Two times I fell down dead from gorgeousness this week

Exhibit A On Saturday when I was busily minding my mind own business browsing the shops with the Stitch & Bitch crew we walked into a new shop in Moss Vale called Bowerbird. Man was it love at first sight. Filled with delightful odds and ends I wasn't looking for anything in particular until I … [Read more...]

Full Maggie Update: 2 years, 5 months

Let's call this: the month of fiery temperament. And swimmers. Oh man, the swimmers. Maggie was reminded that swimmers were a thing when we went away for Rob's Mum's birthday. She didn't want to swim per se, oh no, this is just a wear them, change into a different pair and rinse and repeat … [Read more...]

The toddler theory

It's safe to say that right now, Mags is something else. I could use the word fezza, but let's go with special as it seems a little more loving. When right now, at times, I am feeling so much less than that. She's been waking at night. That's fine. But the crying not really awake, cannot be … [Read more...]

It takes two: Sharing your pregnancy & baby experience with a friend or loved one

A sponsored post for Bupa I don’t know if you have been lucky enough to share a pregnancy or been due around the same time as a friend or family member, but there is certainly something very special about it. When I fell pregnant with Daisy, my bestie from High School (and bridesmaid and … [Read more...]

Full Maggie Update: 2 years, 4 months

This month could be renamed: the month of the floral dress. Or the month of poo. At 2 years and 4 months, Maggie likes to wear this dress: Every day. Except on the days where it is washed and she loses her mind. It's twirl you see, and she adores it. It used to belong to Harper, it's … [Read more...]

The wonder, terror and joy of TWO

Who-eeeeeeeee have we got a two year old on our hands at the moment. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. And it's not just me that's saying it, it's coming from the girls and the dog with each of us uttering over the past week "just give her what she wants to make it stop!" I am not sure what happens at this … [Read more...]

Full Maggie Update: 2 years, 3 months

Oh hey there girlfriend. This just about sums up Miss Maggie Macdonald at just over 2. Hands in pockets, because that's what she likes to do. Feet placed just so, because that what she likes to do. 2 years and 3 months, I will do why I like to do and not much else. This includes sleeping (or … [Read more...]

Full Maggie update: 2 years 1 month

At 2 years and 1 month, Maggie is expert at drinking milkshakes and baby cinos. She's very busy, all day, every day and quite frankly is so cute I sometimes want to squish her until her head pops off. That's weird I know. M'lady likes to take to the couch of an afternoon with her dummy … [Read more...]