Maggie is 3 years old!

Our sweet, precious Maggie Rosyln Macdonald turns THREE today. 3! It’s amazing this journey that so many of you have been on with us over the past 3, almost 4 years from when I found out we were pregnant, to the Preggo File Journey and of course her birth and beyond with baby and toddler monthly updates ever since.

I am so grateful that I have each and every photo, story and memory of this sweet time locked away for me to come back to over the years when I know she will be grown up and not needing me so much anymore. These early years, they are so precious, so fleeting and impossible to realise when you are in the thick of it with toddlers and babies the first time round.

I have said many times what a gift Maggie has been for me personally. She has healed so much in me as a Mum, showed me to be the Mum that I always wanted to be, that I was if I had only trusted in myself and my abilities to be the Mum that my girls needed, and of course who I needed to be. Her pregnancy and birth showed me that there’s SO much I can do, of course I can do (that we all can), the space between the girls has given me precious time to be with her, take her in and BE in every moment with her. I have selfishly relished this time knowing how quickly it would all be over.

And here we are, at three.

Just like that.

She is now quite the little lady, funny and smart and fiery, much like her older sisters. She is adored by each and every member of our family (including Frank) and makes us smile every day. Her innocence has given us all a chance to see the world through her eyes and remind us of the beauty and joy all around us. What a gift that has been for her older sisters to be reminded of fun, and play and being little and just how good that is.

While she’s done so much for me, she has helped shape the family into a whole at last. There’s no one missing now, we are all here, the Macdonald’s as we were meant to be.

While it’s making me sad that I am not with her today on the actual birthday, I know that we celebrated in style together last week with all that love her most and she had the most wonderful day. I am certain that her Dad and sisters will make a fuss and she will love the presents that I had wrapped ready to go for her.

My sweet angel as I so often call her, who came here and changed everything. Happy Birthday. Three years is quite the achievement: think of all she has come to do over that time, and all that will come in the future. I wish a lifetime of happiness and discovery, of knowing how deeply loved you are, that you had a magical time as a little girl and that every single day we thought to ourselves, thank goodness for Maggie.

I love you. We love you. So many love you sweet girl. Happy Birthday from your Mum on the other side of the world, but always right inside your heart.


  1. Oh, you almost got the tears flowing with that one Beth.

    So. Much. Love.

    Thank GOODNESS for Maggie.

    What a beautiful thing it is to share in a little of your family’s life.

    Thank you Beth. It’s a sweet privilege to have a blog-crush on your smallest girl.

    • I second this, I adored reading about her from when she was born. In my case it gave me a chance to reminisce about my now adult daughters- how sweet and wonderful they were and how much fun I had when they were little like sweet Maggie. Happy to be part of Maggie fan club. Happy birthday Maggie, what a lovely girl and what a lucky family

  2. Mrs Woog says

    Thank GOD for this little legend! She is SO like her Mum. Funny, smart and adorable. I cannot believe when I first met you Beth that Harper was even younger than Mags is now! Such a joy xx

  3. You and Maggie really inspired us to have a third baby, and we did – and much like you’ve described above I am so different third time round (similar age gaps to yours). I’ve loved reading your adventures with Maggie, and I hope she has had a fabulous birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday Maggie πŸŽˆπŸ’«πŸŽˆπŸ’«πŸ¦„

  5. A beautiful post. Happy birthday Maggie.

  6. Happy birthday beautiful Maggie! πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‘πŸŽ πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ‚
    I have read pretty much every post from the start and smiled, laughed and cried along the way. Thank you for sharing her with us – such generosity. She is a very special little girl. And you’ve done a great job with all your girls!

  7. The sweetest. Happy birthday to your Maggie.
    Is it just me, or is there a *glimpse* of an all grown up Maggie in that last photo?! Those eyes look wise, and she looks so self assured.

  8. thank goodness for Maggie. I started to follow you just after she was born and while my kids were all grown up and left home, Maggie has bought me so much joy. To watch her and also to see what an amazing family she is a part of. All your girls are gorgeous but the antics of Maggie, Frank and Archie are just magic. I am sure she had a lovely day.

  9. Happy Birthday Maggie. It has been a delight watching you grow. Have the best day 😘

  10. Happy Birthday to the kid who makes me think I could go a third! Bless your sweet face xo

  11. happy birthday adorable maggie!
    she is such a treasure and she always makes me get all grandmotherish!
    your post brought me to tears!
    thankyou for sharing your gorgeous one with us!
    much love mx

  12. Happy 3rd Birthday Maggie! You have been a bright spot on dull days for me! I missed grandparenting one of mine who is about 6 weeks older than you so when I saw pics of you it was a delightful way for me to love you and think of the little love I missed! What a clever and grown up girl you are. I sure hope you continue to love Frank, Archie, Dancing and swimmers! Go girl! I bet mum brings back a surprise for you (& your sisters!) from UK!

  13. Happy birthday Maggie! Thank you for sharing her with us through all these posts Beth. My first born will be 3 in September so this one makes me a bit teary 😒
    I feel your wise words as a 3rd time mum have helped me stop a bit more often and really appreciate the beautiful chaos that is parenting toddlers and babies. So easy as a 1st time mum not to soak it up enough as you can’t really grasp how fleeting it truly is! So thank you for that 😊

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