Monday meal ideas: Fruit

I don’t know how it happens, but I manage to go to the fruit shop and buy what I think is an inordinate amount of fruit which spills out of the fruit bowl and fridge and then 2 days later, the lot is GONE. Daisy would eat up to 6 apples a day if I let her! But we are coming into fruit season where everything delicious is starting to come into season. Strawberries are abundant and cheap (hello jam) and I was reading that it’s been the best start to the stone fruit season in over 40 years…with great quality fruit so early in the season. While it’s still a little expensive, it’s good and the odd one in the fruit bowl is making us all happy this week. Mags included! She had her first taste of a white nectarine over the weekend and adored it.

Here’s a few recipes for fruit for you this week. Sure, fruit does seem to mean dessert but why not grill some of those early peaches or nectarines and add them into a salad with some fetta or goats cheese? Some thing slices of pear or apple into a shredded coleslaw. Fresh, cripsy and delicious!

PicMonkey Collage

Instant banana ice cream
Apple & caramel crumble
Rhubarb syrup cordial
Blackberry jam

I hope you all have a good week ahead of you…we have a friend out from LA staying with us and then Rob is off later in the week for his annual fly fishing “man week” trip camping in the Snowy Mountains while we head up to Sydney to help my sister move on the weekend. Busy!

Have a good week everyone x


  1. I think I’ll whip up some rhubarb cordial with the rhubarb I picked up from the farmers market yesterday. I picked up a kilo of cherries thinking that it would last us the week {when combined with 1kg of strawberries, half a watermelon, 8 apples, 8 pears, and a bunch of rhubarb}, but somehow all the cherries are gone – and I think the main consumer was my 14 month old {pips removed of course}.

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