I won’t ever forget…

That wonderful apartment in London. Those windows!


Hearing Daisy say “Mum this REALLY feels like London!” And it did.


That special Sunday with friends. Driving with the top down through Holland Park, Rolling Stones blaring from the speakers.


Seeing her walk that mountain with determination like I’d never seen.


That afternoon at Loch Ness in the sunshine, not a care in the world.


That drive to Skye, through the most beautiful mountains. That thin, thin place.


The view from our cabin to the Sound of Sleet. Touching my soul.


That drive up the mountain through to the Lake District. Rob being so patient as he pulled over so I could clamber up hills.


Getting off the ferry in Prigradica to squeals of delight. Seeing my girls hug their cousins with such love.


Sneaky ciggies and beers with my brother while we cooked dinner on the fire. Tunes pumping.


That sunset with my Mum.


Heinrich. Oh Heinrich.


The welcome dinner on the terrace dancing the night away, waking to do it all over again.


Seeing that girl swim. Getting to be with her, hold her hand.


Seeing this man so happy. So well.


The conversation Rob and I had at the castle overlooking the most stunning sunset. On top of the world.


That pool…


Prepping garlic bread with these dickheads.

All those meals together. So many meals. So many laughs.


Spending time with my brother and sister. Missing you Sarah…we did.


That last afternoon, that game of football.


And this song which will always remind me of this magical time.

My heart is heavy. My soul FILLED to the brim. I don’t want this to end, but I know it has to. I will NEVER forget this. The very best 5 weeks of my whole life shared with the people I love. Doing the things I love to do. What a joy. A privilege. Ever thankful and grateful…

Thanks for coming along for the ride. See you on the other side x



  1. Such a beautiful wrap-up of your trip, Beth. So special for you. Thank you for sharing xo

  2. Tears. Sobs. Happy.

  3. what fab photos and memories. I always find coming home a bit hard…sounds like you had the best fun x

    • Thanks FF I sure did. Re-entry is never my forte but I should come good with some soothing household management and a few good nights sleep x

  4. Thanks Beth, I have tears on the train, my mascara is smudged and I have a job interview today. Your trip inspired me to go after more in my life (hence the job interview) you really don’t know how much your travels have pushed me.

  5. How wonderful. Thanks for taking us with you on the ride!

  6. What an incredible journey, There are so many reasons to always remember this one!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. I have goosebumps – what a special wrap up of your memories. Safe journey home!

  8. you are so so lucky i think to have such good people to accompany you – well done – bravo and aahhh…….yes. Thanks for the photography.

  9. Wow, what a trip. Thanks for taking us along. Your pics just gave the FEEL of your holiday perfectly.

    Unfortunately for you- your next stop is Southern Highlands midwinter. Get plenty of firewood in… I recommend mulled wine and stay away from reality for as long as you can.



  10. Gosh… I am on the verge of tears. How tremendous to have such a holiday and time with loved ones. And the memories.

  11. Thanks for sharing all the awesomeness that was you family holiday! Make sure you print those fabulous photos and slap them into an album, oh the wonderful memories!

  12. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your wonderful adventure. At times it was like I was there with you, thanks to your glorious pictures. You have given your girls something infinitely special- the gift of travelling, with all the experiences and memories that come with it.
    Thanks Beth.

    Sara xxx

  13. I have a lump in my throat. What a beautiful adventure.

  14. Well that made me tear up! Absolutely loved your holiday posts. Our family trip to the US last year was similar – we just loved the time together as a family, and being surrounded by beauty in places you’ve never seen before. Such a special time. Good luck with re-entry over the coming weeks. I thought I’d get post-trip depression but I didn’t, heart was full to the brim and we were ready to get back to life at home.

  15. AWESOME! What a trip. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. And make sure you plan something as soon as you get home so you have something to look forward to next. x

  16. Love !!!!

    Live your best life!!!!

  17. Have loved EVERY post Beth! xx

  18. What a heartfelt post. You and your family had such an amazing journey. Thanks for letting me come along too.

  19. What an amazing, special, precious few weeks! I’m filled to the brim for you! xx

  20. Loved every post of your holiday. The London leg of your trip made me miss my childhood home, Scotland posts introduced me to ‘thin places’ and I understood more why I feel so connected to that magical place. Croatia posts exuded family and love, making me appreciate mine and grateful for the memories we have of times shared together. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience with us all, Beth, you didn’t have to, you could easily have signed off for 5 weeks and certainly were entitled to do so, but gee, am I glad that you didn’t!

  21. Just incredible and beautiful.

  22. A memory making trip through some magnificent places. Thanks for sharing!,

  23. Well, bloody hell. Newborn hormones but I’m blubbering! Beautiful.

  24. Made me tear up too. What a special time you had and thank you for sharing it. Such precious memories for you all now. Loved all your posts.

  25. Great photos and obviously great memories.

    You have to post the link to apartment details for London – looks like exactly like the kind of fab place my family needs for our trip next year!

  26. Annie Maurer says

    Loved sharing the journey with you…..so many fabulous photos…..thank you so much for sharing……and as someone else commented.’.you didn’t have to.’..your generous nature shines!!
    I’m sure your girls will always remember their wonderful trip…..but, beware!!! You will now have created offspring with wanderlust……and they will one day leave you to seek their own adventures….and all you can do is pray for their safety and return back to you. What a great legacy to give them!
    Thanks again for taking us along Beth….Annie M x

    • Oh dear…hadn’t thought of that Annie! I’ll just have to make sure I am having adventures too! Thanks for your lovely comment x

  27. What a lovely end to a beautiful trip. Thank you for taking us on your journey. I so want to go to Croatia now!

    Question though…how did your family manage accomodations for the Croatia part? Were you all in the same house or houses? We went as a family to Hawaii a few years ago and managed to rent a house for the 9 of us, but in hind sight…we would have been better being in two houses.

    • Thanks Renee. We were all in rented houses that were near my sister in law’s house. We were in one next door (owned by French friends of their’s who rented it to us). A lot of the houses have apartments – each level like a separate apartment so we had about 3 of those plus the main house. Then in Hvar we were in a hotel…tricky for 35 people but we managed it!

  28. Oh Beth! What a wonderful, wonderful experience it was for me (and so many others) to share your holiday. Thank-you so much for taking me along for the ride – I consider THAT “a joy. A privilege. Ever thankful and grateful…”

  29. Wow! What a holiday and you are amazing for sharing it all! But it will be good to get home too. Welcome home!

  30. What a great wrap up of your holiday, sounds wonderful x

  31. Hi Beth

    My friend and I have been drooling over your holiday pics + were wondering where you stayed in London (with those gorgeous french doors!). We’ve been looking at places on Airbnb but nothing seems to match up to that 🙂




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