BabyMac’s Ultimate Travel Tips

I’ve been reminded this week (thanks to Facebook) that this time last year we were travelling through Italy. Well, this morning I went to the IGA and got some dylon stain remover to fix a white shirt of Rob’s I ruined  that he had bought in Italy so same, same really. Sigh.


I often get asked by email from people about tips for travelling OS with the family and I have written lots of posts before, but I have never had them all in the one place. So friends, here we have them!


1. Here’s my tips for surviving the long haul flight from Sydney to London.
2. Here’s my tips for travelling OS (Europe) with small kids.
3. Here’s my packing tips.
4. Here’s my tips for travelling to Fiji with kids.


I book all our accommodation through Air BnB and have stayed in some really wonderful places. I have never had any problems with any of the places we have booked and luckily to date, no cancellations. My top tips for AirBnB is looking to see if the place has reviews. If there are recent reviews, then it’s all good. Any places with stock photos or no reviews are usually warning signs. Look for a super host if you can – they are the most reliable places you can book.

Here’s a list of the places we have stayed in before (not sure if they are all still available now though):

Where I stayed in New York in 2012.
Where we stayed in London in 2014.
Where we stayed in Edinburgh in 2014.
Where we stayed in Rome in 2015.
Where we stayed in Florence in 2015.
Where we stayed in Tuscany in 2015.


You really can’t beat the value for money and the SPACE if you are travelling as a family. And having somewhere to cook dinner if everyone loses their shit (which they most definitely will) and wash clothes is a game changer for me I reckon.

And because I am always feeling nostalgic when I get back from a trip and I always do a round up post (thank GOODNESS for travel blogging I say) here are some thoughts on what I love most about travel.

Reflections on our trip to UK & Croatia in 2014.
Reflections on home comforts.
Reflections on my solo trip to New York.
And how can I forget the time I flew Business Class to New York? 

And make sure on all these posts that you read the comments: That’s always where the real action and tips are!

Got any travel planned?
Any wish lists created on AirBnB?
What’s your number one tip for travelling OS with kids?


  1. It came up in my memories too! Harps in her dress. Great round up my friend X

  2. Amazing timing Beth! We are doing Sydney to London tomorrow and I have been frantically Googling how to survive long haul flights with a toddler xxx

  3. Great timing. We’re Bon voyaging in about 3 hours on our first ever cruise ?… a week up through the Pacific Ocean, I can hear the drinks served in assorted fruit pieces calling my name ?… I digress – after reading your packing tips I grabbed the boxes of jumbo and large zip lock bags(the ones from Coles and Woolies), emptied out the suitcase, culled about 1/3 of my packing and then ‘celled’ everything into about $7 worth of zip lock bags. I then tipped out the 12 year old bags – culled about a 1/2 and celled her bag too….my husband??- he’s on his own! Maybe I should ‘cell’ him ?.

    Thankyou, A great read as usual.. Had already planned yesterday the first thing to do upon return next week – make Monte Carlo biscuits ??.

  4. We said on our honeymoon that we would be back in four years time. Unfortunately, as trip back to Europe didn’t work for us – seeing as we were starting a new business and I was pregnant with our third. I am hoping that we will get back to Europe soon – if only just to introduce the boys to our family in Croatia…oh and you know escape a winter in Australia {although a winter in Sydney is way less painful then a winter in Canberra}.

  5. all good tips thanks beth!
    for the first time, we stayed in an airbnb in Brisbane near the story bridge for a week before going up to my daughter’s.
    it was great! we had no problems and it was in a great location!
    “the boys” were very personable, gave us local knowledge and weren’t there much! we will do it again!
    love m:)X

  6. Mel mcevoy says

    I’ve had nothing but trouble with AirBnB. I would never book overseas accommodation with them again.

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