Maggie is now 8!

Somehow our baby turned 8 last month. HOW I ASK YOU.

Remember when she was one?

And then two?

And then three?

And then four?

And then five?

And then six?

And then seven?

And now eight. I know it’s so cliche to say how fast it all goes, but my goodness it’s just all going so fast.

We had a lovely little birthday at home – nothing very exciting, no big party or celebration, but it was just what we needed. Visits with family, breakfast with Rob and I, a playdate and dinner out with her friends and big sisters.

When Lucy and Chris and kids got back from Fiji, we had a simple family catch up complete with Titanic cake as requested by the birthday girl.

Maggie has grown up so much this past year. The move from her house while we renovate has been a big adjustment but she’s been thriving. She is as obsessed with babies as ever…will it ever end I wonder? She still wants to be given baby dolls, she still wants to play baby dolls. Long may it last! She is doing well at school, playing hockey, constantly painting and drawing and learning about the titanic, helping me out with chores without ever asking, she is so funny and still my baby, asks for cuddles and crawls into my lap thank goodness.

Eight year old girls certainly are some of the sweetest going around. They are interested and kind, they are funny. They still need their loved ones close, but are more confident each passing week to explore a little more. They are becoming themselves while still being that little person who they were. And Maggie is all of those things and more. Our sweet, kind, funny, smart little lady who we all love so so much. Adored by her sisters and Mum and Dad…happy birthday sweet girl!


  1. Can not believe Maggie is 8! Such a beautiful sweet girl. X

  2. My gosh she is a mini You!

  3. Ah hmmm, how did that happen so extremely fast Ms Beth? I remember a should-we conversation at Nikki’s book launch, I’m always team baby so I gave you my thoughts!
    Here we are, the baby that was meant to be is 8! How wonderful! Please send my love along to Maggie 💕🎉🎂💕

  4. Michelle Scarsbrook says

    Oh my how fast did that 8 years go! My baby was 8 the year you had your baby and now he’s about to be 16 and can’t wait to drive😢. I still remember checking the blog waiting for her arrival and your photo on the steps of your very own Lindo Wing but no nude pumps. Happy 8th Birthday Maggie only 2 more and you’ll be two whole hands old (that’s how we say 10 in our place) 😘😘

  5. Thank goodness for Maggie

  6. Such a beautiful sweet girl gown. Thanks for sharing with us about maggie .

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