Qantas Business Class: Sydney to NYC

The thing about flying Business Class is that’s it’s dangerous. Once you’ve had a taste, I fear that I may never be able to turn right on a plane again. Yep, it was that good.

Mrs Woog and I had the pleasure of flying in the pointy end of the plane on our way over here. I was lucky enough to be given an upgrade from my father in law and Mrs W used her points (I don’t think any lap dances were involved) to get an upgrade. I was quite delirious at the prospect of a flat bed for the trip over the New York and knew it would be a great help in fighting the jet lag which for some reason seems to be so bad coming from Australia to here.

We parked ourselves in the lounge early. Just to make sure we could eat as many hash browns as we could and give that free wifi a nudge. Not one champagne was consumed because I was under strict instructions from Rob to make sure that we “kept ourselves pretty” at all times. Sure, it was also 7am, but I still think it showed some restraint on my behalf at least.

Once we were seated I promptly burst into tears. There was ALL THIS ROOM. And unlimited FRENCH CHAMPAGNE. And pretty people asking us if there was “anything, anything at all we needed?” It’s been some time since someone asked me that. We had menu’s to peruse. THERE ARE MENU’S and nuts and aperitifs to drink.

There were also pyjama’s to get changed into. Because that’s what they do up that end, out of the fancy clothes and into the comfort straight up. Even though it was daylight – they still do it. Quite strange and yet quite fabulous. Champagne and comfort – is there any wonder I was crying? We also had to choose which films we would watch. FILMS. I never watch them at home, never go to the movies so there were plenty for me to watch (oh my stars I sobbed through Revolutionary Road. Have you seen it? I was BESIDE myself and had to compose myself in the bathroom afterwards).

Speaking of the bathroom, it has a view! And fancy mood lighting too! We all know how I feel about mood lighting. More space, flowers even in a vase in the wall, fancy schmancy creams and hand washes. Business time!

Lunch was served. ON A TABLECLOTH. With real cutlery. And GLASSWARE. And butter. Neil Perry out did himself with his mustard vinaigrette.

Did someone say Yamba prawn salad? Oh alright then.

Mrs Woog went with the pork. She’s good like that.

And I went with chicken (who AM I?). Looks a little nicer than the chicken or beef options you get to peel the foil back from isn’t it? They were DELICIOUS.

And then there was a cheese plate. And cognac if required. We rolled a substantial amount of Pinot Gris and discussed all sorts of things with the lovely Karen our hostess with the mostess. I got chatting to Jim a host with the most who took over while Karen had a sleep (did you know they get to go and have a rest? Me either!). We stood in the kitchen whilst he explained to us all the various compartments and a few tales from the good old days. He has been working in Business or First class for 35 years – imagine the things he has seen! Back in the day when first class travel was the BUSINESS business, they would cook lobster to order, drink the best wines in the world, shuck oysters and there were most certainly NOT pyjama’s to get changed into! Now that was travelling.

We slept, drank, laughed and talked and talked all the way through to New York. When we flew over Manhattan and I saw that we were here, really here, my stomach flipped over a few times. All those places you’ve seen, all your life in books and films and TV is HERE. And so are you. Wow.

The drive into the early evening is another moment I won’t forget anytime soon. We were driving through suburban Queens, nothing special and then…

Bang! There she was. New York City basking in all her summer glory!

The jet lag is slowly kicking in and rendering me slower as each hour passes on. I have been SO excited that I have been unable to sleep and have had about 7 or 8 hours in total over the past 3 days. While travel internationally always reminds me that this world isn’t such a big place, Australia is about as far away as possible from everywhere else in it. I also know that no matter how old you get, that thrill and excitement of hopping on a plane and using your passport never gets old.

I hope it never does.


  1. I have left Aus in the evening to go to the USA and I have not ever had jetlag. and do the same coming back. I think I haven’t suffered it as I can then get some sleep soon after the excitement eases, plus I am usually so exhausted from organising and packing everyone! My first trip I didn’t sleep as I was holding a 13 month old baby the whole time, that was rather annoying! He just would not be put down or go to anyone else! He got jetlag and cried so much one night at Anaheim near Disneyland the police were called- they were great and generously offered their ‘assistance’!(mind you the rest of the family in the next room heard nothing!) Scared the bejezes out of us and after that, each night we handed him over to my mother who had no trouble getting him to sleep -go figure!

    Fantastic, keep it coming. Are you coming home Business too?

  2. I agree it is very hard to go back. The food and the obliging ladies are fantastic but the very best is the space and the not having the squeeze and squish past people to get to the toilet, I hate that.

    Have an amazing time. xoxo

  3. So that’s how the ‘other half’ live? Yep, could get used to that! I’m so excited for you Beth. I love travelling and am aching to get over there again soon. Enjoy for me x

  4. I loved reading this post! Thankyou for sharing- I’m looking forward to the rest of the trip!

  5. MUST USE POINTS next time!!

  6. what a lovely, lovely write up of your journey. I’m travelling with you! I admire your total enjoyment of everything. So much better than a whinge. Looking forward to more of your posts.

  7. On my bucket list – travel business class {or first if I can be greedy enough}….even if just once ๐Ÿ™‚
    I went to NY last year for a week. And have been pining to return ever since!!! My brother-in-law is just about to move back there to live & work. YAY…an excuse to go back!
    Enjoy it Beth! It’s a magical MAGICAL place!

  8. Oh sounds like a great way to travel.
    I’ve been to NY once. Doesn’t it feel like you are driving in a scene from a movie?! We’ve all seen it so often on screen, its hard to believe you’re actually there.

  9. I seriously want to get on a plane that requires passport use now. And turn left. Just one day I want to turn left ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I nearly cried when we were coming in to land over the manhattan skyline. Then we nearly got killed getting to our hotel by our very typical horn-friendly manhattan driver. It was everything I hoped it would be and can’t wait to go back. Say hi to the East Village for me… I left my heart there xx

  11. WOW, I always wondered what they did up their at the pointy end of the plane. I am now saving for my own turning left opportunity

    Have an amazing time, and thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Am seriously loving the NY posts. Makes me wanna get on a plane ( pointy end if course!) & go there , actually go ANYWHERE!!!

  13. So glad you had an aiming trip over over. Isn’t NYC THE BEST?! I cried the omen we landed and walked out of the airport – both times. It never gets old. You never tire of it. The longer you’re there the more amazing it gets. Have a ball x

  14. Oh that drive over Brooklyn bridge! I squeeled and cried too !
    Yes, business class is the business! And will now haunt your cattle class travel forever -trust me, I know !
    Enjoy New York and Thankyou for taking us along for the ride x

  15. I don’t think I can travel economy after just seeing your pictures! Amazing! I cannot imagine a bathroom with a window!

    I am thinking of my last trip to NYC when I was in economy with a three month old and that three month old literally exploded poo and I don’t know what the person in the bathroom with the change table was doing but they were taking their sweet time and meanwhile I was holding a poo covered baby at arms length and also trying to juggle a change pad and diaper and wipes and changes of clothes for the baby and for me. Oh my god. What I would have given at that moment for some champagne, some pjs and a bed!

    Loving the updates! Thanks for taking us all on your trip!

  16. All I can say is hold onto the PJs!!! They are the best and I still wear mine all the time evey night after my mum gave them to me after a flight she took. Ohhh I love NY and so miss it!!! Enjoy every second xx

  17. Just once in my life, I would like to fly business class. I’ve always said this. Well, now I want that even more after reading about your experiences!

    Loving all the updates, thank you so much for taking us all along with you xxx

  18. Loving your New York posts! I’ll be taking copious notes Beth as I’m off to NYC with my Mum on a shopping binge in Sept! Childless, hurrah!

  19. I am super, super jealous!!!!! Have a great time and shop up a storm for me!!!!

  20. I LOVE that feeling of child-like excitement when you go to a new country or visit one that you haven’t visited for years and years. I so get your feelings of seeing something that you’ve only seen on TV and read about in books. I was just as excited for you when I read this post (probably the great writing) – I was there right with you. Have THE best time and don’t forget the food snaps. Lots of food snaps xox

  21. I’ve got goosebumps. I love all those gorgeous photos, and your words totally convey excitement. It all sounds so wonderful. Enjoy! x

  22. Bloody incredible! So happy for you.

  23. Anonymous says

    Thank you, am loving the posts.
    I love New York!

  24. so jealous but am also loving the posts, thank you!

  25. How lovely. I once got upgraded to business class but was pregnant at the time and spent most of the time in the slightly bigger toilet throwing up. So jealous of your trip. You have given me something to work towards!

  26. Business time – I hope you put on your business socks! Great photos, amazing place.

  27. Wow! And that’s the closest I’ll ever get to flying business class. Thanks for sharing.

  28. I refuse to look at people and children (!!) in business class as I make my way through to ‘steerage’. My hubby and I always say we should take at least one trip business class. And then we talk ourselves out of it, thinking we could do better things with the money. Ultimately, I’m extremely jealous! Enjoy your trip.

  29. loving these posts! Make sure you go to Rizzoli for me and Henri Bendels. Whisper “FF says hello” x

  30. I have really enjoyed your story and feel I am right there with you. I have only ever flown in the cramped part of a plane and your description of business class was so exciting. My flying days are over and I hope occasionally I may dream of flying business class to some exotic place somewhere in the world.

  31. OMG I just cried reading this!!! It has always been my dream to fly business class. And although I’m ridiculously jealous that you got to fly, I’m honoured that you cried “oh my gosh is this for real” tears!

  32. Seeing I have never ever been to America, I would be so beside myself also! And my husband was upgraded to business class on an overseas trip to England last year. He reckons he’ll never go overseas again in economy.

    It kind of ruins it for you, doesn’t it?

    Loving your updates and gorgeous photos. I want to go first class now too! xx

  33. What a fabulous post lady. BUSINESS CLASS, WOWZERS, it sounds even better than I have imagined, thank you for taking us there. Trip of a lifetime.
    Oh and yes, I have seen Revolutionary Road and yes, I cried buckets, very depressing.

  34. My husband and I were lucky enough to fly Qantas business class to Germany (because I was a travel agent and managed to talk my way into an upgrade. Yes I am good like that. No lap dances were involved.). Oh. My. Gosh. So good!. But I wonder, why does business class get real cutlery? Do they think a potential terrorist would only fly in economy? I was quite surprised with that. And a little scared. The food looked amazing, but I was in the first trimester of pregnancy and the very sight of food made me feel like retching, so I couldn’t actually try any of it. Luckily in business class they attendants get you whatever you want and didn’t questions my many glasses of requested milk (one of the only things I could stomach at the time). And actually being able to lay down to sleep on a flight? Awesome. It’s so hard to fly economy now. But since I’m not longer a travel agent, and I’m cheap… Sigh.

  35. O god I am excited reading this post. Wow – I would be happy just to have a holiday in Business Class by the sounds of this post. I say this while sitting here with in my uggies and a dressing gown. I would absolutely kill to go to NYC and will get there one day, best start saving for those Business Class tickets… you want to come? You can show me the sights and maybe your Father in Law will upgrade me too. What a champ!

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