Monday Meal Ideas: Quick & easy dinners for frazzled minds

Good morning friends! Hope all is well with you? It’s getting to crunch time here with the kids and school – Daisy finishes on Wednesday and then the other two the following week. We have School assemblies, discos, presentations…you name it! Plus it’s really the last week for orders in the shop to get to you guys on time before the cut offs with Australia Post. It’s going to be BUSY! Because of all that I thought that I would share some of our fave quick and easy dinners that will get a run this week: I’m talking try bakes, one pan wonders, things that will be eaten but low stress to prepare…they might help you too!


How are things going for you? Busy? Frazzled? On holidays and relaxing already (lucky you!). Whatever you are up against this week I hope you can get it done with a mimimim of stress. I am excited about getting some more time to prep for Christmas and get our heads around all that this week…food prep and ordering etc! I’ll be sure to share my super Christmas post with you guys next week so you can do the same. Hope you have a great week friends, take care, be kind to yourself and others, rest in moments if you can x

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