Full Maggie Update: 2 years, 4 months

This month could be renamed: the month of the floral dress.
Or the month of poo.

At 2 years and 4 months, Maggie likes to wear this dress:

Every day. Except on the days where it is washed and she loses her mind. It’s twirl you see, and she adores it. It used to belong to Harper, it’s literally getting threadbare with holes in it, but she’s a big fab. HUGE!

And she also likes to talk about poo. A lot. It’s hilarious in fact! Ask what your name is? Poo head! What should we do? A poo?! The words to any song? Twinkle Twinkle little poo. A B C D E F POO. You get the drift. The fact that her sisters crack up and think it’s the funniest thing ever doesn’t help. And she kind of knows I get embarrassed in the supermarket when she sings her poo songs, so you know, throws a little extra something something behind it!

She’s fiery. She’s very much into everyone playing with her, reading with her, doing this and that with her. For someone so small, she certainly is bossy. She still loves cows and her dolls. She’s ADDICTED to her dummy which I have no desire to shut down because dear lord what is going to happen? I’ve never seen someone start school with a dummy though so we’re cool right? She still has bottles. Yep. No bovvered with that either. And she’s in her cot still. Anyone would think she is my third (and most definitely last) child. We’ll get there, I am so not concerned about it. Toilet training is being encouraged but completely ignored by her. We’ll see if we can get things going when it’s not zero degrees and blowing an arctic gale every day.

She loves her sisters and will be thrilled that we are about to get 2 weeks holidays with them.

She adores her cousins and sees them pretty much every few days. Dottie is becoming much more interesting to her as she laughs and chats and squeals.

But her number one? Always and forever Frank of course! She bosses him around the garden. Yesterday I found them laying down in the shade together. I wonder what stories she tells him?

She’s spend a lot of time with Rob this past month as I have been busy and away and here and there with work. It’s nice to see them bond and have a laugh and see that there is someone else besides Mum who can do stuff.

I am still getting a day sleep out of her most days (thank GOODNESS) and there’s usually a wake up of some description in the night…too many mornings of late where she’s ready to start the day early so she’s in our bed and then falls asleep…bad habits I guess, but who cares?! My brilliant parenting motto third time around…she’s happy. I’m happy. There’s only a problem when you make it one right?

My very favourite time of day has to be when she is fed and bathed, sitting on the couch in her little jammies with brushed hair watching Peter Rabbit (another OBSESSION) with a little blanket over her knees (placed just so if it’s not exactly right heaven help us all!) and she looks around at all the family around her and has a little self content smile. I feel you girlfriend.

Everything is all pretty OK to us too. Mostly because she’s here.


  1. She is such a bundle of Joy and quirks and I love that you are feeling relaxed with her after all your stresses with the other girls when they were little. I know I would be so much more chilled third time round, IF that was ever going to happen. Which its not! Im too old! (40) And love my sleep (sit up late and watch real housewives). I have a friend whose little girl (3) Is obsessed with poo too. She loves nothing more than watching youtube videos of dolls getting nappies changed that they have ‘pooped’ in, I didn’t even know it was a thing! She is manic about it. My friend just goes with it, she knows its a stage and she’ll get over it, Hopefully!

  2. It is a beautiful dress so can’t blame her for wanting to wear it every day! Never seen a pic of her with the dummy!

  3. What a beautiful post and I love your attitude to all of Maggie’s quirks. Lots of love going on in your home.

  4. Oh bless. So many things just like my twins (2 yrs 9 mths) i feel like they could be triplets. Hmm. That sounds a bit stalker-ish.

  5. She’s so beautiful. Love the photos. How fast is she growing?!

  6. Oh, I feel you – I’m planning on keeping the dummy and cot combo going until my babies are at least 16. How else are we supposed to get them to sleep?!

    Love the phrase ‘It’s only a problem if you make it one’. Epiphany! I’m going to keep it in mind for days when I’m being too hard on myself.


  7. I am utterly besotted with your feisty, rambunctious and loving girl.

    The coffee photo, oh those eyes!!!

    Big sister hug with your pj-ed butt poking out. I die.

    Maggie and Frank 4 eva.

    Thank GOODNESS for Miss Maggie!!

    Thanks for sharing the joy she brings you Beth. We feel it. We do.

  8. I’m so happy you are relaxed with Maggie. You are so hard on yourself sometimes. Our 3yrs 2 months is still in nappies and seems to have no interest in not being in nappies. Also a bottle at night. Who cares?

  9. Aww loved this!

  10. She is a delight! … thanku beth for sharing your adorable child with us!
    You’ve captured some gorgeous moments hun!
    Love a giirl with attitude! Herself and you!
    Much love mx

  11. Great post!! I’m going to stress less about my toddler sleeping with me now? he still loves his bottle before bed and in the morning. It’s the only time I can hold him like a newborn so I don’t mind a bit. He can have it till he’s sick of it ❤️❤️

  12. What a little delight you are Miss Maggie… poo and all? I love your wise third-time- round laid back parenting attitude Beth, it certainly makes me feel better! There’s way too much of “don’t do this or this will happen!” Doom and gloom advice, which for the most part is utter rubbish! As you say – if they’re happy, your happy and as I like to tell myself whatever works, whatever gets you through:) Thank you for sharing your little sweetheart. X

  13. Oh Maggie and Frank what a combo! Their friendship reminds my of my kids when they were toddlers and our lovely dog who is now only in our memories. They truly zoom by too fast, these special, wonderful and crazy years.

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