this year at the local show. I’m thinking floral arrangements, perhaps a pickle or a jam? And of course I will have another crack at the scones like I did last year. […]

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