Full & Thorough reporting: 2017 Show

Well friends, our local Show (The Robertson Show) is done and dusted for another year and seeing as it was perfect weather (and results) I thought I better share some of the highlights with you. This year I decided to defend the 2016 Preserves Champion with the pickles cucumbers, the Date loaf that won a few years back and had never had a ribbon since, and to go rogue into a whole new category “Decorative”. I do love a challenge, and whilst I read the rules incorrectly and though I could only enter 2 sections (it was actually 2 arrangements max PER section) I was thrilled with my entries.

I give you (whispers)….AUTUMN GLORY.

And Dining table arrangement (no taller than 9 inches)…

I had so much fun doing these and can’t wait to further expand in this category next year.

The pickles and date loaf were standard and off they were dropped to the pavilion before we arrived first thing Friday morning for the Cow judging (Mags) and to see how we went!

Maggie really got to enjoy the show this year, helped by her passion for cows and the fact that there were MANY of them for her to look at and enjoy.

I was more excited about checking out the Pavillion to see how we went!

First of all….to the flowers! Blue and BLUE. Stoked!!!

Then to the preserves cabinet…a blue again and one for Rob and his tomato sauce! First blue for Rob too – very exciting!

The date loaf victory was a hollow one…the only one entered! But another blue. I’ll take it!

We were back Saturday afternoon as I had a chance to hit the main arena and get some action on the microphone. It was wrangling kids and adults in various games and events that involved pegging and rolling potatoes at objects, but my gosh I had fun!

Before the Demo Derby, hay stacking, ute pulling etc. Good old fashioned family fun. Nothing like it!

Check out the handiwork of my mates…Mrs Munro outdid herself with a potato basket and a completely bonkers tea cosy! God love her! Ribbons all over the place!

And my other mate Zoe who got the President’s encouragement award. So proud of you darls!

It was a fabulous event, filled with so much fun for everyone and some really great results. Rob and I were stoked with our ribbons…and for me a handy little prize money amount!

Next year we have decided to get more organised and really study that guide to tackle some new categories and defend our honour. These lovely country shows are such a wonderful way to keep traditions alive and I am thrilled that I have had the chance to keep them going through our own efforts in our little family.

Do you visit or enter local country Ag shows?
What’s your favourite thing about them?


  1. looks like a great show beth!
    congratulations for your achievements on your good work hun! … and rob!
    omg that child of yours is an absolute delight!
    I love her enthusiasm! too cute in that outfit! I can see her following in your footsteps but with cows, milk, cheese! … who knows! … my uncle had a dairy when I was young and I loved the cows!
    always loved the milk squirted in my mouth!
    much love m:)X

  2. Well done Beth. I haven’t been to our show in Brisbane in years. I want to go again this year. I love looking at all the entries, the art and animals. Those flowers arrangements are beautiful. You truly are a woman of many talents. Don’t spend that $19 all at once… 😉

  3. What a fantastic out come. Now next year I would love you to try your hand at quilting. I suggest this because I know you have always said that craft/sewing is not your thing. I know you can do it. Get out of your comfort zone and show everyone just how amazing you are. By the way I would pay money for your friends tea cosy. I love it. It reminds me of an old Aunty i had lol. What an awesome community you guys live in, it would be hard to leave.

  4. Gosh, I love reading about your annual show entries and victories! I feel like I’m entering vicariously through you. It’s on my bucket list to get some baking into a local show. Ours is always at a really busy time of year when we’re either away or slammed with work…

    Love the tea cosy!

  5. My mum was crushed. She too didnt read the rules and iced her marble cake with….. white icing! Apparently pink is the go. And only pink. She will know next year.
    Love the show. Even better was taking my son when he was small. Nothing better than a country show. Especially when you are part of the community. Lucky you.

  6. Bloody well done lady!!! I love all of this!! And I think you should ask Rob to share his sauce recipe 😉

  7. Amanda G. says

    So awesome!! Love that you had success this year as well!! I love all your pictures from the weekend. You have totally inspired me to enter our local show in 4 weeks time! Still deciding what to enter…

  8. Congratulations! I am dying to visit a proper country ag show.
    If the recipes for your pickles and Rob’s t sauce are not proprietary information (though I assume they are)… please share!

  9. Well done! Maggie’s love for cows is just the most adorable and endearing thing! What a sweetheart.

  10. I love all of this. Love how you have taken it to the next level and branched out into floral arrangements too. I love these shows, they make me feel like I am stepping out of city life and looking at other skills and appreciating people and animals who live on the land. its so much fun to compete and learn new things and appreciate the amazing skills and talents of others. Congrats Beth.

  11. Congratulations Team McDonald! Looked like a wonderful day. I really enjoyed our local country show day back in NZ – brings back lots of lovely memories xx

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