Monday Meal Ideas: B-A-N-A-N-A-S

As sure as Monday will be here before any of us are entirely ready for it, there will be bananas left in my fruit bowl at the end of every week. They are eaten (mostly) but there’s always one or two left to over ripen in their loneliness, only to make it to the freezer or into a banana bread for lunchboxes.

Here’s some of my favourite ways to use them up…you might like them too.

Banana Ice Cream
Banana & Easter egg bread
Banana bread
2 ingredient  banana pikelets

How’s your week ahead looking? I have GOT to get my head done and LOTS of work done in-between all the other stuff. I am feeling slightly panicked that it’s not only Feb, but the 5th and before we know it, the month will be over…and then well…see the panic? Time to reign it in, get on with it and enjoy the now that I have without constantly looking at the horizon at whats to come.

Hope you all have a great week friends x

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