Mums on the loose: a 2020 escape bender

This has been some year hasn’t it been? If there was ever a time desperately needed to escape reality then this is it. Unfortunately this isn’t something that everyone can do with border closures but we had the (wonderful/lucky/amazing) chance to over the weekend for 3 WHOLE NIGHTS. We lined up everything needed to escape after school drop off on Thursday morning (dear LORD the organising and mental/physical prep to get that done were full ON) but we did it.

Lucy, Mrs Munro and myself landed up Thursday lunch time (we got to they out the new tunnel that bypasses Pennant Hills Rd that literally had us squealing the entire time) and it wasn’t long before some hot chips, icy cold beers and a swim had us unwinding…

The instant unwind that comes for Mums and women with ENDLESS responsibilities and concerns for so many people who suddenly only have to think for themselves is akin to what I can only imagine a hot of heroin is like. It’s pure joy and if I could bottle up this feeling and sell it, I would be a rich woman. We ate, we sat and talked without being interrupted, we listened to our music (loudly) we danced, we sang, we crafted (well Brooke did at least, we watched her) we scrolled our phones with no judgement insight. We ate cheese and chocolate and wine for dinner.

And of course the next day we did not sleep in, because we are Mums. We did however get a little shop in before the others arrived in the afternoon. More drinking, more bad singing a sunset swim post storm that will go down as one of the best moments of 2020. Actually, maybe that WAS it, I’m calling it. I have never laughed so much. We were like cackling schoolies, except loud and obnoxious because we are Mums and dear GOD we all needed a break. Apologies to everyone eating at the surf club that had to watch and listen to us. You know you secretly wanted to be us right? Then it was pizza, more chatting, rinse, repeat.

Saturday was a beautiful beach day and then a visit from some mates from the village who happened to be nearby. More drinking, I cooked a delicious lunch which I totally forgot to take any photos off, more dancing, and singing to bad 80s music. I have never laughed so much. Honestly, it was like medicine for my heart, soul and mind. A complete deep cleanse.

We snuck in one last swim and platter on Sunday morning before heading back home (so excited that our trip home is now 30 mins shorter than it used to be) with our heart FILLED to the brim. We weren’t more relaxed or recharged physically (hung over with not enough sleep) but it didn’t matter because we had so much fun.

Those uninterrupted chats and silliness, are the actual best thing you could do for yourself ever. It’s a gift I tell you, and if it can be achieved, then do it. And then book in another one for the following year. Rob asked me when we were home why we go so crazy, why it’s such a party when all the blokes go away it’s much more tame. I can only say to him that as busy working mums and women who have it ON all the time: the mental load, the everything for SO many different people the chance to actually turn off, well it has us trying to pack in as much as we can into a limited space. We had an entire years worth of steam to let off. And don’t we know that this year has been a hot one!

A special thank you to my friends for putting up with my endless bad (loud) singing and dancing. My swearing and inappropriate stories and jokes over and over again. I promise to pay you back with good platters and laughter. And you guys, if we can have anything to look forward to in this shit show of a year, a girl’s weekend MUST be something that you can plan. OK? x

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  1. I love everything about this… I’ve said it before and I will say it again… THERE SERIOUSLY IS NOTHING BETTER THAN A GIRLS ROADTRIP/WEEKEND AWAY!!!!!!!!

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