Monday Meal Ideas: Get your Bake ON

Yesterday we had our first family Christmas catch up with my step Dad’s side of the family. I know, early but necessary when bringing together over 30 adults and 20 children from all over. I had to whip up a couple of cakes (ginger fluff and chocolate sponge) and wondered why I was doing them why I haven’t been baking more lately. It’s quick and easy, everything is usually in the cupboard and then you have happy kids and lunchboxes. So this week I aim to get a little baking done if I can fit it in of course…makes for a good cup of tea break if there is a jam drop near by is all I am saying!

Chewy sultana biscuits
Date scones
Jam drops

How’s everyone’s week ahead looking? These fires have been so awful in NSW and QLD haven’t they? They have been close to my in law’s farm which is a worry and of course with Rob being in the RFS I know all too well how hard all these volunteers work. And tomorrow looks even worse with hot winds back up. Please be safe everyone, and let’s hope they are all not as bad as they predict them to be.

I have a pretty stock standard week ahead of us. It’s been busy in the shop with lots of people starting their Christmas shopping. Be early and get what you can! Hope you all have a great week ahead – stay cool and safe and of course bake a bikkie which makes everything a little better x


  1. Hi Beth
    I made your chewy sultana biscuits last week and OMG YUM!
    Thanks and have a great week 🙂

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