Monday Meal Ideas: Getting prepped

It’s December this week! It’s true! Somehow we have almost made it to the end of the year…it’s pure madness! Now if like me, you still have kids at school for a few more weeks I would urge you to use the time that we do have to enjoy coffee in peace, get you shopping sorted and try and get some cooking prepped as the next few weeks will disappear before we know it.

How about getting that fruitcake done if you haven’t already? What about getting a batch of quiches made and into the freezer for some easy go-to dinners after concerts and the like or to take for drinks? Get some pickled cucumbers or lemon butter made for teacher presents! Here are some recipes to get you started!

Lemon Butter
Mini Quiches
Pickled Cucumbers
Christmas Fruitcake

How is your week ahead looking? I am going to try and get some serious list making for presents done, some Christmas baking, and on Friday get that Christmas tree up at last – I feel like we are the only ones that haven’t done it as yet!

Hope you guys all have a good week – enjoy the start of summer that is upon us! x


  1. Beth, you are not the only one without your tree up. THE LAW says it should go up on December 1st & that’s when it’s done!
    Quiche in the freezer is on my plan this week.

  2. I make your pickled cucumbers every year since you shared and everyone loves them and I am SMUG as they are effortless. Going to make a few batches and leave them behind before I head overseas fora white Christmas, and that is all I’m doing apart from sending pictures to all of me eating and drinking in London and Vienna.
    Thank you and Best Wishes to your gorgeous family

  3. Hi Beth, fruitcake sounds great. Is it light coloured or dark? My nana always made a dark one and it’s hard to find a recipe that reminds me of hers.

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