Business time

Well we are here in a sea of poly cotton viscose blends and screaming American women with bags filled with “swag”. It’s been quite overwhelming, what with all that viscose and screaming, and learning – so much learning! It’s certainly a change of scene and pace from our last week.

The sessions have been useful and interesting. There’s something comforting about being surrounded by people who “get it”. I did get shushed in a session yesterday – and I wasn’t even talking loudly! These women take their blogging seriously. The shusher was typing every word down verbatim – like the typing lady in a courtroom – business time!

It’s been nice to see the Australian’s in there amongst it all.

Check out the nerds in the first row. There was Katrina, and A-M and Tatum and Mrs W all working hard.

Martha Stewart was the keynote speaker over lunch and I have to say I was seriously impressed. She was funny, and smart and savvy and cheeky. I would quite fancy a few gins with the old girl, I think she would be a lot of fun. And did you know she was 71? I KNOW.

I’ve got a few ideas for the blog brewing in my head that I hope I can get out in the next few months. I’m excited and renewed about it all. And I am most definitely NOT thinking about tomorrow, and the fact that I am leaving. No, not one bit.


  1. You had me at Martha Stewart. Totally jealous!

  2. I can just feel the buzz of inspiration in that room coming from your photos. Love it. Wish I was amongst it 🙂
    No, don’t leave Beth! I’m loving seeing NY through your lens.

  3. All good things must come to an end, even for us the readers…..thanks for sharing your trip. And talking in a conference session, that’s a no no! Sorry but I too am a front row nerd at conferences, and I attend every session too. I know, what a dag! Hope your luggage is not too excess…:-)

  4. 71!!! Cannot quite credit that! What a lady.

  5. I’m just so excited about it all, and that’s just from reading yours and Mrs.Woog’s posts!!

  6. The conference sounds amazing – I’m very jealous. I’m so pleased it has been inspiring and can’t wait to hear more about it and see what you have brewing. Enjoy your last night and safe travels. Thank you so much for all your entertaining posts…it really has felt like we’ve been there with you for much of it. Jx

  7. I have always luffed Martha. I know she’s a nightmare to live with a work for, but who cares? The woman is an entertaining gardening and domestic genius. This is why she is one of the Leaders of my Blog. Exult the New God.

    I never recovered when she was sent to the Big House.

    You must read Just Desserts- it’s about 15 years old but so worth it for the Goss.

    Enjoy your Swag.

  8. Martha Stewart! Very cool.

  9. Thanks for sharing your trip! And I’m with Alex you had me at Martha Stewart!

  10. I cannot believe Marthe Stewart is 71! Amazaballs. I hope all you lucky conference go-ers will share all of your BlogHer wisdom!

  11. WOW, sounds full on. I would have loved to see the expression on your face when you were shushed lady… something like “alrighty then!” haha, but it sounds like a great conference and I have no doubt you’ll be bringing back the best of it to dazzle us with here on your awesome blog xo

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