Instant banana ice cream

What’s with the current trend of just 2 ingredient recipes? I mean I know why they exist, it’s easy, convenient and quick but I have found that every time I have tried them they are usually a bit shit too. Remember those avocado chocolate puddings? Or those banana pancakes? Both a bit shit.

So when on Facebook this week I saw one of Martha’s tricked up little stylish stop motion videos on how to make instant banana ice cream (vegan nonetheless) I rolled my eyes a little bit, until I was asked for there 67th time that day what was there to eat? And I remembered these bad boys, sitting in the freezer.

See, I do listen to you guys when you told me that I need to freeze overripe bananas whole (except I didn’t listen to the peel them first bit but I will do that next time). So I grabbed a couple out and promised the girls ice cream sundaes for arvo tea!


Instant Banana Ice cream (2 small serves)

2 whole frozen bananas (peeled and roughly chopped)
Roasted slivered almonds

1. Take the bananas and peel them (note to self that it’s totally easier to peel them first before freezing) then roughly chop and whack into your food processor

IMG_6485 IMG_6486

2. Blitz for a few moments until it starts to blend, then get out a spatula to move down the sides to make it a little smoother…something happens after a little while where it goes from crumbly, icy banana to smooth ice cream consistency

IMG_6488 IMG_6489 IMG_6490

3. Serve with the topped, roasted almonds and devour immediately


My daughter who doesn’t like to eat bananas whole declared it DELICIOUS and nailed the lot. Daisy really liked it too and when I mentioned it to Rob and there was talk of chic chips or topping as well I suspect that it will get a serious run in this household. Healthy AND yum, alright Martha, you did OK.


Have you tried this before?
Pretty good hey? I mean it’s no Gelato Messina, but it’s not bad for a dodgy black banana now is it?


  1. We love frozen banana ice cream here too. We also frozen bananas as an ice cream substitute in home made chocolate milkshakes. Or blend some with milk, throw in some museli and there’s a quick and easy breakfast. So many possibilities with one frozen fruit.

  2. yep, I have copious amounts of chopped frozen overripe bananas in the freezer for just this and smoothies. Kiddo’s standard breaks smoothie: 1/2 frozen nana, heaped teaspoon milo, milk, sometimes a tsp of a nut/seed butter (kiddo doesn’t eat meat so I try and bolster iron/protein), then oats or a weetbix, and depending on the day powdered vitamin or probiotics!
    To make chocolate icecream throw in a level tsp of cocoa then adjust to taste (no sugar needed!)

  3. I read about this a while back and froze the bananas and then realised that I should have frozen them without the skin on and during trying to get skin off the the frozen bananas I decided I decided to throw it all in the bin…

  4. This has been declared “The Best Icecream EVER!” in our house. Try it with coconut cream and cocoa for a delicious chocolate version. Our go to is just adding a couple of tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter. Or adding a few frozen strawberries is awesome too.
    So many options!

  5. too easy! that’s what I love!
    I’ve tried it and I like it too beth!
    enjoy hun! love m:)X

  6. You can add frozen strawberries and / or raspberries and it’s really nice too!

  7. Yum. I love this with some natural yoghurt added in to make it more creamy.

  8. The amount of frozen banana in my freezer could be deemed embarrassing or on the verge of strange collectors item BUT we love smoothies here AND frozen banana icecream! Our two favourite combos are banana and blueberry… just add some frozen blueberries in there too!! Or Choc Banana.. we add a tsp of cocoa/cacao powder and a splash of vanilla essence… YUM!!
    And we freeze them peeled and prechopped in zip lock bags… generally as we use a bag I’ll reuse that ziplock with another banana from the fruit bowl ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Oh.. and when I began freezing bananas for making banana bread.. I did it with whole bananas. To soften the peel just do 10-20 seconds in the microwave and the peel comes right off! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I always keep some peeled and chopped bananas in small Ziploc bags in the freezer for this very reason. If I’m feeling super daring, I add some cocoa and a dash of maple syrup. Just because!

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I haven’t tried it but do keep frozen bananas always!

  12. Google Yonanas…. My kids love it! Mango is awesome too.

  13. My husband is going to LOVE you for this recipe! x

  14. Smykolandia says

    It looks delicious. I have a sore throat. I will try when I recover:-) have a nice weekend.

  15. See my problem with “healthy” desserts is that I always go and do something like pour salted carmel sauce on top!


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