Barra Fishing in The Tiwi Islands

We are back from 3 fabulous days of adventure and exploring at the very top of Australia on Bathurst Island in the Tiwi Islands, part of the Northern Territory. The Tiwi Islands consist of Melville & Bathurst Island (and some other smaller ones) Melville being the second largest island in Australia after Tasmania. The land is flat and full of mangroves and estuaries and of course the odd crocodile, shark, snake, barramundi, a whole heap of other fish and a gazillion sandflies and other biting insects. It’s remote. Rugged. And stunningly beautiful. Another part of this magical country we are lucky enough to live in, and I was lucky enough to see.

Our days were spent out on the boat from 7.30am until 5pm with a lunch break on the boat. At 5 we hobbled back to the lodge for a drink, a shower and some of the best food I’ve had the pleasure of eating. Even better when it’s some of your own catch! If we had the energy there was cards but often it was hitting the pillow at 8pm to ease the hot, swollen and bitten feet I managed to get each day. I felt like an 8-year-old kid for 4 days, only thinking about the best way to cast into a snag, or listening out for a “barra boof”. It was such bloody good fun.

I won’t forget this in a hurry.

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Have you ever caught a Barra?
Are you an outdoorsy adventurous person? I’m not, but getting braver.
Been on any adventures lately?


  1. looks amazing beth x

  2. Cassie Webster says

    Gosh, Daisy looks like you! What an amazing adventure x

  3. Looks like you had so much fun. My latest adventure is travelling France (just had the last 8 days in Paris).

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Nope I am not the outdoorsy adventure type,but it looks like you had a wonderful time,I am glad you caught some great fish there is nothing better than fresh fish you just caught for dinner.Love the pics it looks stunning there!

  5. Where was the spa, Bev? x

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