2 ingredient pancakes: banana & egg

You know when you see something on Facebook or Pinterest and you think NO WAY! How can that even BE a thing! So you google it to see if it’s really true, and then you have a crack yourself. And you kind of fail because it doesn’t really work and you wonder how all the others got it to work. But then you feed it to your kids anyway and they love it because: PANCAKES. Even if they are mushy pancakes. THAT. All of that!

Too good to be true? Why yes, I do believe that these are.

Either that or I did something wrong. Or perhaps they knew I wasn’t paleo? In any case, here is my tale of the Pinterest pancake gone wrong.

There I was sitting at my kitchen table drinking my morning coffee when I saw this 2 ingredient pancake mix. And just at that very moment Harper moaned and whinged from the couch that “I’m HUUUUUUNNNNNNNGRRY MUM. What’s for breakfast? What can I eat? WHAT’S GOOOOOOOOOOOD?” And so I said this! THIS IS WHAT WE ARE HAVING. I did a quick google and saw that my friend Not Quite Nigella had already been to work at it, except hers were slighty different..more eggs, less bananas…what was right? WHAT TO DO?!

I did what I do best. I had a crack! I attacked the task at hand with gusto and enthusiasm and I made those bastards.

2 Ingredient banana pancakes

2 small bananas (one big one…snigger)
1 egg

IMG_4338 IMG_4340 IMG_4341

1. Throw the bananas and egg into a food processor and blitz until smooth

IMG_4344 IMG_4347

2. Transfer to a measuring jug


3. Heat a pan with a little butter and pour in the batter cook for a few minutes each side and flip (or in my case MUSH)


They just didn’t turn out. Was my pan too hot? Was there too much banana to egg ratio? I mean really, how would they bind to cook? It’s basically a smoothie, a hot smoothie. How did others make it work when I couldn’t? WHY PALEO GODS WHY?

I served them up to Harper with some strawberries and a drizzle of honey over its back. And she smashed them! And said they tasted like banana bread. So then Daisy ate one, and then Rob ate one to see what all the fuss was about. So they KIND of worked. But not really. They looked NOTHING like Pinterest. Everything rarely does.

IMG_4352 IMG_4353

Have you had a crack at these kind of pancakes before?
Why did the Paleo Gods forsake me?
What’s been your best Pinterest failure?


  1. Oh we did these. They were awful. Everyone in my house hated them. Tasted like a banana omlette. Makes me ill just thinking about it! !

  2. I find that paleo anything kinda doesn’t work. The texture or consistently or something just isn’t right not to mention flavor. Yet, I do give the recipes a burl every now and again with hope. I can’t imagine any type of pancake without flour. I could never be a paleo devout.

    • I can’t say I have tried much…I might try these again, Mum just sent me a message saying that I had the pan on too hot and didn’t leave them to cook enough before attempting to turn.

  3. I’m giving these a burl beth!
    I’m good with these! … no flour is perfect for me!
    mr m fries up a banana smash thing, puts yoghurt in there a bit of honey
    and it’s delicious! … call it stir-fry smash … add nuts or berries … yummy!
    cheers! m:)X

  4. Karen Leschnik says

    I’ve made these a few times. They were nice but I found they took longer to cook than regular pikelets.

  5. We have pancakes at least a couple of times a week. As we largely steer clear of gluten (boring dietary issues!) I always chuck in banana, egg, dash of vanilla, milk or coconut milk, coconut flour, almond meal, buckwheat flour (if I can be bothered), coconut oil or butter, and baking powder. Guilt free, nutritious and devoured with gusto by all each and every time. I vary the types of “flour” according to whim, and never measure, just go by feel. Easy when you’re in the swing of it! They do take a bit more cooking time and a little more care with flipping, but really do set us up for the day!

  6. Hahaha I tried these once too and they were a big fail!! Thank you for confirming that it wasn’t just me!

  7. Hi lovely, I have these and love them! The ratio is actually 2 eggs to 1 banana and I do try to have the pan on lower but usually still have a little trouble turning, but they turnout great, had them for breakfast yesterday and made a little glaze for them of natural yoghurt and agave and topped with strawberries, they were pretty amazing! Hope you try them again and glad the kiddos love them πŸ™‚

  8. Oh we tried these before and declared them a disgusting disaster. They had an overpowering egg taste and the banana just didn’t work with it. My ‘starving’ boys had 1 bite and even though they normally devour everything with gusto, they declared them disgusting :/
    I ended up adding the ingredients to turn them into proper pancakes and they were delish.

  9. I can’t believe you posted this today… Yesterday, my Miss Fussypants (age 6) spent the day in hospital with major stomach cramps. She was unable to stand up straight so I rushed her off to the hospital, thinking appendicitis. In the end there were no real answers, (though a second poo did help a little) but I decided today there needed to be some adjustment to her diet. She woke asking for pancakes and I remembered seeing the egg / banana pancake on the internet somewhere. After a quick google search I found one which used 2 eggs and 1 banana. They said to really mash the banana well before adding the egg, so I mashed the bejeebers out of it. They also added a bit of cinnamon and baking powder and so did I. Being an American site, they added peanut powder for protein (I added a small spoonful, though this could be left out).
    OK – the verdict… The mixture was quite runny. I cooked them over a low heat in a stonedine pan and they were a little harder then regular pancakes to flip but not impossible, I found making small ones slightly easier. The banana I used was large and next time I would use a smaller one but… Miss Fussypants ATE THE LOT with no other toppings and asked if she could have them again tomorrow! I could not believe it. I will definitely be making these again in the future. I hope this helps if you are ever brave enough to try them again.

  10. Ha, they sound delicious but if we all set our standards by Pinterest there would be far too many failures in life πŸ™‚

  11. After reading your Mum’s advice Beth I just had to give them a go – wow – your Mum was right – I used one egg and one banana, very tasty – even added a bit of butter and some cinnamon sugar on top. I was very surprised at how tasty they were. Thanks!

  12. Yep, fail here too! I just chucked a bit of flour in, which helped! Then I expanded on it, and started adding yogurt, honey, etc Then I realised I was pretty much making piklets and started using your recipe, and adding all sorts of thugs!

  13. I love regular pancakes…and crepes. I don’t think these would be for me. I love NQN’s Halloween treats, but I can never make them look as good as hers do on Pinterest, so I hear you Beth. x

  14. Yet your photos still make them look so good! HOW!!

  15. THESE are the banana yoghurt pancakes you have to try! πŸ™‚


  16. Louise Thomsen says

    I have a list a mile long of pinterest fails lol! These still look so good in your pictures! And if the family ate them…I say success :). Not sure I’m game to try them myself though.
    Louise x

  17. I strongly recommend looking up the tag “nailed it” on Pinterest – hours of amusement!

  18. I quite liked these! Definitely not like regular pancakes but I felt so superior eating only egg + banana that it didn’t matter so much. I agree they were banana bread ish.

  19. Martina Walsh says

    I made these with 1 banana & 2 eggs & they are absolutely delicious!!!

  20. I have made these before and they were very yummy. So yummy that I smashed the lot, all by myself, with butter and maple syrup. Hmmm. I can’t remember where I got the recipe – the interwebs, somewhere. I must have another crack at it one day.

  21. Definitely 2 eggs to 1 banana!! I have them almost everyday for breakfast with strawbs and maple syrup. So delicious!! And filling! Never need morning tea before lunch. I make 3 pancakes with this amount. I make them about the same size as American pancakes – bigger than pikelets but smaller than pancakes and you get the hang of flipping them. Need loads of butter in the pan so they don’t stick, and pan needs to be HOT to start with them turn it down (Iike when you’re doing an omelette). They can be a bit squishy in the middle if you don’t cook them long enough and if the banana is a big one I only put in 3/4. Enjoy!! My 3 year old loves them!!

  22. Sorry for jumping onto an old post but I have a good friend who posts things to Pinterest with slightly altered photos. As in she will make something like the above but attach a photo of perfect full flour pancakes that she had made weeks ago. I always say Pinterest is like that secret recipe you finally get from Grandma only to have it never quite work as she deliberately leaves one ingredient out.


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