BabyMac family favourite: Sunshine rice

I whipped this up for dinner last night and realised that I have never blogged the recipe before. Best we get that sorted out! This is a recipe that has been made in my family in forever. Grandma Susie (my Mum) came up with it I think and it is well loved by all her grandchildren. I am officially shit at cooking rice, so this no brainer baked way works for me EVERY time. The fact that it’s yellow, and that we say it’s made with sunshine means it will be eaten by kids every time!

Sunshine Rice (for 4)

1 cup rice
2 cups chicken stock (use vegetarian if needed)
Good drizzle of olive oil
1 brown onion diced
1 teaspoon powdered turmeric


1. Dice the brown onion finely and preheat a roasting dish/pan on the top of your stove

IMG_7723 IMG_7719

2. Add in a good lug of olive oil and wait to warm up


3. Add in the teaspoon of turmeric and give it a quick fry off


4. Add in the diced onion and coat in the onion/oil mix

IMG_7731 IMG_7734

5. Add in the cup of rice and coat (you can add more in if you need to make for more people. 1 cup serves us all and there’s 4-5 of us) just make sure that you double the amount of stock you use per cup of rice. I discovered I only had arborio rice so used that – use whatever you prefer!

IMG_7736 IMG_7738

6. Add in the stock, give jot a quick stir and turn off the heat


7. Cover tightly with foil and place in a hot 180 degree oven for 40 minutes. Don’t open it, don’t look, don’t stir, just leave it be


8. After 40 minutes take off the foil and fluff with a fork. It’s perfect! Every time! You can also use this as a basis for any risotto without the stirring!

IMG_7742 IMG_7752

I sliced some shallots over to serve with some marinated chicken thighs and greens. Everyone smashed it – including Maggie who was a big fan!


Remember to use whatever rice you like, add extra cups of rice to serve more people ensuring that you double the amount of rice/stock cups and top with whatever you like! I use this method for risotto when we are feeding a crowd as it means I can socialise rather than stir.

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Are you crap at cooking rice too?
How easy is it?


  1. I love rice (I used to have leftover rice, currants and milk for breakfast) but my husband hates it 🙁 I’m going to give this a go and hope I can change his mind!!

    • I never knew it was possible to hate rice!

      • Yep his Mum used to make it apparently VERY badly on a regular basis and so he refuses to eat it now! I’ve got him to eat the packet stuff in the past- I think he’ll give this one a whirl (or go hungry!) 🙂

  2. I am officially crap at rice too. There’s too much going on with little kids to remember to watch it and time it and blah blah blah. So I bought a rice cooker! I love calling it sunshine rice, because who doesn’t love sunshine!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS – I am on Day 4 of my eat like Syrian Refugee challenge and I can make this – well with rice, chicken stock, celery and oil! YAY – thanks – you must have read my mind! I might have to add some kidney beans as they are the only other ingredient I have right now and I need the protein, do they even have protein? GAH

  4. I was so crap at rice until I discovered the Tupperware rice cooker! Never had a fail since. I will try your sunshine rice, it has turmeric my favourite ingredient,

  5. This sounds delicious! Is it too much to ask what your marinade was for the chicken???

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Thank you Beth ,my trick of cooking rice is the microwave … Perfect every time one cup rice to two cups of water cook on high for 10 minutes,leave sit for a bit and serve!

  7. that is a neat way to do rice thanks beth!
    I thought you were doing risotto to start with!
    then I saw not arborio!
    all good! love m:)X

  8. Made this for dinner tonight – delicious! Another Baby Mac recipe added to my list of family faves. Thanks Beth x

  9. kinda shoulda read the instructions more clearly and notice that it was a teaspoon of turmeric not a tablespoon. oops. Still edible by the family so that’s a win.

    also cooked it just a little bit too long and it had a crust on the bottom but nothing too drastic.

    I have also cooked rice with a tin of tomatoes for a Spanish rice which is also nice.

  10. Oh yum. I am SO making this tomorrow night!!!
    By the way, I tried to send you a video on Snapchat to fix your Dyson batery cause I had the same prob. Check your snapchat messages xx

  11. I was expecting to find pineapple somewhere in something called “sunshine” lol

  12. That method is very similar to the way I cook rice.

    I put a glug of olive oil in a saucepan, add a cup of rice and stir till it’s coated and turning white. You can add the turmeric then or not. Boil the kettle and add 2 cups of boiling water. Take the pot to the kettle not the water to the pot or you will burn your hand. Stir. Put the lid on and turn it down to low. (Mine is an old stove, 1- 10, so I turn it to 2 ½) Put timer on for 20 minutes and don’t touch it. After 20 minutes, turn heat off and fluff it a bit and leave it. It will stay hot for ages. Failproof. If you need more, double the ingredients but you don’t need to double the time. 20 minutes is good for any amount.

  13. Beth just wondering if a crockpot would work the same if I don’t have a scandal tray?
    We love your recipes here ?

  14. Socialising rather than stirring? You’ve won me.

  15. My kids would love yellow rice! I spent A LOT of time pulling tiny bits of onion out of this week’s risotto for one child who shall remain nameless so I think I might grate it :-/

  16. I whipped this up last night and it was GOLD (Literally!!) Thanks so much for sharing this. Jx

  17. Made chicken curry tonight and added your ? Rice for the 7 of us, it was delish. The recipe for the curry is from another Grandma, so it’s awesome Grandma recipes all round. Thank you for sharing ?
    I am very good at boiling over the rice so the stove thanks you too. (Or rather hubby who cleans up my mess x)

  18. I tried doing the recipe the rice was hard & dry & burnt in spots, l followed the recipe to the letter, will try again next week, practice makes perfect chicken was ok did not marinate it, but will do that next time, l ran out of time to do it.

  19. On reading the recipe again l only put 1 cup of stock in not 2 as the recipe says so l think that’s why the rice was hard etc.

  20. Oh this rice looks fancy but so easy! Thanks for the recipe. It’s in the oven ready for our New Year’s Eve fiesta. Definitely no time for stirring! Read you in 2018. X

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