On comfort

I’m home.


And it’s wonderful. Our lovely home filled with all our things. Our bed. With a topper! The girls toys and textas and paper…things to do. Our kitchen ready for meals to make, our table waiting for us to sit at. Our home…what a wonderful thing. True safety. Happiness. Comfort.

And the magic of all we have experienced over the past 5 weeks still on our finger tips…right there! Just there!

The thing with travel is that you get to see, experience, feel, smell, taste, SEE and do SO much. And home. Well, home does it’s thing. The days go on, the seasons do their thing, daily routines happen. The mornings come and the evenings go. And there is a time in between the both where you want to hold on to what was and get back into what is. And it’s a little weird.

I got some amazing emails from people when I was away. Emails from people who were so happy that they got to come along on our holiday with us through their computer. People that had never been away before, who got to travel via their phone or laptop to Croatia! To see that charcoal on the fish, see that cold beer, see that green ocean. People who have made REAL changes in their own lives to get themselves travelling to experience that whole big world out there that is RIGHT THERE, for all of us. I got a message tonight from a reader Deb, who read the blogs when we were away and wanted to travel and experience the world herself, that she went right ahead and went for a new job. Shit, why not? And on the train on the way to the interview my holiday round up post came up and she sat there, shed a tear and let me know that she was going to do it. And ย tonight? She sent me an email to tell me she got that job. COURSE SHE DID. And she’ll go and do ALL OF THE THINGS.

How cool is that?

Comfort can be a wonderful thing. It’s safety and contentment and it means that everything is OK. I’ve known comfort in my life though that can be dangerous. It’s the kind of comfort that fools you into thinking that it’s EASIER this way. Better the devil you know and all that. That kind of trickery, laziness comfort, the one that makes you not make that leap because: well what if? All that self sabotage talking I’ve written about before on here that can come in the guise of comfort.

There’s some stuff I’ve learnt on this last trip. That the world is a BIG place, much bigger than this small country town I live in. That’s it’s not so big after all. People all want to do the same things in life – we saw Sunday nights in London and Singapore with families at the park, spending those precious times together, sharing a meal, a play in the park, a ride on their scooters. People need good food, each other and their surrounds to enjoy. That the things that you think might be SO scary, are in fact not that scary at all.

Soon enough the comforts of home will win me over. ย The taste of travel I’ve had will see me working harder than ever working towards another chance for a trip. I’ll make sure I continue to push myself, ย and remind others that things can be different if you want them to be. It’s all right there for the taking…sometimes you just have to think well why not?

Why not?

So tell me, who’s off on an adventure?
And Deb, good luck with your new job…and adventure!


  1. I like it Beth how you wrote that people need good food and then each other! Spot on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Spot on Beth, spot on… xo

  3. I loved tagging along on your holiday. It looked oh so special. Thank you for sharing it.
    Whilst I am not “off” on an adventure, we are about to embark on one. My partner and I are both opening retail spaces, side by side. Completely different businesses. So excited but also panicstricken. But you know what, if not now, then when? Right? So onward with our adventure we will go and I will give it my absolute all ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This October me,my partner, my parents and daughter off to Singapore then a cruise back to Australia. Never mind my parents are elderly…but active or my daughter is disabled but deserves a holiday… we are doing it.

  5. I loved stalking, ooops, I mean folllowing all your holiday posts. Our next big adventure is to run the Disneyland Half Marathon in LA, re-enact Ferris Bueller’s Day off in Chicago, spend some time with the olds in the mother country and then re-group in Singers and Bali. It’s almost 3 years since my first cancer diagnosis and I’ve been waiting that long to get the all clear to take such a big trip. Bring it! Home is definitely where the heart is, but travel makes the world go round! PS Can’t wait for all your Singers tips!

  6. welcome home, I have adored your holiday posts. Thank you so much for sharing them, you could have got all wrapped up and forgotten about your blog, but no you kept giving and sharing. Thank you!

  7. 3 months away this August around Europe with very few plans set in stone yet and a tendency to pack the closet in as many bags as possible, wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing holiday with us. You’ve helped persuade me to put a 4 year plan into action: the year my husband and I turn 40, we’ll take our girls on a European adventure. I think a stop in Croatia will be in order too after seeing all your gorgeous photos!

  9. You just bought tears to my eyes. I have followed your blog and was about two weeks behind you travelling thru London and Scotland. Terribly over packed but saw the most amazing scenery of Scotland while driving around with my family. We also had a family reunion after 18 years where it just may be the last time we see my husbands Mum. Very sad goodbyes as we live just so far away. Now in Helsinki airport reading why we should be happy to be going home and looking forward to feeling that safety again. Also looking forward to making some changes to things we do and things we thinks. Bring on Australia.

  10. Love this post. I am reading it in Vienna airport on our way home to Sydney. We’ve had an amazing adventure in Austria, Italy and Slovenia but now we’re ready to come home for all those reasons you listed. And I can’t wait .

  11. I live just north of London and has made me realise how much I have on my own doorstep that I haven’t properly experienced. Never been to the Lake District or the Isle of Skye or even Edinburgh, but I am now – and you have come back and go to Devon and Cornwall,Suffolk particularly Aldeburgh…. and so much more to see. I have always wanted to go to Croatia too just looks sooo beautiful. My Dad travelled all over the world for his job for years and it has made me good at travelling vicariously with him, but time to experience a bit more of it for myself. Thank you.

  12. Annie Maurer says

    Welcome home…..and what a beautiful home it is! For some odd reason I just happened to be browsing your blog yesterday and scrolled through the house tour by Houzz (think that’s how it’s spelt) from a little while back. Your house has wonderful ‘bones’ which you have styled beautifully…..much like your posts about your wonderful trip. Thanks so much for taking us along on the journey…..very inspirational!
    Annie M

  13. Mrs Woog says

    Travelling is SO IMPORTANT. I would rather go without other things, but never travel. And I love reading travelling posts from bloggers. So much better than a brochure x

  14. Spot on, as usual, Mrs MacD. I absolutely loved every post of yours on your grand adventure, the thing I think I loved most was how you enjoyed it all with your little family, what experiences for your girls and you and Rob. I was very fortunate to go on lots of overseas and around Australia adventures as a child with my parents (my dad a pilot so our family ‘station wagon’ was a Cessna!) and I treasure all those experiences and memories so much, mostly for just the time spent together, especially now my parents are separated. And while you were sharing those beautiful adventures of your own, I was back here creating a little person to hopefully create more beautiful adventures for our own new little family one day! I just thought the whole time reading your posts and seeing your instagram feed that I can’t wait to show Eleanor this beautiful world and share those experiences with her, like you have with your girls. Thank-you xxx

  15. lissyloulou says

    We are halfway through a 6 month caravan adventure, travelling from Melbourne to Darwin then down the west coast. This trip is a kind of heaven. My 2 boys (5 & 8) are thriving and my husband and I are so relaxed and content. I can’t recall a time in my life to date where I have been so content and blessed.

    • I know exactly what you mean…to feel so relaxed it’s just a blessing! I hope I can hold onto a little of it back in normal life!

  16. Yvonne Duke says

    We have always loved to take our 4 children travelling and moved to Oz 7 years ago for another adventure. In 6 weeks time, we will all go to Florida, probably for our last family holiday, where we last went when the children were much younger. I am looking forward to seeing them experience it as teenagers, and almost adults, seeing them laugh and eat and drink and enjoy !!

  17. YES! Love this post, Beth. The perfect antidote for today…aside from the wine I shall drink later. Big love to you lady. x

  18. Just back from the warmth of Noosa and Brisbane – hilarious to this kiwi to see Brisbanites in scraves etc. It truly was summer there and the 10 year old let everyone know it. he was very dismayed at the coolness of the water at South Bank after Noosa though and the fact that there were no snow cones because it was “winter”. Ha! Your trip sounded amazing.

  19. Isn’t nice to know you are able to make a difference to someone’s life. I yearn to travel again, it’s been years. Once the kiddies are older, I’m certainly not dragging a 2.5yo around – there ain’t enough plonk in the world for that! Enjoy your home comforts

  20. myself and our family of 5 are off to India, Nepal and Sri Lanka….so thank you….xoxoxo

  21. There’s no place like home, no shower like your own, no bed like yours. Aren’t we lucky to live in places we can look forward to returning to? Glad you had a great trip. On windy days, I was living vicariously through your Croatian sunshine and cold beers. xx

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