Feeding the soul and the stomach

It’s a lovely summers day here today – overcast with a lovely breeze, warm but not too hot. It’s just New York. In the summer time. And I like it very much. First stop of the day was to the Upper West Side to Zabar’s a New York institution. Mrs Woog knew that I would love it, and love it I did. A deli filled with every possible cheese, meat, sauce and deli good with a little section for take away next door.

We met up with our Australian blogging friend Carly who is over here for the Conference and we planned to grab a bite to eat, have a little picnic in Central Park and then take in the MET. Do you like how I have picked up those little American sayings like “take in”? I love when you ask for directions you get told “Ok, you’re gonna take that left, then a right, and then you’ll be there” it makes you believe that you will indeed be there. My other favourite is when in line instead of yelling out “neeeext!” it’s a much more personable “Can I serve the next guest?” or “Can the next guest please step down”. Yes, yes you can. Yes, yes I can. I like it.

See what I mean about that summery day? Perfection.

We grabbed some food and headed down the most adorable street to the park. It felt just like where Carrie would have lived.

We found a perfect little spot in the shade and ate our lunch. Mrs Woog had a toasted sambo.

Carly and I had the speciality – a bagel with cream cheese and salmon. It was everything you would expect it to be – lots of salmon, a doughy, fresh bagel and soft, thick cream cheese.


And because I am a piggy I had to get one of these right?

Yuh. HUH. Very, very good. I did however get a raspberry seed stuck in my tooth for a while which was annoying. But worth it.

Just the brown paper bag that it came in made me happy.

So does she. Love that lady.

Central Park might just be my favourite part of this fine city. What an oasis! Whoever was the genius who came up with that should be made the Mayor of clever town. It’s a joy to be in, a cool escape from the city and is clearly adored by everyone that lives in this wonderful city.

Next stop was the MET. THE MET! How many times have I seen those steps in films and TV and there I was! Walking on them myself! Sheesh.

Drink it in. Have a moment. It’s OK. I get it.

Without a doubt it’s one of the finest Museum’s I have ever been to in all the world. The sheer size, the architecture, the layout and the quality of paintings on offer could not be beaten.

I don’t need to tell you I had a few moments.

I actually had to hold back the serious crying sobs here. People were looking at me. One kind woman smiled at me. She got it, and she looked like my Mum which made me cry some more. I just had such an overwhelming moment of simple joy. And happiness. And gratitude.

How can this even be happening?

Mrs W captured me in one of those moments today on her post if you are keen for a look…

This artist is Alberto Giacometti. One of my all time favourites. Rob! Can you believe it? My die.

And Degas’ Ballerina. I thought of my mate Soph when I saw this.

It was quite overwhelming. You’d look down and BAM! Degas, Monet, Renoir, Matisse, Van Gogh.

Mum. Monet. So many Monet’s.

I love the paintings, of course, but I love seeing the artist’s names. Their writing. Just there. In their little fancy french fonts. It just takes my breath away.

After my soul had been well and truly filled with all that goodness we headed out into the hot summery afternoon to get back home and have a rest before the evening unfolds.

I could get quite used to this.


  1. I would have had moments too. Many of them. There is something precious about standing in front of a painting that you may have only ever seen in a book… I would have been lost in the met for hours… In fact one day I WILL get lost in the met for hours!!!

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. It’s wonderful!

  2. Absolutely loving living vicariously through your posts these last few days Beth! Keep ’em coming and I’ll be booking tix to NYC in no time! The tourism commission should be sponsoring you for shizzle. Thank you!

  3. Oh fuck, I’d forgotten My Die. Snorted my coffee. We didn’t get to The Met last time we went, but it is topping next time’ To-Do-List. FABULOUS!

  4. Oh how I love these posts…I feel like I’m right there with you . Keep them coming x

  5. I’m having a moment just reading these posts! Love it!

  6. A really beautiful post, thank you.

  7. Really loving your posts from the big apple. And I too would have had a moment seeing Monet’s art in real life, wow! x

  8. Oh wow! This post takes me along with you! LOVE the emotion you are sharing here!
    And I too LOVE The Met, and the wonderment of walking around NYC!
    Have a great Conference, ladies!

  9. What’s that? Oh, its a little wee tear in the corner of my eye. I feel like I’m right there with you. That’s it, I’m getting me a passport. I fear I may never want to return though. What a gorgeous city. Thanks for the superior posts.

  10. I’m feeling it!
    Wow – I love New York.
    But to see a Giacometti is FABULOUS!!!
    My final art project in high school was based on him.
    Absolutely love him! (and that shadow is fantastic!)

  11. Love Zabars – remember Charlotte bought Briskett there in that ep on SATC? x

  12. am totally loving all that you are writing (and doing)
    Zabars, ahh!
    I love NY

  13. I just got a little teary about you being teary. I’m an idiot lol
    Keep ‘Em coming Beth, all these post have been beyond wonderful xx

  14. Almost as good as being there myself! Degas?! Swoon! And now I want salmon and cream cheese on a bagel for lunch…

  15. I hope you get to MOMA too. Always something good on there and the restaurant on the second floor is great as is the shop.

  16. my die indeed bev, my fucking die.

  17. Me too. That’s the beauty of a good blogger – they share too well.

    Thanks Beth. My lunchtime read of your blog just topped up my soul a little too.

    PS: Did you get Mrs Woog onto red lippy? Ta-weet Ta-woo! Suits her.

    Gabs x

  18. Wow! In just a few days you (and Mrs Woog) are changing my mind on the US. It has never been on my list of places to go (give me europe instead) but all these beautiful photos….hubby may be going to the US next year for work and after me initially saying no to going, I think I might be changing my decision!

  19. Salmon and cream cheese bagel, AND a jam doughnut? sounds like heaven!

  20. Feeding your body, mind and soul!!…all in the company of good friends…What a perfect day! Jx

  21. Can I just say that your NYC posts are amazing. In my humble opinion you should have won the kids spot award as you are really doing the trip justice and the conference hasn’t even started yet! I am so glad you decided to go under your own steam, your pics and words are inspiring. Continue to have a ball…

  22. With every post I read, I fall a little more in love with the idea of going to New York. I really wanna go, it’s so good seeing it all through your eyes too. You’re like our very own copy of The Lonely Planet… BabyMac Planet maybe!? Great pics xo

  23. I’m living through you vicariously for the period that you’re in NYC. Just reading this post gets me teary-eyed. I’m so wanting to go to the MET & the Louvre & I have no doubt I’ll be in tears as well when I’m within feet of those paintings & sculptures. Keep the photos coming!

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