Full Maggie Update: 2 years, 10 months

Does Maggie move from toddler to Preschooler when she turns 3 I wondered the other day? How can that be when she was LITERALLY just born? And now? Well now, she’s the one who makes up bedtime stories at night. Here’s her the other week telling me a tale in the darkness. Once upon a time…

“There was a little girl called Lily and one day she hopped and hopped and hopped and there was a BIG storm, a BIG STORM and rain poured down and around and down and the sky was twinkling and the treehouse was wet and the telescope was wet and the fox came in to have a big sleep there so the badgers and badgers came to sit there for a little bit longer so there was a big storm so they come in the treehouse to warm up and go to bed. The end.”

I mean have you EVER? This is Maggie at 2 years, 10 months old. Almost 3. Terrifying and completely adorable.

Our days are spent together, playing dolls, Barbies, ANY kind of imaginative play where she is one person and the long suffering person playing at the other end, is the other. You ask things like “where do you want to go? The beach?” and then you go to beach swimming and playing until you do the whole thing again another 45 million times. It wears thin after a while but boy does she love it. Rob is especially patient and good at these games, he has much more patience than me. I create completely inappropriate subplots that go over her head but keep things a little more interesting for me.

She’s meant to be giving the dummy up at Easter.

That’s going to go well.

I know she will be fine, but me? Not so much. She’s still a  baby, surely? The addiction to milk is still going strong and I am all for it. I know that Daisy was exactly the same and now she would rather die than drink a glass of milk. Nothing lasts forever. I think her instructions for how warm she would like her milk are the best though. She uses her forefinger and thumb and increases and decreases the distance between to tell me just how warm she would like it. There’s an extraordinary amount of room for error though and she loses her SHIT when I get it wrong.

I sometimes lose my shit right back at her “BUT HOW WARM IS THAT MAGGIE? I DON’T UNDERSTAND!” “This warm Mum (inserts new distance between chubby fingers) THIS WARM.”

So, our days are not always peaceful.

She loves the park and even though it is not my favourite, we go a bit. Like I said, nothing lasts forever, even pushing on the swings. This is her smug park face.

She sleeps every other day now, and when she does bedtime is a bloody nightmare. The keeping her busy and awake and not falling asleep at 4pm when I am meant to be doing a million other things is worth it for the early bed time. But today, she sleeps because she is exhausted but it means that there will be TWOUBLE tonight. For both of us.

This is her “what move can I do next to really make her cranky? Let me think…” face:

She loves playing with anyone who takes the time for her. Play a game of Barbie’s and she will be your mate for life. OK, maybe the day or an hour at the very least.

Archie and her see each other a lot, fight A LOT and love hard. When they play nicely, it’s an absolute joy to watch.

She’s growing up so much. I can see it in her clothes and shoes that no longer fit. She’s getting ready for Preschool which will start in a few months time. Boy is she ready.

There’s still TWOUBLE when it comes to number two’s on the toilet, but she has got that all sorted otherwise.

I know how fast these next two months are going to go, she will be three, and somehow that just seems like the start of a whole new chapter. Perhaps the end of my monthly updates on Maggie….? On we go…running at a very fast pace as she goes…


  1. I loved your Maggie update. She sounds as if she’s having the time of her life and a very precious childhood. Those first three years fly by so quick. It’s really precious.

  2. Beth,
    Love your Maggie updates. I have a little one a few months younger and it is great to read how Maggie is going. She is a beautiful little girl and so lucky to have such a wonderful family. Some days are better than others. One minute you are going to pull your hair out and then the next oh so adorable. Thank you for sharing. It’s good to know that you are not alone in the fast changing world two – three year olds.

  3. Next step: THREENAGER!

    I’m guessing Maggie’s 3rd birthday will be very close to that other BIG EVENT you’ve got going on?

  4. The terrible, terrific threes!
    I’m doing it all over again with grandchildren and it’s not any easier lol

  5. Oh, please don’t stop the Maggie updates. She’s so adorable. I can’t believe she’s going to be three. Of course, I haven’t gotten any older at all…

  6. Oh the park….. Pushing swings.. climbing on Monkey bars….. I was never a huge fan of the park but like you say, nothing lasts forever and before you know it you can’t remember the last time you took her to one. Enjoy the journey. 🙂

  7. How has time flown by that fast?! It still blows my mind that humans SO YOUNG can have SUCH personalities. I look at my 8 week old and I am filled with excitement waiting to see who she is x

  8. Oh those games! Endless with the 3 year old. ‘Let’s play pretend. I’ll be Emily and you be the teacher and we’ll play first day at school for Molly and Bobby (dolls)’. Argh, but adorable too.

  9. Thanks for sharing Beth! Loved the husky little voice and her cheeky expressions. What an adorable little character you have.

  10. she has IT!
    I melt!
    thanks for sharing your delightful child of the universe with us!
    much love mxx

  11. the sweetest combined with her “what move can I do next to really make her cranky? Let me think…” face looks exactly like Dennis the menace. Possibly one of my fav movies

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