Sweet lovers love, the Spring

When I was a little girl the September Spring holidays were ALL about gardens. Each year my Mum would rent a different house for us in the Blue Mountains and we would spend our time visiting open gardens. Sometimes we just had ourselves and sometimes we got to have a friend come and stay. My love for rambling English gardens, forget me nots, weeping cherries, daffodils and tulips came from all those Septembers, over all those years.

Yesterday after a full and busy day of swimming and a whole lot of work for me, I took Daisy and her cousin who has come down to stay for a few nights, my Mum who had come down to help me with the girls while I get work done, to one of the oldest and most beautiful gardens in the Highlands – Milton Park. All of my holidays came back to me seeing the girls running around declaring that it was “JUST like Alice in Wonderland!” having my Mum with me, soaking up all the beauty. It did my soul good.

Harper and I were quite taken with Bluebell Wood. There were MOST definitely fairies in there.

Some may say that forget me nots are weeds, but who cares! LOOK AT THEM.

There were mazes to run about in.

And one of the most glorious trees I’ve ever seen.

Then I came over all Downton like. It was the gravel driveway.

Spring heaven. 


  1. Oh my late grandma in the UK would not say Forget Me Nots are weeds … I’ve even got some pressed in a scrapbook from 1980. It was my first taste of English gardens and flowers and you’ve just whipped me right back there – especially with the bluebells. Remember seeing them wild in a field for the first time and thought I was in heaven x

  2. Oh there is a little Downton in there for sure!
    I love a good garden tour. We did a lot of them as children too.
    And last week I planted a whole bunch of forget-me-not seeds… they are far too beautiful to be considered weeds. xx

  3. There are absolutely definitely fairies living there!! How divine. What a beautiful way to spend the day.

  4. Total Spring heaven.
    How gorgeous.
    Those pink tulips are amazing.

  5. So beautiful!

    We used to have this huge paddock we walked through on the way to school that my brother and sister called ‘butterfly fields’.it was full of flowers and (obviously) butterflies and was so,so pretty and happy.


  6. Gorgeous. I adore the photo of Harper walking up the stairs. Milton Park is stunning!!! Jx

  7. We took my nan there yesterday afternoon, it was gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful photos.
    I love spring…I love how each spring you are surprised by the same things you saw last spring…it is a season that never gets old!

    My mom used to cart us around to home inspections…she just loved looking at houses…and now I can’t go past one without going in to have a sticky beak!

  9. Oh, lordy, I never thought I wanted to go to heaven before, but if it looks like that I might just change my mind.

  10. A friend of ours recently passed away and we were all given a pack of Forget Me Not seeds to plant and remember our dear friend.
    We thought not only was it a great idea but also a beautiful plant.
    Love the pic’s!

  11. Oh my gosh. So gorgeous. Absolute garden heaven…

  12. I would have been so tempted to sneak a pair of secateurs in my pocket and snip some to take home. Gorgeous! xx

  13. Gotta love a good cold-climate garden. I miss them so.

  14. Love this post lady. The photos, the words, all of it. So beautiful you were able to share that with your Mama and girls. What a majestic part of the world you live in. Spring is seriously the BEST! xo

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