Maggie is 5 years old!

SOMEHOW it seems that we are in some kind of time warp where time is speeding by the speed of light because on Saturday Maggie turned 5. FIVE. Count it with me….






She had been counting down the days for over a month with a chart on the wall (I wonder where she gets that from, spoiler alert that used to be ME) so we were all relieved when the day finally arrived. She had made a pile of presents in her bedroom (an altar if you will) from family that had been sent before the big day so was STOKED to tackle a huge pile of gifts.

We had a lovely little afternoon tea for her with Lucy and the kids and Mum – it was small and a little dodge but she had the best time. Party games run by her big sisters, party food and a fairy cake that she wanted, FaceTime calls from cousins further away – it was the kind of party we had as kids that is actually all anyone really needs. Mum also made her the sweetest fairy garden too that she loves.

I know so many of you have followed along with her from the moment I told you I was pregnant, even before that when she was just an idea and a longing that I wondered about. You were there through the pregnancy (hello preggo files) and every newborn, baby, and toddler update along the way. She has bought so much joy and delight to so many over the years – a happy smile on an otherwise mundane day. She has certainly done that for us all here at home, our missing piece that I cannot imagine not having here.

She makes us all whole. She is pure delight and for me, a healing love that made me into the Mum I always could have been had I trusted my instincts and not had the pressures and stress of juggling corporate work and life in the city. She represents all the good changes we have made in our life from moving here: the slowing down, the enjoyment of the simple and what matters in life, she is all those things for all of us, and she is so loved by everyone that knows her.

She has grown into a wonderful little determined girl. One who is funny and fiery, who tackles things in her own way and pace, quietly and confidently. She has handled school and those changes well, even though its been a LOT for her and she is still so young. She has listened to her Dad who has patiently taught her, played happily with her sisters when she had no where to go and no one to see. It’s been a tough year for someone so small, losing her beloved Grandpa and seeing us so sad and then all these Covid changes, she has remained caring, kind, loving and making us all smile and laugh along the way. I know my ever ending message for her has always been: thank goodness for Maggie, but these past 6 months that has been the case more than ever. Our sweet little lady, making us all so happy and reminding us of what’s important in life.

Happy birthday sweet girl – 5 years of pure love and joy. Thank you for being you, that’s all. It’s everything to us and we never want you to change x


  1. What a perfect day! Happy Birthday Maggie.
    P.S. The fairy garden is amazing 🙂

  2. Just gorgeous, love the cake…and the fairy garden. We all need more of that magic x

  3. What a beautiful life💗
    Happy Birthday Maggie

  4. Denyse Whelan says

    How lovely this was to read and remember all of Maggie from before she was born too! Happy Birthday Miss 5. Grandma’s clever fairy garden is a beauty!
    You are right in how you see her as part of your family & healing & completing in so many ways. This is the joy of having a space here in which to see and recall those years before Maggie. Love to all. Denyse xx

  5. Happy 5th Birthday, Miss Maggie! I hope 5 is wonderful for you xx

    PS. Where did that crown come from?? Asking for a friend…. 😉

  6. Happy Birthday Maggie. You are right Beth, we have watched her grow and she always puts a smile on my face no matter how horrid the day maybe. Looks like Maggie had the best time. I hope you never change Maggie, you are so loved little one, just the way you are.

  7. Happy Birthday Maggie! My Sophie turned 5 2 days before her so I’ve really enjoyed your journey for the past 5 years whilst I am on mine. It goes so fast but they are still so cute. x

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